1988 Jaguar XJ40


Last month I introduced my latest XJ40 in 15th April 1988

I am very pleased to say that she is now safely home, having spent almost a month with David Marks having a thorough servicing, waxoyling and removal of slight corrossion to her near side front wing behind the wheel arch.

I have named her Juno, after the Roman Goddess, influenced by her registration number which ends JU and the fact that I purchased her in June. I also wanted a reference to Shetland and its Nordic connections, because we were at The Shetland Classic Motor Show in Lerwick when we purchased her via a phone bid to Classic Car Auctions, and Esta-jane pointed out that JU is a nod to June and NO to Norway!

So, Juno she is!


Before we were due to collect her, a note came from David Marks confirming that the following work had be done:

Engine oil and filter renewed

Gearbox oil and filter renewed

Differential oil renewed

Spark plugs renewed

Distributor cap, rotor arm etc checked

Coolant drained, heater return hose replaced, thermostat replaced, water-rail hose replaced,

Coolant renewed

Brake fluid renewed and brakes checked

Windscreen wiper blade replaced

Front wheel bearings stripped and greased

Bump stops fitted

‘A’ frame bushes replaced

Sill box sections waxed

‘A’ frame and other vulnerable areas waxed

Exhaust clamps fitted

Bulb fail module replaced

Aerial mast reconnected

MOT (after correct date to give 13 month MOT): PASS


Front wheel bearings stripped

XJ40 front wheel bearings greased

Front wheel bearings greased

Old XJ40 bump stop

Old XJ40 bump stop

New bump stops fitted

New bump stops fitted

Burnt out bulb fail module   Juno had been plagued by a bulb fail warning light which had been noted in her Heritage history file. David Marks traced this back to a burnt out bulb fail module (above) which was duly replaced (right) and extinguished the light.

Replacement bulb fail module

Sill box sections drilled

Sill box sections drilled

Sill box sections filled with wax

Sill box sections filled with wax

'A' frame waxed

‘A’ frame waxed

A thorough servicing

A thorough servicing


There was a note in the Jaguar Heritage file referring to some corrosion on the nearside front wing. When we put Juno on the ramp at David Marks Garage to inspect her, we could see that this was the normal corrosion on the bottom of the rear of the front wheel arch and we decided to have it repaired to stop it from continuing to spread.

When Camamile & Hay removed the nearside front wing to repair it, it was evident, once the front bumper had been removed, that there was corrosion at the front end of the nearside front wheel arch as well.

Fortunately, as this XJ40 had been specified at first purchase with the rubbing strips on the lower swage, it was easy to respray the bottom of the front wing only, blending it carefully into the nearside front door .

As can be seen from the pictures below, this has now all been dealt with.

ex-Jaguar Heritage XJ40 E604JJU

N/S/F wing removed for repair

ex-Jaguar Heritage XJ40 E604JJU

N/S/F wing ready to be repaired


ex-Jaguar Heritage XJ40 E604JJU

1. Corrosion hidden behind bumper bracket


ex-Jaguar Heritage XJ40 E604JJU

1. Corrosion has been cut out

ex-Jaguar Heritage XJ40 E604JJU

2. New metal welded into place

ex-Jaguar Heritage XJ40 E604JJU

2. New metal welded into place

ex-Jaguar Heritage XJ40 E604JJU

3. Comparing new metal with old

ex-Jaguar Heritage XJ40 E604JJU

3. Ready for painting


Brucie and Opium at Jaguar Classic, Ryton


Leaving Wroxall Abbey on Monday morning, we took Brucie and Opium to Jaguar Classic for photos and then while Rob was in a meeting I drove Opium to David Marks Garage in Nottingham, leaving her there for servicing and returning to Jaguar Classic for more photos with Juno! By this time I was so hot, as Juno is an XJ6 with no air conditioning, so the photos of Brucie and Juno outside Jaguar Classic are quick ones!

Brucie and Juno at Jaguar Classic, Ryton


Rob then gallantly offered to take the wheel of the XJ40 and I climbed gratefully into my air conditioned X300 – phew!

We then drove to Bridgnorth, stopped overnight and the following morning we had a meeting with Julian Barratt at SNG Barratt. Once again, Rob offered to drive Juno so that I could enjoy Brucie’s air conditioning!

Juno at SNG Barratt Brucie at SNG Barratt
Juno at SNG Barratt Brucie at SNG Barratt

From here, escorted by Brucie and I, Rob drove Juno north to her new home.


David Marks Garages

Camamile & Hay

SNG Barratt