British Race Festival (Zandvoort) 2016

British Racing Festival, Zandvoort 2016 The British Race Festival is a Dutch annual petrolhead event on Zandvoort’s former F1 circuit.
 British Racing Festival, Zandvoort 2016 It lasts a full weekend and features races, demonstrations as well as a large static display, featuring a host of local and regional owners clubs.
 British Racing Festival, Zandvoort 2016 This is a brief report from this year’s 16th edition, which took place during the weekend of October 1st/2nd.
 British Racing Festival, Zandvoort 2016 The organisation took the British theme to the extreme: Union Jacks wherever one looked, a 10ft Big Ben model in the pit lane and ‘warning, you are now leaving the EU’ signs upon entry of the circuit grounds.
 British Racing Festival, Zandvoort 2016 Owners clubs included Aston Martin, Mini, Reliant, Lotus, Morgan, MG and of course the JDHC (Jaguar & Daimler Club Holland).
 British Racing Festival, Zandvoort 2016 Unfortunately I could only attend on Sunday, a day characterised by rain, some more rain and even more rain…
 British Racing Festival, Zandvoort 2016 Which was far from ideal for the spectators and those who booked circuit laps in their own cars, but brought very, very spectacular racing!
 British Racing Festival, Zandvoort 2016 The second heat of the JEC races must have been one of the Sunday highlights, the pouring rain creating an additional challenge for the drivers. Some cars even lost grip shifting on the long straight and many went sideways (or worse) in Tarzan, the sharp right bend after the straight as well as in the even trickier Hugenholz chicane. This continental excursion of the JEC mainly consisted of XJS’s in various shapes and (engine) sizes, no surprise that the first two over the finish line were XJ-S’s. Ronald Zoomers, a local participant in an E-Type was very successful on Saturday, but had to abandon the second race after only one lap after his wipers gave up the ghost. That doesn’t sound like a major problem, but I think the pictures illustrate how poor actual visibility was…
 British Racing Festival, Zandvoort 2016 It’s almost a miracle that all JEC participants (and their Dutch and Belgian guests) made it off the track with no damage to speak of, something not everybody could claim. There was another round of ‘drive your own’ straight after the JEC races, where an X300 apparently lost control and had to leave the track on a trailer: all RH body panels damaged, both RH alloys dented and – worse – rear suspension heavily damaged. Most likely a write-off with this amount of damage, what a shame!
 British Racing Festival, Zandvoort 2016 It wasn’t all Jaguars; other track activities included a large gathering of prewar cars, mainly racers and ‘specials’ including gems like Type 35 Bugattis and two(!) Alfa Romeo 8Cs.
 British Racing Festival, Zandvoort 2016 The sound and smell of some of those – the Alfa straight eights! – is really something else, and even trumps a howling V12 in my opinion.
 British Racing Festival, Zandvoort 2016 The JDHC was one of the largest owners clubs present, and featured every XJ model (minus the XJ40, good I brought mine!), as well as a large variation of Jaguar’s sportier models. They were probably only trumped by the MG Owners Club, who brought a respectable 50+ cars to the show…

Report and pictures by Pim S….. (Holland)


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