David Marks Scrapbook: 1

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David Marks has had some very interesting Jaguars (and other marques) pass through his workshop over the years.

All of his work is meticulously recorded in photographs, and he keeps me updated with pictures from his archives, so I thought I would start a rather inappropriately named ‘Scrapbook’ as, of course, anything that is likely to go through David Marks Garages is far from being scrap!

I am starting this off with David’s favourite car, a Mark 7, which he has owned for over 20 years!


David Marks Jaguar Mark 7 stripped and ready for painting in 1998

1998 – Standing outside the workshop in Nottingham, stripped and ready for painting



David Marks Jaguar Mark 7

2017 – a well rebuilt car, if properly cared for, will stand the test of time!


Jaguar MK VII – November 1952

Shipped directly to the USA in that month.

No history for the first 6 years but handwritten and documentary history that is continuous from 1958 to present date.

Owned by one person in the USA from at least 1958 to 1995. It was pretty much off the road in the USA from the mid 1980’s to 1995.

There is a picture in the history of the car in the USA wearing a black California number plate and this indicates the car was dispatched to that state pretty much upon arrival in the US, from the New York importer, Hornburgs.

Brought back to the UK in 1995 for use as a parts car by the owner of another MK VII but upon inspection once it arrived, it took no time at all to decide that the car was far too good to dismantle.

Purchased by David Marks from this person in 1996, commissioned and registered by him in that year.

The chassis is original and in perfect condition, still wearing the original leather rear spring gaiters.

Despite many suggestions to change things over the years, the chassis is still built as LHD and fitted with the original type lever arm rear shock absorbers.

The car was built as a non-overdrive version but one of the few modifications made in 1996 was to fit a MK IX overdrive gearbox that coupled with the non-overdrive differential ratio, and makes for very relaxed 80 MPH cruising when allowed.

The engine was changed (as recorded in the history) in the USA and since then David has replaced the unit once more using a MK 1 3.4L one that was purchased from a local training college – Jaguar had re built this engine in 1960 and then donated it to the college where it had lain unused since then!

The engine was stripped, bearings and gaskets changed, Rob Beere oil pump fitted and subsequently installed into the car.

The body is in remarkable rust free condition and was bare metal resprayed by Alan Proctor in 1998 that confirmed this, the under structure still has the original brackets and rivets retaining the rubber bumper and front wing air intake seals, these seals also being original.

The interior suffered in the Californian heat and sun;

Whilst the wood work was (and remains) in fine condition when the car arrived in the UK, the headliner and carpets were non-existent and the seats had been re trimmed in vinyl.

The headliner was replaced in 1996 by Aldridge Trim,  and the “temporary” carpets fitted by David in the same year were subsequently changed by Mick Turley in 2010.

David decided that he did not want to replace the interior with entirely new components and spent a long time looking for a replacement set of original MK VII  seats.

Even in the 1990’s this became a seemingly impossible search so eventually a set of MK IX seats were located and these were fitted, accepting the compromise of originality of fit versus originality of feel, appearance and, of course the “old car” smell!!

With most likely only 175,000 or so miles covered in it’s nigh on 66 years, the car retains all the original fittings, including the rare – and functioning –  export valve radio and amplifier that carries the Jaguar logo within the tuning scale.


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