Swallows Racing Track Day


In October 2019 Swallows Racing hosted a Track Day at Castle Combe.

We (Rob Jenner and Letitia Mace) were honoured to be invited to stay at Acacia Farm, home of Swallows Jaguar, and assist with the preparation and running of the track day.


The day started with a driver briefing, by Ray Ingman (left) and Colin Porter (right), to ensure that everyone knew their way around the track and to make them aware of the rules and regulations to keep all participants safe.
While I spent the day taking photos of the event, Swallows gave Rob the use of one of the Palmersport cars for the day so that he could offer passenger rides to those who did not want to take their own car on the track.
Persistent rain the day before, and in the morning, almost caused cancellation of the event, so those who were first out on the track had to be aware of the slippery conditions.
While everyone was slowly gaining confidence in their cars on a wet track, Tom Robinson from Swallows Jaguar showed them how it should be done in his race prepped X300 XJR manual.


Slowly the sun began to shine, the track started to dry out and the pace picked up!


An interesting selection of Jaguars were out on the circuit, but only when the track was completely dry, did an XJR-15 venture out!


Swallows Racing had brought a selection of their track cars to the event for passenger rides, and these included the JP1 (affectionately known as the ‘Batmobile’) and 2 Palmersport race prepped X150’s. Number 4 was driven by Rob Jenner and the JP1 was driven by Gary Robinson of Swallows Racing.

Swallows Racing