Jaguar Mark 1 Day 2019 Report

Preparing part of Nigel’s collection for Mark 1 Day – This picture and cover picture, courtesy of Jeff Bloxham


Jaguar Mark 1 Day 2019 – From racing cars to restoration projects – all are welcome and encouraged to attend, whatever their condition.

Held at The Mike Hawthorn Museum on 22nd September 2019, courtesy of Nigel Webb and Wendy Berry.

Another spectacular event with lots of extra treats and all the trimmings!

As is customary at these events, visitors were allowed free access to the Mike Hawthorn Museum.

Now regarded as a truly international event, we had Mark 1 owners from as far away as Australia to the South and Norway to the North!


Nigel Webb allowed me to drive his modified Mark 1 – NW3

Picture courtesy of David Marks

Michael Quinn agreed to do a presentation on his grand-father, Sir William Lyons, which went down very well with the participants.


Picture courtesy of Roger Kemp

Nigel had provided the usual sumptuous hog roast followed by a delicious celebration cake – it’s a lot bigger than it looks here!
In addition to my brief report here, you can read about Mark 1 Day 2019 in the Jaguar Drivers Club magazine, November 2019 by Roger Kemp
the Norsk Jaguar Klubb magazine, Issue 4 – 2019 by Trond Furenes
and the Australian ‘Jaguar Car Club Victoria’ magazine by Nichola Scarff, all of whom were there on the day!
For those who are considering buying a Jaguar Mark 1, there is a feature in Edition 199 of Jaguar Magazine. Some copies still available.

Please contact to order


The Mark 1 is beginning to make quite an impact and listed below is every one of the cars that came to the event.

Quinn Lyons Ltd

David Marks Garages

Jaguar Drivers Club