Race to Immortality

Ferrari - Race to Immortality


Ferrari – Race to Immortality

The 1950’s – the iconic Scuderia Ferrari battle to stay on top in one of the deadliest decades in motor racing history. Cars and drivers were pushed to their limits, and the competition for the world championship meant racing on a knife edge where one mistake could take a life. At the centre of it all was Enzo Ferrari, a towering figure in motor racing who was driven to win at any cost. Amidst the stiff competition within his Ferrari team, two of its British stars, Peter Collins and Mike Hawthorn, put friendship first and the championship second. Ferrari: Race to Immortality tells the story of the loves and losses, triumphs and tragedy of Ferrari’s most celebrated drivers in an era where they lived la dolce vita during the week and it was win or die on any given Sunday.


Discover the incredible true story of the deadliest decade in motor racing history in what The Times are calling a “Beautiful and Brutal” and “Spellbinding” film


At first glance this may seem inappropriate for a Jaguar website, however, the connection with Jaguar is Mike Hawthorn.

I haven’t yet seen the film but it is advertised on Amazon and was released in November 2017.

MIKE HAWTHORN MUSEUM owner Nigel Webb, tells me that he is driving the Mark 1 Jaguar at the end of the film and also, that his museum is featured in the film!


Visit Tony Bailey’s tribute website if you wish to know more about Mike Hawthorn

Tony Bailey is co-author, along with Paul Skilleter of the book Golden Boy, which can be purchased from Paul Skilleter Books