Ian Stewart Tribute

Recently we reported on the sad news that former Ecurie Ecosse racing driver, Ian Stewart had passed away, Obituary: Ian Stewart (1929-2017) refers.

Receiving and opening our copy of Jaguar Magazine: Edition 188 we found a brief biography of Ian Stewart by Les Hughes, and we felt that it would be a nice gesture to share this with Ian’s son, David Stewart, who is a close friend of ours.

A quick message to Les Hughes at Jaguar Magazine, and a second copy was on its way to Scotland. This was followed by a message to David, inviting him to meet us in one of his Edinburgh pubs, but with no hint of the reason why!


Letitia Mace of Xclusively Jaguar with David Stewart, son of Ian Stewart, Ecurie Ecosse racing driver

Letitia Mace of Xclusively Jaguar hands over a copy of Edition 188 of Jaguar Magazine to David Stewart


Letitia Mace of Xclusively Jaguar with David Stewart, son of Ian Stewart, Ecurie Ecosse racing driver

David was clearly delighted with the feature, and after reading it thoroughly at home, he commented that it was one of the most accurate articles printed about his Dad since his passing, so all credit to Les Hughes!

This comes as no real surprise, as Les spent many years in the UK, some of them based in Scotland, and he has a deep respect for the Ecurie Ecosse racing team.



David Stewart

Ian Stewart’s son, David, was formerly a customer of my partner, Rob Jenner.

Before he retired, Rob sold beer! David needed beer, as his family’s business includes several high profile pubs in the centre of Edinburgh, and the two men formed a very good trading relationship.

David is a very quiet and unassuming man, very much like his father, it would seem, and not the sort of person you would expect to be in the pub trade, however, he is very good at what he does and has made a great success of it.

David’s private life, his interests and his connection with Motorsport Royalty, remain private and are rarely spoken of and it was several years before he, one day, asked Rob about his interests in cars and then admitted that he was the son of Ian Stewart …… what an astounding revelation!

Ian, by that time was elderly and frail, keeping himself very much to himself. Rob only met Ian twice, once was when he agreed to drive an XK120 similar to his racing XK120 up the hill at Bo’ness Hill Climb Revival – it was the one and only time Ian agreed to attend and drive at Bo’ness and the first time he had driven an XK120 since retiring from racing, many years before!

Fortunately, Rob had the presence of mind to capture the moment on camera, so this memory is happily preserved. Unfortunately, by the time I moved to Scotland, Ian was too unwell to receive visitors, so I never had the privilege of meeting this great man.

At home we have a copy of ‘Ecurie Ecosse by Eric Dymock’ – at the request of his son, not only did Ian Stewart sign it for Rob, he also corrected the errors that were in the script! This from a man who had little to do with the general public, so we feel truly honoured!

David remains a close friend, and when we saw the feature in Jaguar Magazine on his late father, we knew he would love to have a copy!


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