E-type Toolkit


Genuine Jaguar Tool Kit  for E-type Series 1 & 2

A genuine complement for your classic – authentic Jaguar E-type toolkit. A recreation of the original toolkit that came with E-type Series 1 & 2. Engineered to Jaguar Classic exacting standards.

More details at https://parts.jaguarlandroverclassic.com/e-type-toolkit-bd11023.html



Editors Comments

Designed by my eldest daughter, Esta-jane Middling, of whom I feel justifiably proud. It was her first task when she joined Jaguar Land Rover Classic last year, and her labours have just come to fruition!

She put in many hours of research to establish which British tool manufacturers, with a link to Jaguar, still existed.

She then trawled through the Jaguar archives researching the correct specifications for the tools of that period.

It became apparent that compromises were made in period, and hence compromise is inevitable today.

Everything was considered to make the tool kit as authentic as possible, even down to the colour, texture and patina of the materials used.

The toolkit pictured above is the prototype, which was displayed at the NEC Classic Motor Show, November 2019 during the launch of this product, and previously at the Jaguar Land Rover Classic showrooms for the JEC AGM.

The doubters may wish to know that it is manufactured in the UK, not made in China, and JLR Classic were sold out by the end of the first weekend following its launch in November 2019, thus proving that it is a sought after product among E-type owners and excellent value for money!