AWML 2019 Report


The Andrew Whyte Memorial Lecture 2019 Report

It is, of course, very sad that we lost Norman Dewis in 2019, but that it should happen in the 30th year of the Andrew Whyte Memorial Lecture made for a magnificent and very touching tribute.

Over the past few years I have helped Bob Beecham, organiser of this spectacular annual event, with ideas and suggestions for speakers. This year all of the main speakers were those whom I put forward and Bob honoured this by adding my Xclusively Jaguar logo to the invitations and tickets. A proud achievement which was acknowledged by many of the attendees who have become very good friends over the years.

So, thankyou Bob, for another successful Andrew Whyte Memorial Lecture and for acknowledging my support by adding the Xclusively Jaguar logo to the invitations and tickets and the Xclusively Jaguar name to the list of organisations who had assisted in publicising the event.





Bob had made provision for this being an extra long series of lectures, so that a tribute to Norman Dewis, by some of those who worked with him and knew him well, could be included.

As is customary, the lectures were introduced by Bob Beecham and the running order was as listed below.




Dave Beattie and Matt Cook

Both Jaguar employees, Dave and Matt covered Spitfire and Lancaster production at the Castle Bromwich plant, now the site of the Jaguar Visitor Centre and where Jaguar’s new advanced electric cars will be assembled.




Richard West

Richard was the headline speaker for the day and is a former Director of TWR. Known in-house as ‘Promo’ he handled much of the race publicity for Tom Walkinshaw and has a unique behind the scenes knowledge of the heady TWR-Jaguar Le Mans Days! Richard is still very much connected with the racing scene as a motivational speaker for F1 so we were very privileged to have him at the Andrew Whyte Memorial Lecture.




Neville Hay

Neville has enjoyed a long career, covering over 50 years, as an author, film maker, former Top Gear host and race commentator, firmly connected with Radio Le Mans. After a short introduction, Neville showed us a priceless film recording of himself interviewing Lofty England!




Paul Skilleter, Peter Taylor and Ed Abbott

Tributes to Norman Dewis by Jaguar historian and journalist, Paul Skilleter and former Jaguar apprentices and colleagues, Peter Taylor and Ed Abbott, who gave their own perspectives on working with Norman Dewis OBE who passed away on 8th June 2019.

Paul Skilleter  (below) Peter Taylor (top right) and Ed Abbott (btm right)


As part of the tribute to Norman Dewis, Tony O’keeffe (former Curator of the Jaguar Heritage Collection, now working for Jaguar Classic, Ryton) and John Butterworth (respected Jaguar enthusiast/collector) both longterm friends of Norman, presented a cheque to Hope House Children’s Hospice for the sum of £25,775. The money was raised by friends and fans of Norman Dewis at the end of his life as he had little financial means of his own. It was Norman’s wish that any money left over from the trust fund after his death should go to Hope House Children’s Hospice.



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