X100 USA Market Update

Jaguar XKR Portfolio

If you are thinking of buying or selling a Jaguar XK8 or XKR in the USA, contact Tom Payette or phone 502-727-9945

Tom is an enthusiast who has been buying and selling the XK8/R model for many years and knows the prices they fetch in all conditions and specifications.

Code named X100, they were produced from the end of XJS production in 1996 and phased out before the introduction of the XK (code named X150) in 2006.

Tom send me periodic updates on these cars, and I am currently catching up on relaying this information via the newsletter, and hope to make it a regular feature.

Please note: This is for the USA market ONLY.

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October 2017 Update

Jaguar XKR Portfolio
Tom writes:

“Hi Letitia,

Thank you for the great Jaguar newsletters you work so hard to produce.

I have attached a comprehensive (for me at least) list of the activity of the 2004 Portfolios. I have been doing this for years. These cars are VERY popular and the prices are VERY attractive at the current time. Red is hotter than the Blue. I believe the 2003-2005 XK8’s and XKR’s (X100) represent the “sweet spot” for the 1997 XK8’s onward. They were trouble free and most of the niggling problems were sorted out by then…especially the 4.0L engine problems. The 2006 XK’s and XKR’s (X150) onward are plagued with spotty electrical gremlins that are difficult to fix….sometimes impossible to fix.

I currently own two 2004 Portfolios; and I believe the prices will start to rise. These are future classics. Imagine these cars were $93,995 back in 2004!!! Many were sold with an added premium.

Take care and again thank you.”


Jaguar XKR Portfolio Window Sticker

Jaguar XKR Portfolio Window Sticker


Jaguar XKR Portfolio Interior

Jaguar XKR Portfolio Blue Interior


Jaguar XKR Portfolio Interior

Jaguar XKR Portfolio Red Interior


2004 Jaguar XKR Portfolios
As of 10-10-17
VIN Color Miles Source Owner/Seller Location Date Price
A36138 Red 11,608 ebay Berryville Motors Berryville VA 1/1/08 $49,480
3/30/08 $44,980
A36140 Blue 13,956 Autotrader Millenium Plano TX 1/7/09 $0
A36945 Blue 11,000 Scottsdale AZ 10/31/07 $44,770
A36959 Blue 33,000 Manheim Auction Riverside CA 3/27/08 $0
33,059 Autotrader Plaza Motors Phoenix AZ 5/9/08 $34,900
34,500 ebay B&G Motors Chicago 12/8/08 $24,900
A37003 Blue 10,291 ebay Imperial Motors Lake bluff IL 6/21/08
A37034 Blue 11,291 Autotrader Laurel Jaguar Tinley Park IL 3/30/08 $47,991
A37037 Blue 60,639 ebay Jaguar of Troy Detroit MI 10/14/09 $25,995
A37136 Red 17,012 ebay Scott Cars Inc Statesville 5/19/08
A37965 Blue 17,142 Autotrader Rosenthal Jaguar Vienna VA 3/30/08 $47,987
A37973 Blue 42,239 Autotrader Jaguar Great Neck NY 6/12/09 $29,995
A37986 Blue 29,287 ebay Texas Cars Direct Dallas TX 12/7/08 $41,950
A37994 Blue 117,566 ebay MaxiCars Hollywood FL 10/10/17 NR
A38006 Blue 44,017 Manheim Atlanta 4/30/08
44,100 Autotrader Exotic Motors Pltine IL 5/9/08 $33,900
A38014 Blue 33,031 Manheim Jaguar Credit Palm Beach 1/13/10 $26,800
A38030 Blue 47,036 Autotrader Matheny Jaguar Jacksonville FL 6/12/09 $28,900
A38042 Blue 39,980 ebay Travis Car Connect Austin TX 12/20/07
41,248 Autotrader Capitol Motor Sports Austin TX 2/15/09 $27,994
A38113 Blue 38,691 ebay Reina Motors Brookfield WI 12/20/07 $44,900
A38121 Blue 79,989 AutoTrader Dr. Marla Miami 7/3/17 $18,700
A38124 Blue 25,000 Manheim Palm Beach FL 10/22/08 $23,200
44,000 Autotrader Houston TX 9/12/17 $21,000
A38145 Blue 40,224 Autotrader Bob Dunn Jaguar Greensboro NC 8/15/08 $37,900
A38153 Blue 21,261 ebay Auto Quest Ft Meyers 12/20/07 $46,775
22,000 ebay Ambassador Auto Sales $42,000
21,000 Exotic Auto Sales
A38157 Blue 26,500 Autotrader Tony Bocca Roton FL 8/15/07 $36,500
A38169 Blue 34,275 ebay Wilde Jaguar Sarasota FL 11/3/07 $42,999
A38177 Blue 37,820 OVE Auto Connection Montgomery AL 3/30/08 $35,275
35,275 Manheim OVE Atlanta 5/8/08 $35,275
38,123 Autotrader Auto Connection Montgomery AL 5/9/08 $36,995
A38211 Blue 30,239 Autotrader CarMax Houston TX 2/16/09 $31,998
A38225 Blue 21,485 Manheim Riverside CA 5/22/08
21,900 ebay EM Exotic Motors Palatine IL 8/1/08 $33,900
A38255 Blue 16,862 ebay Sports Car Shop Eugene OR 8/3/08 $22,100
A38291 Blue 19,644 Autotrader Bentley Bellevue Seattle WA 10/20/09 $39,000
A38318 Red 25,064 ebay Hendrick Volvo Kansas City  KS 8/18/09 $25,000
A39336 Red 28,270 Manheim Chicago IL 11/23/09 $26,800
58,260 Autotrader Attleboro MA 9/22/17 $15,995
A38342 Red 29,290 Manheim PA 1/24/07 $30,750
Car Guys VA 3/30/08 $41,997
ebay Car Guys VA 5/8/08 $33,900
A38348 Red 5254 ebay Great Neck 10/12/04 $71,200
A38351 Red 36,600 OVE/ebay Tom Atlanta 10/24/07 $38,225
37,728 TPAC Sold To Norm Huggins 9/6/09 $39,000
A38354 Red 18,950 ebay SCAM Boston 6/1/17
A38360 Red 30,200 ebay Tatiana Dallas 7/7/07 $32,000
A38363 Red 22,897 Manheim Auction Bordentown 4/2/08 $29,000
23,190 ebay Jet Motorsports Philadelphia $35,403
A38375 Red 26000 ebay Texas Cars Direct Dallas 1/2/07 $41,950
A38390 Red 21,191 ebay Brent Carver Nashville 3/21/07 $41,000
A38393 Red 26,789 Manheim Detroit MI 2/18/09 $25,700
A38396 Red 16,561 Autotrader Baker Motor Co. Charleston SC 1/8/09 $34,995
A38408 Red 0 Jaguar Cars Tom Payette Louisville 1/13/04 $76,000
2,526 TPAC Sold to Clyde Ensor Louisville 3/21/05 $77,000
24,668 ebay Sold by Jenny Ensor Louisville 6/27/14 $33,000
A38475 Red 29,000 ebay Madison AL 2/1/08 BIN $43,000
A38478 Red 11,700 Autotrader Landsville PA 6/12/09 $35,900
A38487 Red 51,585 Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 9/9/14 $26,400
A38496 Red Manheim Matz Company PA 2/7/08 $35,000
A38499 Red 25,000 Manheim Ed Morse Palm Beach 3/27/08 $33,000
25,720 autotrader Ed Martin Acura Indianapolis 5/9/08 $39,900
A38514 Red 37,047 ebay Cove Motoring Costa Mesa CA 8/4/08 $34,800
A38550 Red 34,735 Autotrader Jerry Moore Novato CA 7/12/17 $19,000
A38556 Red 41,000 Manheim Riverside 3/27/08 $29,750
A38562 Red 65,500 ebay Cool Stores Beverly Hills CA 4/15/09 $22,000
A38565 Red 45,500 ebay Private Ottawa ONT 9/22/08 $33,000
A38571 Red 33,560 ebay Jaguar Bellview WA 12/20/07 $41,995
A38589 Red 12,500 ebay Kathyrn Aromas CA 2/5/09 $40,000
A38595 Red 36,000 ebay Land Rover Anaheim 12/20/07 $41,995
36,757 Autotrader European Auto 3/30/08 $44,999
77,159 Autotrader Wilsonville Chevrolet Wilsonville OR 8/16/17 $15,000
A38598 Red 11,447 Manheim At Auction Las Vegas 3/19/08 $0
11,477 Autotrader Freeman motor Co Portland OR 5/9/08 $39,995



July 2017 Update

2004 Jaguar XKR Portfolio

Tom writes:

“I still track XK8/XKRs and I knew you would be interested in the current valuations of the 2004 Portfolios. As we had discussed over the years, I believe the XK8 prices have bottomed out and they should start to rise. 

I just purchased a 2004 Jupiter Red Portfolio with 35,000 miles in San Francisco. These cars seem to be garage queens….not good for these “Cats” as they need to be exercised!!!”  (pictured above)

Here’s a useful tool for valuing any car, in this instance the 2004 Jaguar XKR



Late 2016 Update

Jaguar XKR Silverstone Register

In response to an enquiry regarding the value of a 40,000 mile XKR Silverstone Coupe.

Tom writes:

“Over the years I have owned three Silverstones…..including one coupe. I have not traded for one in recent years. I just recently purchased a spectacular 2005 XK8 with 50,000 miles and paid $13,000. I find XK8 and XKR’s (from 1997 to 2006) have bottomed out and will only rise in the coming years. The problems (mostly overblown if they are properly maintained) with the 4.0 engines (as in your Silverstone)  is well known and most folks avoid them and prefer the 4.2 which has been updated and has a very good reputation.

Price….I suspect a 2001 Silverstone Coupe (pretty rare car) may sell between $10,000 and $15,000. All depends on overall condition, service history, prior paint work and whether the timing chain top tensioners and water pump have been replaced.”

Download Jaguar XKR Silverstone original dealer information pack

See also XKR Silverstone



Mid 2016 Update

Jaguar X100 dhc
Tom just purchased a beautifully cared for 2005 XK8 with 50,000 miles, pictured above. He paid $13500 and says these Jaguars are at very affordable prices right now.



Late 2015 Update

Jaguar X100 dhcExample: Black/Cashmere and 19” wheels..about as pretty as they come.

Tom writes:

“I am still following the XK8’s and recently purchased a 2005 XK8 with 54,000 miles for $14,000. Great history, southern car (no rust) and no paint work. The XK8’s and XKR’s remain very VERY popular in the USA. 

My experience is the 2003-2005 XK’s are the VERY  best (of ALL the XK8’s) for trouble free motoring. No 4.0 litre troublesome engine and no electrical gremlins as in the 2006 X150.

AND…they are as affordable as the XK8’s may EVER be!!!!! 

Truly a great bargain.”