Brucie’s Diary: June 2016

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Shetland Classic Motor Show 2016

Photos by David Marks (DM), Rob Jenner (RJ) and Letitia Mace (LM)

Two years ago, Jaguar specialist David Marks, the then current JEC Chairman Rob Jenner, and myself, Letitia Mace of Xclusively Jaguar embarked on a Jaguar mutiny to Shetland with a couple of other friends. We had such a wonderful time that we decided to repeat the process, this time taking JEC Essex and Suffolk Borders members Bob and Helen Welton, Kevin and Maureen Cosgrave, and Ray and Claire Oliver in our wake!

Below are the highlights of our trip, with lots more pictures on the Xclusively Jaguar Facebook page.

The Cars

 David Marks Citroen SMDM David Marks, who sponsors Xclusively Jaguar, returned to Shetland in his 1972 LHD Maserati powered Citroen SM
 Rob Jenner's Maserati Quattroporte OttocilindriDM  In 2014 Rob Jenner took a 2007 Maserati Quattroporte, however, it was so well behaved that this time he opted for its pre-Ferrari predecesser, a car with a shocking reputation, the Quattroporte Ottocilindri (this being a 1997 example imported into the UK from the Isle of Man in 2001).
 Bob Welton's Jaguar XJSLM We did have two Jaguars in our party – an XJ-S HE belonging to JEC Essex and Suffolk Borders Regional Chairman Bob Welton
 Kevin Cosgrave's Jaguar XFLM and an XF belonging to Kevin and Maureen Cosgrave
 Ray Oliver's MGLM The fifth car in the party being Ray and Claire Oliver’s MG


 Tuesday 31st May 2016

Weather – not promising

We had arranged for everyone to meet up for a pre-Shetland dinner at The Allanton Inn, formerly Jim Clarke’s local, where our fellow travellers were staying for the night.

Others who were joining us in Shetland included Mike McCormick (JDC Area Director for Scotland) with his X300 XJR, Roger Webster (JEC Racing Competitor) with his XKR and Jeff Booker with his E-type, Alistair Scott (owner of the 1284 mile Daimler X300) who took a 1989 Mitsubishi Shogun, Alan Gibb with his Triumph Southern Cross, and Sir Tim Jenner, who formerly owned a Jaguar E-type and this year took a Lancia Fulvia.


Wednesday 1st June 2016

The Allanton Inn, formerly Jim Clarke's localDM

Weather – a wet start cleared to become bright sunshine

We met at The Allanton Inn for breakfast before heading off to Aberdeen for the boat

On the way there we had planned two stops for refreshments, the first being PK Supercars near Edinburgh.

The Shetland Classic Motor Show couldn’t go ahead without Rob and I, as we had been asked to collect the radio’s for the events team on our way to Aberdeen, and deliver them to the committee on arrival in Shetland!

Entrants for the show receive special rates on the boat and there are now so many entrants that the boat is full of motoring enthusiasts, ensuring an amazing atmosphere and a car-deck full of classics, some returning year after year, so many friends are re-united biennially!

Waiting to board the boat in Aberdeen for Shetland Classic Car ShowDM – Waiting to board the boat in Aberdeen on_the_boat_to_shetland_jun16DM – On the boat to Shetland


Thursday 2nd June 2016

Weather – not good

It is always exciting arriving in Shetland and seeing all the wonderful cars spilling out of the boat and onto the ferry terminal. The cars are arranged in rows, according to whether they have booked tours, or plan to do their own exploring or otherwise enjoy the islands.

Our party had all agreed to join us on a tour led by Rob Jenner who is very familiar with Shetland, having previously lived there. Our tour started with a traditional Shetland breakfast at The Mid Brae Inn.

Following breakfast we headed north to Mavis Grind, Dore Holm, Eshaness Lighthouse, Tangwick Haa, LK429 Altaire, F-MBCY Potez 840 in a garden in North Roe, The Cabin Museum at Vidlin, and Lunna House.

At the end of the day, we all returned to The Mid Brae Inn for dinner, joined by fellow Jaguar owners, Jeff and Mary Booker and Roger and Tracey Webster.


Friday 3rd June 2016

Weather – excellent

An early morning start for our party, to catch the ferry for Yell. We all took a leisurely drive across Yell, while David Marks did a quick sprint in the Citroen SM in order to take some photos of the car on the end of the pier at the ferry terminal for Unst.

Arriving in Unst, we visited The Final Checkout for coffee, The Boathaven, Valhalla Brewery and Muckle Flugga shore station at Burrafirth, seeing such sights along the way as, a Viking longboat, the northernmost beach in the UK, and a colony of Great Skua’s (a large seabird known locally as a ‘Bonxie’ due to its habit of diving at you if it considers you a threat! Rob Jenner volunteered as a victim, but the Bonxie’s obviously failed to see him as threat!)

Leaving the rest of the party in Unst, I joined David Marks in his Citroen SM for a  quick sprint across Yell, back to the Shetland mainland and thence on to Bressay where we took photos of the car at Noss and the Bressay Lighthouse.

David allowed me to drive his very rare, and accordingly valuable Citroen SM, a very eccentric lhd manual with odd steering and brakes. It was my first experience of driving a lhd car!

Meanwhile, Rob and the rest of the party had gone to The Clickimin Leisure Complex to leave the XJS and MG there for the indoor car display.

Later we all met up for dinner at The Northern Lights Spa on Bressay.


Saturday 4th June 2016

Weather – started off dry and misty – sunny after lunch

After washing off the Citroen and the Maserati, we headed to Clickimin for the classic car show and spent the day meeting up with old aquaintances and looking at the vast variety of vintage, classic and high perfomance cars, push bikes, motor bikes, agricultural and commercial vehicles on display.

For dinner in the evening our party was joined by Roger Webster, Jeff Booker, Mike McCormick and their respective partners, and from there we went to a concert at Mareel, followed by an impromptu party in typical Shetland style, which lasted till 3am!


Sunday 5th June 2016

Weather – excellent

The final day of the car show, followed by breakdown, which Rob always stays for and helps with. An emotional time, I felt, as it marks the end of a fabulous weekend, a car show with a difference, as there is an amazing atmosphere and camaraderie amongst the motoring enthusiasts who come to display and view the exhibits, and the knowledge that we will not be back again for another 2 years. In fact, the opening speech for the show referred to those who travel to exhibit their vehicles in Shetland as being far more than motoring enthusiasts and embodying the spirit of pioneers and explorers!

There is a core of 6 people who organise the show, and they do an excellent job. There are a limited number of entries allowed and priority is always given to visitors bringing their vehicles into Shetland. About 6,000 people visit the show (excluding exhibitors), which on an island of 22,000 inhabitants is an excellent turnout!


Monday 6th June 2016

Weather – absolutely superb!

This was the final day for all in our group except Rob and myself, so the others went off and explored on their own, while David Marks came with us to Garths Ness for another photo session with the cars.

Citroen SM and Maserati QP at Garths Ness, Shetland


After visiting the Quendale Watermill David and Rob swapped cars for the journey back to Lerwick where David joined the others and boarded the ferry for the return journey to Aberdeen.

Some of those who left on the boat were on a special package arranged by the Shetland Classic Car Club to go to Orkney for a few days and then to Caithness show on the mainland on Sunday, and then home.

Rob and I had made similar arrangements, but we were staying two extra days in Shetland before heading for Orkney, where we spent three wonderful days exploring the Orkney mainland and the island of Hoy.

Maserati Quattroporte at the Italian Chapel in Orkney Our chief mission in Orkney was to take photos of our Italian supercar outside the Italian Chapel, to complement those we took two years ago of the Quattroporte V at the Italian Chapel!



Sunday 12th June 2016

Weather – passable (dry, windy and cloudy).

After our short break in Orkney we took the ferry to Scrabster, stayed overnight at The Northern Sands Hotel and then went to the John O’groats Show on Sunday before driving home. The show is organized by the Caithness and Sutherland Car Club, and although not a huge show, there were a wide range of interesting cars on display. Some of the entrants, like ourselves, had driven up for the Shetland Classic Car Show the week previous.

My favourites were the Daimler XJ40 and a particularly nice S-type 3.4, both pictured above.


There are lots more pictures of our trip to Shetland, and many of the cars at the Shetland Classic Motor Show, on the Xclusively Jaguar Facebook page and a report on the Shetland Classic Motor Show 2014 HERE

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