XJ40 Book – Mission Accomplished!

If you have been following the progress of the Jaguar XJ40 30th Anniversary Commemorative ‘Coffee Table’ Book, to give it its full title, you will know that all of this stemmed from the Jaguar XJ40 30th Anniversary Weekend held at Dunkeld on the last weekend of August 2016.

Sir John Egan

Jim Randle

  • Completely sold out!
  • 100 copies went to 16 different countries on 3 continents…
  • And the best news: Ed Abbott bought two extra copies and then asked Howard Hunt to deliver them in person to Sir John Egan and Jim Randle; an honour to learn that both gentlemen were pleased with the result!
  • We’ve started a ‘waiting list’ for a 2nd print run. To go on the list, please email xj40at30@gmail.com