New Zealand Built Jaguars

by Brian Devlin, New Zealand

I spent a couple of days at Jaguar Heritage, two years ago researching details of the CKD chassis’s sent to NZ for assembly. There are no records of the assembly of these cars left here in Nelson. When Honda took over the assembly plant all records relating to the BMC cars were destroyed  so I have had to recreate everything which has been a major undertaking, but I am nearly there.

It would be great if anyone could give me some indication of how long it took to assemble a Series 1 or 2 XJ6 then I can apply it to the production time here. Just to give you an example of one of the problems I encountered was that no-one knew how many Jaguars and Daimlers were assembled here. I had three supposedly “official” figures and not one of them were the same. In fact as a result of my visit to Jaguar Heritage and access to those big build books I have ascertained none of them were correct. There were considerably more assembled than they said.

Another very important point as far as I was concerned was the breakdown of the different models. As far as the records here were concerned they were just Jaguars and we know that in the period 1971 to 1978 there were many different variants.

If you can be of assistance, please contact Brian Devlin direct.