4 Hills & Sprint

JDC 4-Hills and Sprint 2020



Jaguar Drivers Club Four Hills and Sprint Championship 2020

2020 will be the 4th season of the Jaguar Drivers Club 4-Hills & Sprint Championship.
Any car can enter, provided the driver is a member of the Jaguar Drivers Club, or any of the invited clubs.
It is an economical way to drive your car as fast or as slow as you like, round a circuit, or up one of the famous ‘speed’ hill climbs.
These are very friendly gatherings of like minded enthusiasts.
It’s not highly competitive, although everyone wants to do the best they can.
You need to comply with Motorsport UK rules for the car and yourself. Details are on the Motorsport UK website, or you can ask Geoff Mansfield (details below) or any of the competitors.
There is a Motorsport UK scrutineer here in the North East of England who will advise you what you need, or there is a list of scrutineers on the website, and you will be able to find one local to you.
Basically you need a current spec. helmet, fireproof overalls and gloves for yourself, very little is needed for your car, unless it is a classic open top car.
Anything built after 1961 will need an approved roll over bar, and you will need an RS Interclub licence from Motorsport UK

These are issued free of charge for new first time entrants.

Championship registration is necessary, which costs £30. For registration details, please refer to Geoff Mansfield (details below).
As you will see from the photographs, all types and makes of cars are allowed.
As yet we only split them into 2 classes, Jaguars and non-Jaguars.
If you are interested or would like more details,

please email Geoff Mansfield or phone 01388 722570

Geoff Mansfield (Championship co-ordinator)


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