Norwegian Connection


My feature on the Norsk Jaguar Klubb last month, has prompted interesting responses from David Marks and Åsmund Lindal.


David Marks

David has been presenting technical seminars for the JEC, at various locations, since 1994. These include his own workshop in Nottingham, Browns Lane, Castle Bromwich  and latterly, a conference centre in Stoke on Trent.


In the early 2000’s he gave a seminar on the Jaguar V12 engine, and as usual this was publicised in the JEC magazine.

In last month’s feature on the Norsk Jaguar Klubb, Åsmund related the story of his Series 2 XJ12, the problems he was experiencing with the car, and his decision to accompany his friend, ‘Big Bear’ to the UK to attend the seminar. As it was unusual, at that time, for overseas members to attend the seminars, David was introduced to Åsmund and ‘Big Bear’.

David recalls that the three of them ‘hit it off’ from the very start, and as David had attended in his Series 1 Daimler Double Six Vanden Plas, he gave Åsmund and ‘Big Bear’ a lift back to their hotel, eventually leaving them to it and returning home. David pointed out that they were thoroughly smitten with his Daimler and remained in contact!

Since then, David has been very fortunate to become a frequent visitor to Norway to give talks to the Norwegian Jaguar Club.


David pointed out that …. “As time went on, we all forgot as to exactly when we met and usually after a few drinks, myself and Åsmund would try and recall – the best we could come up with was 2003, 4 or 5.

Towards the end of 2018 Asmund contacted me to ask if I could present a seminar on the V12 engine in early 2019 and we settled on a date of Saturday 23rd February 2019.


So, come the day and I arrived in Norway – yet again the question as to when we first met came up, with the usual same answers, 2003,4 or 5.

On the morning of  the seminar, myself and Åsmund arrived at the HolmenFjord Hotel where I was to make the presentation and ‘Big Bear’ walked up – also having been party, at times, to this discussion about when we first met.

With a smile on his face, he handed me a red folder – this being the original programme from the V12 seminar when we first met at Castle Bromwich!!


In there, were many details including the full date of the seminar;

Saturday 23rd February 2002

17 years to the exact day…………

Could you make this up?!



When we organised the 2019 event, we just picked a date with no idea as to when the first one had taken place.

Life is full of the oddest of coincidences.”


David Marks Garages



Åsmund Lindal

Åsmund was pleasantly surprised by the feature I wrote about him and the Norwegian Jaguar Klubb – he was not expecting such an indepth presentation, and commented thus:

“Well – this was some surprise, a much bigger presentation than I expected.

In many ways I’m a newcomer in NJK, but as an editor I am maybe overexposing myself. Lots of other people are important long-time performers of tradition and club work. You will meet many of them this summer.”


Åsmund continues to send us Norwegian Jaguar Klubb magazines, and we are building quite a collection now!
He also sends us snippets of Jaguar life in Norway and snippets of NJK history.

This picture shows David Marks (left) and ‘Big Bear’ (right), both with their Mark VII’s.

David drives a LHD Mark 7 in the UK, while Big Bear drives a RHD Mark 7 in Norway!


Norsk Jaguar Klubb