Presentation: E-type Originality

Jaguar E-Type 6- Cylinder Originality Guide

Presentation on E-type Originality by Dr. Haddock:

A presentation on Jaguar E-type originality is scheduled at Jaguar Heritage at Ryton-on-Dunsmore around 11.00am on April 25 by E-type author Dr. Thomas F. Haddock. The talk will discuss the experience of the E-type in the U.S. in the early days before before they were collected: from when the Series 1 was still in production up to the late 1970s. The transition from the E-type’s status as a used car to that of a collector’s item will be discussed, and a means of describing their originality and condition will be reviewed. Lastly, the mainly archaeological philosophy of the new originality book will be discussed, and Dr. Mueller’s collection, the source of much new information contained in the book, will be described.


Speaker Bio:

Dr. Thomas F. Haddock is the author of several books, including Jaguar E-Type 6 & 12 Cylinder Restoration Guide, and its precursor, Jaguar E-Type Six-Cylinder Restoration & Originality Guide. The first was the Classic Motorbooks number two best seller when introduced, and each has gone into several reprints. His newest book, Jaguar E-Type Six-Cylinder Originality Guide, written in conjunction with Jaguar specialist, collector and active JCNA concourse judge, Dr. Michael C. Mueller, was published by Dalton Watson in 2017. The book was one of five nominated for “Publication of the Year” by Octane magazine. It has received excellent reviews and is already in reprint. Dr. Haddock has lectured on E-type originality at JCNA meetings, and has acted as a consultant on the production of the JCNA judging guide for E-types. He has experience in archaeology and the conservation of technical and artistic artifacts.


E-type 6 Cylinder Originality Guide by Dr Thomas Haddock and Dr Michael Mueller