Trim Codes

Work in Progress

Jaguar Trim Codes

No colour swatches are included here as colours differ in sun/shade and according to computer screen settings

As with my other lists, if you have any queries or disagree with an entry, please contact Xclusively Jaguar so that I can investigate and put it right.

Code Colour Material Notes
AAD Oatmeal Hide Antelope piping
ADB Antelope Hide
ADD Cinnamon Hide
ADE Biscuit Hide
ADF Chamois Hide
ADG Tuscan Hide
ADH Fawn Cloth
ADJ Sand Cloth
ADK Beige Cloth
ADL Dark Tan Hide
ADM Beige 2 Cloth
ADN Sand 2 Cloth
ADT West of England (Fawn) Cloth
ADX Sand
AEC County Tan Hide
AED Burnt Umber Hide
AEE Doeskin Hide
AEK Sable facia/seatbelts, carpet
AEM Magnolia Hide Facia code JFC17
AES Sable & Ivory facia, door cards, carpet
AET Sable & Cashmere facia, door cards, carpet
AFB Beige 3 Cloth
AFC Amber Cloth
AFD Magnolia Cloth
AFE Champagne Hide
AFF Beige Velour
AFH Amber Velour
AFN Cream Dralon
AFP Light Beige Dralon Was Beige 4
AFR Buckskin Hide Was Chelsea Fawn
AFS Parchment Cloth
AFW Barley Hide
AFY Chiltern Tweed Tweed
AFX Cotswold Tweed Tweed
AGD Oatmeal Hide
AGE Antelope facia
AGF Oatmeal Cloth
AGK Antelope & Oatmeal facia, doorcards, carpet
ANJ Special Brown Hide
ANS Brown Hide A6592
BAD Oatmeal console
BAK Oatmeal & Sable door cards, carpet
BAR Sand Beige Hide XJ220 only
BDC Copper Cloth
BLN Oatmeal & Flint door cards, carpet
CDA Maroon Hide
CDB Russet Hide
CDC Garnet Cloth
CDD Red Cloth
CEB Mandarin Hide
CED Loganberry Cloth
CEF Red Hide
CEM Mulberry Red Hide
CEP Maroon Dralon
CES Red Hide VM3481
CEX Red Hide VM8300/A8300
CFK Cherry Red Hide Was New Red
CFM Mulberry Dralon
CFP Red Hide  *
CHX Catkin console
DDA Cerise Hide
DDB Terracotta Hide
DLG Warm Charcoal Hide Nimbus piping
DLJ Nimbus console
EDB Coral Hide VM3620
ELJ Nimbus Hide Slate piping
GRY Smoke Grey Hide XJ220 only
HAD Warm Charcoal & Oatmeal console
HDA Moss Green Hide
HDB Olive Hide
HDC Deep Olive Hide
HDD Sage Hide
HDE Jade Cloth
HDF Old Green
HEC Green Dralon
HEY Green Hide A896
HEZ Parchment Hide Was Stone
HFF Green Hide 3655
HFX Catkin Hide
HFY Pine other trim
HFZ Green Carpet
HGB Pine & Catkin facia, door cards, carpet
HGC Catkin Cloth
HLG Warm Charcoal console
HLJ Warm Charcoal & Nimbus console
HND Warm Charcoal & Ivory console
IAK Ivory & Sable door cards,carpet
ILN Ivory & Flint door cards, carpet
IND Ivory console
JDA French Blue Hide
JDB Dark Blue Hide
JDC Navy Blue Cloth
JDD Light Blue Hide
JDE Navy Cloth
JEF Isis Blue Hide
JEG Marine Blue Cloth
JEM Fleet Blue Cloth
JEN Dark Blue Dralon
JEP Light Blue Dralon
JET Fleet Blue Cloth
JFB Fleet Blue Velour
JFH Rolls Royce Light Blue Hide UM4135
JFK Baroda Blue Dralon
JFL Special Blue Hide A4135
KSZ Cashmere console
LDA Blue Grey Hide
LDB Grey Hide
LDG Graphite Cloth
LDJ Grey Velour
LDM Graphite Velour
LDS Pale Grey Dralon
LDT West of England (Grey) Cloth
LDW Light Grey Dralon
LDX Grey Dralon
LDY Saville Grey Hide
LDZ Warm Charcoal Cloth
LEE Pennine Tweed Tweed
LEF Cheviot Tweed Tweed
LEG Warm Charcoal Hide
LES Ocean Tweed Tweed A845
LET Grey Cloth A846
LFE Pale Stone Aniline Insignia
LFF Dark Stone Aniline Insignia
LFJ Nimbus Grey Hide 1995MY on
LFK Slate other trim
LFL Nimbus Grey Cloth 1995MY on
LFM Shadow Grey Carpet
LFN Flint Carpet
LFW Grey/Oatmeal Cloth 1995MY XJR
LFX Grey Fleck Boot Carpet
LGE Warm Charcoal Cloth 1997MY
LGG Slate & Nimbus facia, door cards, carpet
LGH Warm Charcoal &Oatmeal facia, door cards, carpet
LGJ Warm Charcoal & Ivory facia, door cards, carpet
LGK Warm Charcoal & Nimbus facia, door cards, carpet
LGM Pewter Hide Was Mid Grey*
LGN Light Grey Hide X200
LGP Granite Hide Was Dk Grey/Dove*
LGS Pewter Cloth Was Mid Grey*
LGT Light Grey Cloth X200 Corral Plain
LGV Light Grey Cloth X200 Pastiche Patterned
LGX Warm Charcoal Cloth X200 Corral Plain
LGZ Warm Charcoal Cloth X200 Pastiche Patterned
LHJ Dove Cloth
LHS Dove Hide
MND Ivory Hide Sable piping
MSZ Cashmere Hide Sable piping
NDA White Hide
NDN White Dralon
NDR Cream Hide
NDS White Hide A4169
NDW Silk White Hide 1996
NED Ivory Hide
PDA Black Hide
PDB Ebony Cloth
PDD Caviar
PDK Black Velour
PHX Catkin Hide Pine piping
PMA Black Hide
PVJ Ebony Hide or Alcantara
SDA Parchment Hide VM3672/A3672
SDC Coffee Hide
 SDZ Cashmere Hide
SEB Cashmere Cloth


* Email Xclusively Jaguar for more detailed information regarding this Trim Code