Jaguar Automobilia Auction Launched!


Ian Cooling’s Jaguar Automobilia Auction has now launched!

The lead lot for the whole auction, Lot 951 pictured above, is a superb tribute to Norman Dewis OBE


The lead Lot No 952, is a superb tribute to the late Norman Dewis OBE. Norman’s long-time friend and former Jaguar Design Studio manager and artist, Stuart Spencer, has donated a very special copy of his XJ13 print. And what makes it special? Two aspects – it was first signed by “Lofty” England on 22 March 1986. The second signature is Norman’s and it is dated 13 May 2019. Tony O’Keefe has confirmed that this is the very last artwork that Norman signed before he left us, which makes this offering unique and very special indeed!

Stuart has most generously promised to donate the proceeds of the sale to the Norman Dewis Trust Fund. This was established initially to help care for Norman and subsequently to support “Hope House Hospice” ( ). This children’s hospice was very close to Norman’s heart. So, bid strongly and bid high to support the Trust in Norman’s memory.

The rest of the auction offers over 1000 lots ranging from pre-war SS Cars items to the modern XK sports cars. Highlights include a very rare TWR Refueler’s helmet, a Triang E-type pedal car and comprehensive owner’s packs for Series 1, 2 and 3 E-types. XJ220 Lots include a Service Manual, Parts Manual and Owner’s Handbook. Four SS cars brochures, the very rare SS 1 radiator badge and an SS speedo are also included.


Lot 103 – refuelers helmet

Lot 954 – Triang E-type pedal car

Lot 717 – Owner’s pack for E-type Series 1 4.2 and 2+2

Lot 819 – XJ220 owner’s hand book

Lot 404 – 1939 range brochure

Lot 405 – Very rare SS1 radiator badge


There is an especially fine range of models – three examples of Exoto’s XJR 9 models and the Prameta XK120 from Germany. AutoArt Lots include their huge 1:12 scale D-type and four of their 1:18 Jaguars – XJ13, C-type, Series 3 E-type and Steve McQueen’s XKSS.


Lot 105 – Exoto XJR9 model

Lot 474 – XK120 by Prameta of Cologne


There are 3 mascots, all rather special – a Brau Panthère mascot, that may (or may not!) have been Frederick Gordon Crosby’s inspiration for his Jaguar mascot, a nickel-plated Desmo and a rare “pot metal” version 1 mascot – these were only produced before the war and are therefore correct for SS Jaguar saloons.


Lot 406 – Brau Panthere mascot – possible inspiration for the Gordon Crosby mascot

Lot 407 – Desmo mascot


Elsewhere in the catalogue, there is a print of Nicholas Watt painting of the 1953 Le Mans – “Jaguars at White House with an unrepeatable set of signatures – Duncan Hamilton, Tony Rolt, Stirling Moss and Lofty England. Other Competition items include Win’s Jaguar Racing parade suit, a 1956 Le Mans programme, the large poster commemorating the record-breaking Montlhéry run in 1952 and two posters for the 1951 Rally du Soleil.


Lot 160 – Poster for the 1952 Montlehery record run.

Lot 159 – Mike Hawthorn’s Autobiography. Signed by Mike


The main catalogue and Section Z, for late entries, are both on Ian’s website. This link will take you straight to the catalogue and Section Z is the top box in the sidebar on the left –


The auction closes at noon UK time on Thursday, 29 August.


If you have any queries on the auction, just mail Ian on –


Happy hunting!


Lot 235 – Dramatic showroom poster of the Broadspeed Coupe

Lot 289 – Original E-type key fob from the early 60s

Lot 956 – Jag on a box. Fine bronze casting

Lot 964 – Set of Roy Nockolds’ place mats

Lot 960 – SS Jaguar speedo

Lot 958 – TWR paddock coat


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