XJ40 @ 30

If you thought that last month’s feature ‘Mission Accomplished’ was the final word on XJ40’s then you were quite wrong!

As Pim Stouten’s book was being created, he kept us all regularly updated with its progress and contents, right up to the point where the finished item was handed over to Sir John Egan and Jim Randle, for their seal of approval!

Jaguar XJ40 30th Anniversary Commemorative Book

 Jaguar XJ40 30th Anniversary Commemorative BookFirst impression  Jaguar XJ40 30th Anniversary Commemorative BookLinen cover
 Jaguar XJ40 30th Anniversary Commemorative BookReading for packaging  Jaguar XJ40 30th Anniversary Commemorative BookSturdy box
Jaguar XJ40 30th Anniversary Commemorative BookOff to the Post Office  Jaguar XJ40 30th Anniversary Commemorative BookForwards and Contents pages


Sir John EganSir John Egan receives his copy of the book Jim RandleJim Randle receives his copy of the book


The book had grown and grown as more information came to light, fueled by the enthusiasm of all those who took part in the XJ40 30th Anniversary, and the unearthing of new information from long forgotten sources now brought to the attention of internet users.

Then, just when we thought there was nothing more to add, Xclusively Jaguar had a call from one of the Police Training Officers who took part in the ‘Dash to Turkey’ thus adding much more information to a newly opened chapter on the life of two of the XJ40 press cars, one of which still survives and belongs to Jaguar Specialist, David Marks

The story of the ‘Dash to Turkey’ in aid of the Zebrugge Disaster Fund will be re-counted in a future issue of Xclusively Jaguar News, by one of the drivers of D38 BRW.

So, the XJ40 story continues, a second edition of the book is being talked about, and maybe there are yet more new stories to add to it?

We’ve started a ‘waiting list’ for a second print run.

To go on the list, please email xj40at30@gmail.com


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