Brucie’s Diary: February 2018

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In Brucie’s Diary: April 2017 we reported on the work being done to Brucie in readiness for the Royal Windsor Jaguar Festival.

So, in February last year, Brucie’s headlining was removed and sent away to GB Classic Trim for re-trimming, while the bodywork was attended to by Camamile & Hay

To briefly re-cap …..


Tuesday 28th February 2017

Windscreen is out. David Marks Garages
Rear seat is out. Jaguar X300 rear bench seat
And more importantly ………. Jaguar X330 headlining
Saggy headlining is out !! Jaguar X300 headlining

New windscreen is on order. Headlining, roof console and sun visors are on their way to GB Classic Trim and Coffee Alcantara is on order, to match interior trim ‘upper environment’. (My unashamed deviation from the original roof lining material, as I HATE the nylon fabric!)

Roof console being dismantled by David Marks, ready to be sent away to GB Classic Trim for re-trimming. Jaguar X300 roof console
Roof console ready to go to GB Classic Trim Jaguar roof console
Sun visors being dismantled by David Marks, ready to be sent away to GB Classic Trim for re-trimming Jaguar sun vizors


Wednesday 22nd March 2017

Rooflining going back in, now retrimmed in Coffee Alcantara.


Jaguar X300 LWB head lining


Being non-original and notoriously difficult to work with, I do not think that either the craftsmen at GB Classic Trim or David Marks are very pleased with the result, but it was my initial decision, so I have carried it through and it will at least give others the opportunity to look at Brucie and consider the alternatives.





of the work carried out last year by David Marks and GB Classic Trim
GB Classic Trim - 2017 rebranding
As can be seen from this picture, Brucie’s headling was sagging very badly and would spoil the overall look of the newly refurbished bodywork. Jaguar X300 lwb headlining
All retaining trim had to be removed before the headlining could itself be removed, including, sun visors and roof console. Jaguar X300 lwb head lining
The windscreen had to come out anyway, and this facilitated removal and replacement of the headlining ‘biscuit’ which would then be sent away to GB Classic Trim to be re-covered in Alcantara. (Alternatively, the ‘biscuit’ can be manoeuvred out through the rear door after removal of seats etc). Jaguar X330 headlining
Brucie with head lining and sun roof missing! Jaguar X300 sun roof
Following retrimming, the sunroof was the first part of the jigsaw to be re-assembled and re-fitted. Part of the framework is shown here, complete with new Alcantara lining. Jaguar X300 sunroof
As Brucie’s original sunroof panel had bubbles of rust appearing at the edges, a donor sunroof panel was sourced from Eurojag, and re-fitted to the original frame.


 Jaguar X300 sunroof
New seals were purchased from Jaguar to make sure the replacement panel was watertight! Jaguar X300 re-fitting sunroof
The retrimmed headlining, ready for refitting.

GB Classic Trim admit that it isn’t perfect, but the unyeilding Alcantara is notoriously difficult to mould and they would therefore advise retrimming an X300 (short or long wheel base – with a sunroof) in the original fabric.


Jaguar X300 lwb rooflining
A lwb headlining with a sunroof apperture is a rare thing, and nolonger available new, so we had no choice but to retrim the original. As can be seen from the picture, the headlining with sunroof apperture is not just a lwb headlining with a hole for a sunroof! It is specifically moulded to accomodate the sunroof, when it slides open, and the motors to operate it. Jaguar X300 rooflining
Once the roof lining was back in place, the cant rails (which had not been re-covered) had to be refitted with care, along with the electrical fittings for the reading lamps.  Replacing Jaguar X300 headlining
Jaguar X300 reading lamps Repairing, re-assembling and checking the reading lamps and replacing the cant rails, which remain in the original Coffee Ambla
Jaguar X300 reading lamps  Jaguar X300 reading lamps
All cant rails and reading lamps have now been refitted Jaguar X300 cant rails
In order to gain enough room to manoeuvre the headlining into position without damaging anything, the rear seat cushion was removed and the seat squab dropped down. Jaguar X300 rear bench seat
Rear seat squab back in place, taking care not to damage Norman Dewis’s autograph, on the armrest! Jaguar X300 rear bench seat
Rear seat cushion back in place Jaguar X300 rear bench seat
With seats and cant rails all back in place, the next job is the sunroof interior panel, roof console and sun visors Jaguar X300 cant rails

The roof console, now re-covered in Alcantara, was returned to David Marks for all of the components and electrics to be re-installed before re-fitting to the car.



Jaguar X300 roof console
David had to carefully cut and mould the fabric around the apertures before fitting the components. Jaguar X300 roof console
Ready to accept the necessary components Jaguar X300 roof console
Jaguar X300 roof console Re-fitting the roof console components, step by step.
Jaguar X300 roof console Jaguar X300 roof console
To avoid damaging the Alcantara unnecessarily, David placed the speaker on the roof console to see how it would look, and then asked my opinion on whether or not he should refit it. Jaguar X300 roof console
As the original factory fitted phone had now been removed, the speaker was nolonger required and in my opinion the roof console looks tidier without it, so I chose not to have it refitted. Jaguar X300 roof console
Now re-covered in Alcantara, the sun visors received similar treatment, and were then re-fitted Jaguar X300 sun visors
Finally, the windscreen was re-fitted, and this part of the work was complete. Jaguar X300 replacement windscreen
The end result …..
Jaguar head lining Jaguar roof lining
Jaguar head lining Jaguar roof lining


The Alcantara does give the cabin a more salubrious feel, which is what I wanted to acheive after travelling in various new Jaguars with Alcantara roof linings. The coffee also compliments the ‘upper environment’ cabin trim, and is far nicer than the original bland coloured material.

Those who have seen the finished roof-lining have said they prefer it and several XJ owners are now having their roof-lining retrimmed in Alcantara after seeing Brucie’s !!


Brucie’s Diary: April 2017 (full details of Brucie’s restoration).

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