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Jaguar X300 XJR manual P760NRW


 Jaguar X300 XJR Earlier this year, Rob and I were invited to take our manual X300 XJR to Derbyshire for a photoshoot with photographer John Colley
 Jaguar X300 XJR interior  The pictures were to be used in a feature on buying an X300 XJR written by Sam Dawson and published in the December 2017 issue of Classic Cars magazine, which is out now.
 Jaguar X300 XJR cabin  The images were shot in an infinity cove studio, which I think is every car owners dream, as it shows the car off to its full potential with no distractions or reflections.
 Jaguar X300 XJR engine bay John Colley does a lot of this type of work for car magazines and very kindly allowed us to keep copies of his professional shots, as well as taking our own pictures, which was great fun as it allowed me to take photos of him taking photos of P760NRW
Jaguar X300 XJR Jaguar X300 XJR


All the above pictures were taken by John Colley and are courtesy of Classic Cars magazine


Classic Cars magazine - December 2017

Classic Cars magazine - December 2017


My pictures of P760NRW can be seen on the Xclusively Jaguar Facebook page


Jaguar World Monthly - May 2012

P760NRW – not new to featuring in magazines!

Jaguar World Monthly – May 2012

When the last manual X300 XJR ever produced featured in the May 2012 issue of Jaguar World Monthly, Rob Jenner had no idea that in 4 months time it would be his car!

At the time when the magazine featured P760 NRW it was the property of Jaguar Classic Parts. In September 2012 Rob received a phone call from Jaguar Heritage, who had noted his interest in the car, and asked him if he would like to buy it!


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