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4Sight Lighting Jaguar XJS stop tail light upgrade



During this year a great deal of work will be going into resolving the problem of how to equip cars designed to take BPF bulbs with powerful and efficient headlight bulbs which will give a good beam pattern in the original headlight units and still greatly reduce the load on the car electrical system. There will also be some exciting new developments to ensure that you will always know when your car is trying to tell you something urgent by way of warning lights. No doubt there will also be other new developments, some of which may be instigated by you and the questions and requests you pass onto me. I always listen, and if I can solve your problem requirements, I will, although not always immediately.

Some of you will have read about a certain amount of controversy regarding the use of LED lighting upgrades on classic cars. Regulations which were written decades ago struggle to cope with modern developments and there will always be some beurocrat who believes that his interpretation of them is the only version and that he knows better than us. If, like me you believe that common sense should trump rediculous rulings, then please stand up for your beliefs and shout loudly that in order to keep classic cars alive and not exhibits in a museum, they need to be made safe to use in modern traffic conditions. This means making them more visible and capable of driving with lights on and not running out of battery power. I have been designing and developing my lighting improvements for over 15 years and supply them to customers in 36 countries. I am not intimately familiar with all of the regulations in all of the countries, so I have to rely on customers doing their own research. It seems that in the UK I have to tell you that my safer, brighter and more efficient lighting upgrades are officially only for offroad use.  I rely on your common sense and wisdom beyond that. I have always given a money-back guarantee with all of my products and will continue to do so. If anyone who has already upgraded his car feels that he wants to go back to his previous candle power, this applies equally to them.

To those of you who have both supported me and given me invaluable feedback, please don’t stop. What I do would simply not be possible without you.

Gil Keane.



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