Mark 1 Register Update: February 2019

We currently have one Jaguar Mark 1 For Sale on the Sales and Wanted page.
First Mark 1 Jaguar registered in the UK - UDU 94 If you own a Jaguar Mark 1 and have not yet had your invitation to Mark 1 Day 2019 please email Xclusively Jaguar



Seeking Information on Mark 1s

This year I am on a mission to find as many Jaguar Mark 1’s as possible. If you would like to help, and to be kept informed on total recorded numbers of known cars and survivors, with the opportunity to be invited to future Mark 1 Days, please fill in the attached details and return to – many thanks for your help!

Please note that all owners details are securely kept and we do not publish or pass on any owners details or details of individual cars without the owners permission.


Mark 1 Enquiry Form
Nigel Webb has a private record of Mark 1’s known to him, for his own interest. The records are only accessible to Nigel and two agents of his. It is not intended to be shared, sold or made accessible to anyone else, but does form an interesting (and unique) record of these cars.
We would therefore be grateful if you would fill in the details below, so that the records can be as complete as possible.
You may already have supplied some of these details, in which case, I apologise for the repetition.

Full name:
Postal address:
Original car registration number:
Subsequent registration numbers, and dates:
Chassis number:
Engine number:
Gearbox number:
Body number:
Year of Manufacture (date if known):
Engine size:
Overdrive yes/no?
Brakes drum/disc?
Original body colour:
Current body colour:
Original interior trim colour:
Current interior trim colour:
Original wheels: Standard, Wire or other?
Current wheels: Standard, Wire or other?
Former owners, and dates:
Do you have a Jaguar Heritage Production Trace Certificate?
If not, please consider applying here:…/…
Description/Notes/History (please add these overleaf)