Jaguar All-Wheel-Drive and Speed Pack

Jaguar is introducing a new All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system to its 2013 Model Year XF and XJ saloon cars for selected markets, including North America, Russia, China and Continental Europe.

At the recent Moscow Motor Show on 27-30th August 2012 Jaguar’s new continuously variable All-Wheel Drive system made its debut…..


Jaguar All Wheel Drive


Jaguar All Wheel Drive

Jaguar All Wheel Drive


Jaguar All Wheel Drive

The AWD XJ and XF will be powered exclusively by Jaguar’s new 3.0-litre V6 supercharged petrol engine in 340PS form driving through an eight-speed automatic transmission and featuring Stop/Start technology.

Jaguar AWD operates ‘intelligently’, continuously monitoring grip levels and driver inputs to both pre-empt and react to wheel-slip, enabling maximum traction in all conditions.

Feed-forward torque distribution allows the system to actively anticipate wheel slippage and prevent it occurring, therefore providing greater driver confidence and vehicle stability in low-grip scenarios. Torque split can be up to 50:50 front/rear.

At speed in normal grip conditions the AWD system delivers drive predominantly to the rear wheels, thus providing the dynamic driving experience all Jaguars are renowned for, while maximising powertrain efficiency.

Suspension and steering systems have also been re-engineered in order for the AWD XF and XJ to match their rear-wheel drive counterparts’ acclaimed driving dynamics.


The Moscow Show also saw the debut for the new optional Speed Pack for the XFR which includes suspension and aerodynamic enhancements to unlock a higher top speed capability (from 155 mph to 174 mph).

Featuring a speed limiter raised to 174mph (280km/h), the 510PS XFR Speed Pack car is equipped with revised engine and gearbox calibration to match the increased top speed. A new front aero splitter and a new rear wing distinguish the Speed Pack car.

The 510PS XFR sports saloon benefits from the same combination of eight-speed automatic gearbox and Intelligent Stop/Start allowing it to offer an unrivalled blend of efficiency and excitement. The EU Combined cycle improves by 11% with its emissions reduced by more than 8%.