Yellow Peril Immortalized

Jaguar XJS by EJ Draws Cars


Anyone who has frequented the JEC events scene over the past 20 years will be familiar with the many guises of Chris Hallworth’s XJ-S, known as the ‘Yellow Peril’.

Chris has consistently found a new theme for every event over the years and dressed his XJ-S as everything from a helicoptor to a submarine, and displayed it to raise funds for charity.

Last year he commissioned a picture of the Yellow Peril from Esta-jane Middling.

Chris says he sent the original photo that he had taken of his XJS in the car park at Windsor on 06 May 2017 before the parade. This was used by the artist Esta-Jane Middling, to create the hand drawn A3 colour drawing. Facebook page: ej drawscars and email:

Jaguar XJS by EJ Draws Cars Jaguar XJS by EJ Draws Cars

Jaguar XJS by EJ Draws Cars


Chris also goes on to say:

“I am absolutely delighted with the quality of the coloured drawing, which, unfortunately, will not be as clear in the picture in this magazine. Esta-Jane’s attention to detail is spot on. As well as the AY sticker for the parade she has also been able to include that for Cape 2000 in the top right hand corner and others on the front windscreen and including the backs of the stickers on the driver’s side window for authenticity. The car badges on the front grille are clear as is the Rally Plaque for the Windsor Event, with cable ties and on the tilt (as I fitted it) is excellent. The leaper on the bonnet looks just as it should and to the fore of the Jaguar disc there is a hint of a reflection of the leaper’s head; a very nice touch. I was very impressed with the detailed leaper and writing on the nearside front wing and door. I hope you have gathered that I am very pleased with the result.

Thank you Esta-Jane!

Chris Hallworth”


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