Jaguar Mark 1 Day 2017 Report

Personally, I feel that each Mark 1 Day gets better, and this year we had perfect weather and a record turnout of 54 Mark 1 Jaguars!

We had arranged for David Marks to do a presentation on Ignition, carburetion and cooling in the morning, to be repeated in the afternoon, for those who may have missed it while they were admiring the rows of Mark 1’s glinting in the sunshine!

Neville Hay introduced David’s morning and afternoon presentations,  and then introduced a talk by Norman Dewis and thanks/acknowledgements by Nigel Webb and myself, as I had decided that it would be appropriate for me to say something to our audience, a copy of which is below.

Introduction to Mark 1 Day

Thankyou Nigel for asking me to help with your Mark 1 event in 2014, 2015 and today.

And also, thankyou Nigel AND Wendy for all your hard work  before, during and after these events.

It should be noted that the £10 token we are requested to put towards the refurbishment of Mike Hawthorn’s headstone does not go towards the cost of this event!

Through my correspondence with Mark 1 owners I understand that Andrea Ham and Louise Rowland have both been widowed since the last event, but despite this, have continued to support Mark 1 Day and therefore deserve a mention and a thankyou!

Swiss Jaguar specialist, Georg Dönni, and his wife Simone, have not only driven here from Switzerland in their Mark 1, but also escorted a convoy of several other Mark 1’s along the journey – thankyou Georg and Simone and our far travelled European guests!

I am in no way an authority on Mark 1’s and apologise to Georg, as I know we all use the term Mark 1 incorrectly –  it was applied retrospectively to the 2.4 and 3.4 Jaguar compact saloon upon the introduction of the Mark 2

I love and appreciate all Jaguars, but my key Jaguar interest has always been the XJ40 and X300

I personally own one of each, but I am joint custodian of a collection of 20, which legally belong to my partner, Rob Jenner. I have never owned a Mark 1 and looking at the current prices, I have now missed my chance!

My involvement in Mark 1’s came from Nigel’s request to contact known Mark 1 owners on his behalf, as he is always exceedingly busy, and to seek out more Mark 1’s, if possible.

This is my 3rd Mark 1 Day and each year I learn a little more about them, and get to know a few more owners.

I feel honoured that Nigel asked me, and his enthusiasm for the Mark 1 is contagious, so for each event I try to add a little bit more to the foundations that Nigel has laid, but I have to do this between all my other Jaguar projects!

Nigel has already suggested a repeat event in 2019, to mark the anniversary of the end of Mark 1 production, so make sure this is in your diaries and a date will be announced as soon as possible.

In 2019 I hope to do a presentation on known Mark 1’s to emphasize the importance of everyone’s input in helping Nigel to collate and record the existing data before it is lost.

To encourage people to get in touch I place regular updates in my monthly online newsletter Xclusively Jaguar News and I have added a picture album of known Mark 1’s to my website, Xclusively Jaguar.

As well as doing a report on this event for my own newsletter, I have also been asked to do a report which will appear in the JEC magazine.

I will try to stay in one place this afternoon, so that you can each come to me with information on your own car and sign up for my newsletter, to make sure you are kept up-to-date.

I look forward to seeing all of you in due course. Thankyou.


Thanks must also go to David Marks, of course, and to Patch Jobson for professionally kitting us out with microphones, speakers, amplifiers and screens etc.

Every Mark 1 that attended the 2017 event is pictured below.

Thankyou to all the owners for your efforts in getting your Mark 1 to the event.


 Jaguar Mark 1 - 0 AAZ 608  Jaguar Mark 1 - 3 GLG  Jaguar Mark 1 - 63 PMF
Jaguar Mark 1 - 66 HPG Jaguar Mark 1 - 246 UYO Jaguar Mark 1 - 273 JPJ
Jaguar Mark 1 - 285 YUM Jaguar Mark 1 - 329 UXR Jaguar Mark 1 - 596 YUP
Jaguar Mark 1 - 766 BKK Jaguar Mark 1 - 818 GAR Jaguar Mark 1 - 881 VDU
Jaguar Mark 1 - 946 XUV Jaguar Mark 1 - 974 UYM Jaguar Mark 1 - XFF 882
Jaguar Mark 1 - 2836 HJ Jaguar Mark 1 - 3076 AD Jaguar Mark 1 - 3286 DU
Jaguar Mark 1 - 1768 01 Jaguar Mark 1 - AG 192906 Jaguar Mark 1 - BS 13147
Jaguar Mark 1 - BS 56655 Jaguar Mark 1 - FSU 901 Jaguar Mark 1 - KHH 843
Jaguar Mark 1 - LU 1614 Jaguar Mark 1 - MCH 178 Jaguar Mark 1 - NAN 175
Jaguar Mark 1 - NNV 808 Jaguar Mark 1 - NW 10904 Jaguar Mark 1 - OFN 167
Jaguar Mark 1 - OUJ 220 Jaguar Mark 1 - NW 3 Jaguar Mark 1 - PSY 541
Jaguar Mark 1 - RCO 345 Jaguar Mark 1 - RW 38 Jaguar Mark 1 - RNV 77
Jaguar Mark 1 - SDW 740 Jaguar Mark 1 - SWK 803 Jaguar Mark 1 - SWW 317
Jaguar Mark 1 - SXJ 792 Jaguar Mark 1 - TLE 793 Jaguar Mark 1 - TOX 1
Jaguar Mark 1 - UCE 321 Jaguar Mark 1 - UDU 779 Jaguar Mark 1 - UFF 325
Jaguar Mark 1 - ULD 4 Jaguar Mark 1 - UWK 260 Jaguar Mark 1 - UXD 505
Jaguar Mark 1 - VFH 432 Jaguar Mark 1 - VUV 279 Jaguar Mark 1 - VYU 830
Jaguar Mark 1 - WFG 969 Jaguar Mark 1 - WTM 118 Jaguar Mark 1 - XAS 461


Their owners each received a certificate of attendance signed by Norman Dewis, Jaguar Chief Test Development Engineer 1952 – 1985.

(If you did not collect your certificate, please contact Xclusively Jaguar)


Jaguar Mark 1 Day 2017 attendance certificate


Nigel Webb, and his partner Wendy, go to a lot of trouble to make the day very special, as these bespoke souvenir napkins will testify.  Jaguar Mark 1 souvenir napkin
There are always several appropriately decorated Mark 1 Celebration cakes on offer too!

This year they were decorated with the first …..

 First Mark 1 Jaguar registered in the UK - UDU 94
….. and last Mark 1’s registered in the UK.

(Pictures of cakes by Tony Bailey)

Last Mark 1 Jaguar registered in the UK
In 2015 Mark 1 owners, Brian and Norma Devlin, travelled all the way from New Zealand to join us and celebrate the Mark 1! In order to show their appreciation for the invitation, they presented me with a gift from their native homeland. Gift from New Zealand to Letitia Mace at Jaguar Mark 1 Day
 Jaguar Mark 1 - 974 UYM FOR SALE

974 UYM

Contact Fraser Williams

07967 339 424


Wanted – Mark 1 Jaguar saloon 3.4 litre manual with overdrive. Originality important, especially colour and registration number. I am not looking for a project car but some work could be acceptable. I would be interested in a competition car providing it is road legal. Please contact Chris White on 07801 460678



Hello Letitia

I just wanted to say thank you for your organisation and inviting me to this event. It was a wonderful day and I managed to talked to Norman Dewis – a truly memorable experience.

Nigel, as always, is very generous to host this event and open his very special museum.

Best regards

John Stoodley

Dear Wendy and Nigel.
Thanks again to you both, especially Wendy, for all your hard work to make such a glorious and memorable event at your beautiful home, so enjoyable and one to treasure till the next time.Best wishes from Julian and jenny.
Dear Nigel,

 May I offer you a huge ‘thank you’ for inviting us to MK1 Day yesterday, and for arranging the weather so well. It was our first visit and we were very grateful for all the time and effort that had gone into the organization of the event.

 It was a great occasion, and I fulfilled a long held ambition of visiting your Mike Hawthorn museum, of which you must be enormously proud.

 It was a shame to have to leave shortly after lunch, but a 9 week old puppy and a puppy sitter waiting to go home left us no alternative; it would have been good to have heard Norman Dewis’ presentation.

 With best wishes,

 Tim and Sara Hudson

Hi Nigel,

On behalf of Julian, Jenny and myself we wanted to thank you, your wife and all those who helped for putting on a very memorable day at your wonderful house yesterday.

A great turn out of Mark 1s, must be one of the best yet anywhere, made the day even better and of course meeting up with and listening to once again the iconic Norman Dewis made the day even more unforgettable. Plus of course the great presentations from David Marks.

We are already looking forward to the next Mark 1 event  and to you concluding your very interesting account on how you became so well informed on Mike Hawthorne and his Mark 1.

Many thanks again.

Kind regards,

Adrian (Moore)

Dear Letitia,

Thank you, e-mail above that I have sent to Nigel, refers.

It was really nice to meet you yesterday and thank you to you also for all your hard work. It was another great success.

Kind regards,

Adrian (Moore)

Hi Leticia, Nigel.

Wow! What a fantastic event!

My car performed faultlessly there and back and the B&B you recommended (Trumbles) was absolutely spot on. Arriving on the day and being surrounded by such great people and fantastic MK1’s makes this a really special event.

One of our observations on the day was around how different each MK1 looked – very cool! The guest speakers were also brilliant and very entertaining.

All in all it was an absolute pleasure and a privilege to be part of it and your events make MK1 ownership feel even more special. We are incredibly grateful for the time, money and energy you and your colleagues put into making it all so perfect.

Best regards, Adrian and Sara

Hi Letitia,

Good to see you today – I had a super time – thanks for your organising skills.

All the best

Roger (Kemp)

Hi Letitia,

 I was so disappointed that I could not enjoy the day with you all as the car had a breakdown with clutch failure on our journey down. Hope it will be fixed soon. Hope you all had a good time. I would like to see any shots that was captured of the event.

Thanks again for inviting me.

Kind regards,



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