Highlights from JEC 30th Birthday Bash 2014

Report by Letitia Mace

The JEC celebrated it’s 30th anniversary in fine style and wonderful weather. A full report will appear in the JEC magazine and many more pictures and details are already on the JEC website HERE

In my report, I have concentrated on the Timeline, as I was mostly involved with this, and below you will find pictures of all of the cars in the Timeline and some of the feedback the club received for the event as a whole, from those who attended and enjoyed the day.


‘Thank you to all of you for the huge effort over the last few days in making the event what it was, I’m sure it will be talked about for many years to come.’

Rob Jenner, JEC Chairman


Jaguar Heritage at the JEC 30th Birthday Bash

The JEC is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and chose the splendid surroundings of Thoresby Hall in Nottinghamshire as the venue for its National Day.  As with the DLOC rally at the start of the month, the weather gods were kind and the sun shone for most of the day.  There was a strong Jaguar presence with a Jaguar hospitality unit staffed by Jaguar Heritage Parts alongside the Jaguar Heritage merchandise trailer.  These were fronted by a display of three iconic Jaguar sports coupés – the 1971 E-type S3 V12 (which the JEC helped to restore in 1997) and last of the line XKR (X100) from 2006 sandwiching one of the latest F- TYPEs.

In addition to the E-type and XKR, Jaguar Heritage also sent along four other cars which the JEC had helped to restore, which were displayed near the JEC marquee.  These were the 1958 3.4 litre ‘Mark 1’ TOX 1, 1969 S1 XJ6 4.2 PHP 42G and 1973 S2 Daimler Double Six VDP (both former cars of Sir William Lyons), and the unique 1996 Daimler Corsica convertible.

JH Technical Director Tony Duckhouse had driven to the event in the 1969 Series 2 E-type OTS from the collection and this was lined up together with a Series 2 coupé belonging to JEC member Mike Gregory to create a further photo opportunity in the Jaguar ‘corral’!

Overall, the event attracted over 1300 Jaguars and their proud owners and guests were entertained by a range of activities including Jousting, Dog ‘n’ Duck displays and the usual Concours and Pride & Joy competitions.  There was also a full Jaguar timeline which had been painstakingly organised by Letitia Mace.


JEC Sponsors and the 30th Birthday Bash

The Clubs sponsors were certainly out in force on the day, making the most of the weather and the potential publicity and sales. Adamesh set up shop in their state-of-the-art trailer, while Meguiar’s traded from their easily recognised gazebo.

“The Tipi” housed Jaguar Parts Specialist SNG Barratt

SNG Barratt decided to try something a little different with their stand to commemorate the JEC 30th Anniversary Weekend – the tipi certainly was a talking point, as Jessica Ralph of SNG Barratt recalls “It was great to see so many of our customers who had travelled the length and breadth of the country to Thoresby Hall. It was a stunning setting for the impressive amount of cars on display – and the weather was glorious!

For those who are going to Surrey Jaguar Day on 6th July at Polesden Lacey, SNG Barratt is offering their  popular pre-order collection service (subject to terms and conditions), last date for pre-Orders is Friday 4th July.

Independent Jaguar Specialist XJK’s Gavin Jones and Ian Kelsall chose to take a rather different route (literally) and spent the day walking around the show visiting all the regions and generally mingling with the membership, ready to help out with any questions or mis-behaving Jaguars and Daimlers!


The Jaguar Timeline

Timeline Video by Peter Happer (Timeline reserve XJ8 3.2)

Timeline entrant Number 2, 1933 SS1 Coupe, owned by Irwin Jewell – View video


Numbered 1 – 76, the Timeline was made up of a selection of members cars starting with one of the first Austin Swallows, and going right through to the very latest F-type Coupe, with the Daimler marque entering along the way, and a Lister variant for good measure! It must be remembered that, as a club, we relied on the pot of available cars to make up our Timeline, as well as the amount of space available on the field! All entries are pictured below in the order they were set out on the day.

Austin Swallow




SS Jaguar 1 1/2 Litre


SS Jaguar 2 1/2 Litre




Jaguar Mark IV


Jaguar Mark V


Alloy bodied XK120 dhc


Steel bodied XK120 fhc


Jaguar Mark VII


Jaguar C-type


Jaguar XK140 dhc


Jaguar D-type


Jaguar Mark I


Jaguar XKSS


Lister Jaguar


Jaguar Mark VIII


Jaguar XK150 fhc


Jaguar Mark IX


Jaguar Mark II


Daimler Majestic Major


Daimler SP250


Jaguar E-type Series 1


Jaguar Mark X


Daimler 2.5 V8


Jaguar S-type


Jaguar E-type Series 1 1/2


Daimler 420 Sovereign


Jaguar E-type Series 2


Jaguar 420G


Jaguar 240


Jaguar 340


Daimler Six Series 1


Daimler DS420 Limousine


Jaguar E-type Series 3


Daimler Double Six Series 1


DDS Series 2 Coupe


Jaguar XJ-S Coupe Pre HE


Jaguar XJ12 Series 2 Saloon


Jaguar XJ6 Series 3


Jaguar XJ12 Series 3


Jaguar XJ-S Cabriolet


Jaguar XJ40 3.6 Prototype


Daimler XJ40 4 Litre


Jaguar XJ40 Gold Majestic


Jaguar XJ81


Jaguar XJ-S HE Convertible


JaguarSport XJR-S


Jaguar XJS 4.0 Coupe


Jaguar XJ220


JaguarSport XJR-15


Jaguar X330 4.0 Sovereign


Jaguar X300 XJR Manual


Daimler Double Six X305 lwb


Jaguar XK8 (X100) dhc


Jaguar XKR (X100) dhc


Jaguar X308 XJ8 3.2 Sport


Daimler X308 Super V8 lwb


Jaguar X308 XJR 100


Jaguar S-type R (X200)


Jaguar X-type Saloon


Jaguar X350 XJR


Jaguar X350 Super V8 lwb


Jaguar X358 2.7 TDVi


Jaguar X-type Estate


Jaguar XF Saloon


Jaguar XJ (X351)


Jaguar XK 5.0 Portfolio dhc


Jaguar XKR 75 Coupe


Jaguar XF Sportbrake


Jaguar XKR-S fhc


Jaguar XKR-S dhc


Jaguar F-type Roadster

Jaguar F-type Coupe


General Feedback relating to the JEC 30th Birthday Bash at Thoresby Hall, 22nd June 2014

Tony O’keeffe (Jaguar Cars PR Team) – This was the greatest Jaguar display in the world this year….not a small job by everyone at the JEC. Well done all

Kevin & Pat Holden – Thanks for the Thanks but it is us who should be Thanking you, if it was not for all your hard work we would have not had a timeline to put our cars in! So from all the participating vehicle owners A BIG THANK YOU.

Steve McQuillam – all I can say what a great day it turned out to be, most enjoyable. This was the largest jaguar show I had attended and a 200 mile round trip with no problems Thank you for all the teams hard work .

Ken Evans – It was the first event that I’d attended and I had a great time chatting,  viewing the other cars and generally just being around so many individuals with whom I share the passion for Jaguars.

Clive Clark‎ (JEC Mark 10/420G Forum Co-ordinator) – Many thanks to all those involved with organising in the 30th Birthday Bash. It was great to finally put some faces to names of people who I hadnt met before, plus meet up again with people from last year. Also to make even more new Jaguar friends… Already looking forward to next years show !!!

Ruth Baldry –  Had a really great time at Thorseby Hall this weekend! Camp site was superb, organisation for the event was excellent, and I’d also like to say thank you to the marshalls who made us feel so very welcome! My first event as a jaguar owner, won’t be my last!!! Looking forward to the next one!!!

Andrew Green – ‎This Sunday was my first show as a member. Only joined in January. Like to say thank you to all at the club for organising a fantastic day out. Really enjoyed it.

Paul Ellett – Entered My X type in Pride and Joy had lots of complements Marshals and Judges did fantastic Job must sell this car but will definitely get another Jag great day!

Furniture Clinic – We had a great time at the show. Congratulations on 30 years of success!

Jonathan Hulse – Superb event so proud to have my Daimler ds420 on the timeline.

Colin Manconi – A great show. Thanks for all the work you did to organize and set up the Timeline. It was well worth it

Steve Myers – Thank you for your excellent organisation. What a super turn out, and we were blessed with the weather!

Graham Dickerson – Well many thanks indeed to you for arranging it.  I am sure getting about 100 cars organised must have taken a great deal of effort and patience. But what a wonderful display you created to add to an amazing day. We so enjoyed the opportunity to take part and looking forward already to 2019. Thank you again for all you did and keeping cool!

Keith Thomas – I was bursting with pride to see my XJS Coupe looking better than ever and not at all out of place in such exalted company. Deepest gratitude for a special moment in her/our history.

Steve Cocks (JEC X-type Forum Co-ordinator) – Thanks for all of your efforts on this…quite a project! Glad to have been able to help out.


Mike Horlor (JEC Forums Manager)- Just think, as Jaguar produces a raft of new models, the timeline will have to be even bigger next time!

Matthew Nice – You guys put on a great show and worked so hard  ,we thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend and it was a pleasure to be part of it.

Terence Jones – It was a Privilege to be considered for the Timeline and I was very happy to be one of the lucky ones’ to display my car on the day. I think that the Timeline is a great and interesting idea and something that I’m sure you will build on in the future?

Simon Fox – May I say it was a difficult job done well trying to organise all of us especially with the drop outs and late confirmations.

David Marks (Independant Jaguar Specialist) – It was good, both the display and the opportunity to drive some different cars.

Graham Tarver (Automatic Transmissions Project Engineer, Jaguar Cars) – Just a quick note to say how much we enjoyed Sunday. Everything was perfect. Well done.

Barry Hamilton – thank you for all your efforts, It was our first experience with the club in the uk and was very memorable

John Reed – it was great to see all the line up of the different models in one area and chatting to the various owners, you obviously put a great deal of effort  into organising this

Martin Williams – great day

Paul Geen – So wish I could have been there:(

Tommy Morley – Brilliant day. When’s the next good event ?

Paul Sumpter – Great day I loved it

Terry Cubberley – I would have been there but the other half was working.

Paul Sumpter – I know my x type is not a proper jaguar but I never saw another white one

Simon Johnson – Brilliant day with fantastic sunshine too

Craig Parkin – What a fantastic day. Had a great time looking at so many Jags all in one place. As for the X type, I love my 2.2 estate.

Andrew Woodhouse – Great show. Region 43 members had a great time, the show was well organised and seemed bigger than 1300 cars. Great cars, great club, great friends. Brilliant.

Lis-Beth Nilsson – Wish I was there, must have been spectacular.

Andrew Woodhouse-  The best of British.

Andrew Green – Didn’t see your white one Paul Sumpter. Don’t be ashamed of your x type they seem to be welcomed at the club. Had a few enquiries about my red x type today and only saw another two red ones there. Only ever seen one white one near where I live. Was a great day. Enjoying being a member 6 months in.

Alan Holmes – Brilliant day well run apart from the lack of refreshments I van only selling tea coffee etc with a 15 min wait?

Colin OCallaghan – As a new member it was my first time at this event. Amazed to see so many great Jags at such a nice location

Phil Stagg – Excellent day, well done and a big thank you to all of the team that organised it.

Ken Lea – Fantastic weekend!!!!!

Martin Edwards – Great weekend thanks from Shropshire & welsh borders region

Ian Lamble – A big thank you to all that organised the 30th bash. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and the weather was perfect. 1300 cars, I only took 900 photos, where were those other 400 hiding..lol Thanks again.

Jaguar Classic Spares – Top weekend, amazing effort from all involved.


Our Bulletin Board:

Nato Neil: I had a really enjoyable day at Thorseby yesterday. I know these things do not build or run themselves so I would like to thank all of the organisers, field marshals, and the whole of the JEC for putting our 30th bash together.

Well Done


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