Jaguar Magazine: Edition 188

Jaguar Magazine 188


The latest edition of Jaguar Magazine features:

Ian Stewart, Founder of Ecurie Ecosse and Jaguar Works Driver – the forgotten Scottish driver from the ‘other’ Stewart family. Ian sadly passed away recently and his obituary is featured in Xclusively Jaguar News under Obituary: Ian Stewart (1929-2017)

Rob and I enjoyed this feature because Rob has met Ian Stewart and we know Ian’s son, David.


XJR Buyers Guide


Mark 1 Day Report

A report by Letitia Mace on the Jaguar Mark 1 Day held at the home of Nigel Webb last May


Royal Touch features a report on Roger Tomlinson’s Mark V dhc, a car he purchased in Australia and keeps in Crete. This year he had the car shipped to England for the Royal Windsor Jaguar Parade, a story which obviously struck a cord with Rob and myself as we had chosen the cars for the parade!


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