Product Specialist Jaguar Classic

Esta-jane Middling, Product Specialist, Jaguar Land Rover Classic and mother of two Esta-jane Middling, Product Specialist, Jaguar Land Rover Classic and successful artist

Esta-jane Middling – working mum and successful artist


New Appointment

Esta-jane Middling, eldest daughter of Xclusively Jaguar owner, Letitia Mace, was recently appointed Product Specialist for Jaguar Land Rover Classic.

The very talented former Jaguar Apprentice of the Year 2009 started working for Jaguar in 2006, when she won an apprenticeship and the chance to study for an engineering degree while working for Jaguar.

First appointed to the Design Department in 2006, she later moved to Competitor Teardown, where she investigated the workings of other marques!

A busy working Mum, Esta-jane is also known for her talent for drawing cars, and works under the name of EJ Draws Cars

Former owner of an XJ40, an XJS and an X-type, she sadly moved away from the marque to a Japanese competitor …….. could this new role tempt her back into a Jaguar?

Esta-jane will move from her current role as a Competitor Teardown Engineer, based at Gaydon to JLR Classic’s HQ in Ryton-on-Dunsmore. She tells me that she was incredibly excited to see numerous XJ220’s and other Jaguar exotica at Jaguar Classic when she was given a tour of the works, during her interview.

Esta-jane will take up her new role as Product Specialist on 9th April 2018, answering directly to Calum McKechnie, General Manager  – Parts and Accessories, Jaguar Land Rover Classic.