S-type Profile 2


Confidential Pre-launch Brochure



24 full colour A4 size pages, plus front and back covers

S-type Profile 2 is a dealer pre-launch brochure which covers everything you need to know about the forthcoming new S-type, code named X200,  in order to successfully sell it to potential Jaguar owners.

As well as covering selling etiquette, it details the design, development, competitors cars, AJ-V6 and AJ-V8 engines, manual and automatic transmission options, standard features and optional extras, all available exterior colours, interior trim options and colours and wheel options.

It explains Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and Computer Active Technology Suspension CATS) plus the Navigation System and Integrated Cellular Phone System with Voice Activation.

It covers body structure, suspension and steering, the safety and security system, plus the controls and comfort features.

All S-type accessories available at launch are listed

Technical data, including competitor comparisons, are set out in a table.

The final part of this high quality brochure deals with launch dates and dealer training dates.

Environmental concerns, durability and reliability and all given consideration in what is effectively a comprehensive salesman’s handbook.


An absolute must have for anyone who owns and intends keeping an X200 S-type as a future classic, concours car or investment.


Excellent condition overall, with one slight mark on the word “S-type” on front cover, as shown on above picture

£35.00 GBP collected

P&P UK or RoW at cost

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