Silverstone Classic 2018

Project 7 at Silverstone


There was quite a change for Jaguar owners at Silverstone Classic this year!

As far back as most ‘regular’ attendees of this event can remember Jaguar have always occupied the banking at Copse, a perfect vantage point for viewing the racing, with the ‘village’ only a stone’s throw away for refreshments and indulging in a bit of automotive themed shopping!

C-type Replica at Silverstone XJ40 3.6 Daimler at Silverstone
SS100 Replica at Silverstone D-type Replica at Silverstone


With this year being  XJ50 and XK70, a big change was required in order to ease the flow of traffic to and from the circuit for the Celebration Parade, so we were moved to ‘The Adrenaline Zone’ in order for the parade cars to be safely and efficiently marshalled onto and off of the circuit at Luffield.

And so it was that late on Saturday afternoon, almost 100 Jaguar and Daimler XJ’s and XK’s were marshalled onto the famous Silverstone racetrack in an Anniversary Parade to Celebrate 70 years of the XK name, model and engine and 50 years of the XJ name and model.

Rob Jenner felt greatly honoured when Swallows Racing offered him the chance to drive one of their Palmersport XKR’s on the track for the XJ50 Parade! (Jumping eagerly into the car, he didn’t wait to be asked twice!)

Rob Jenner driving a Swallows Racing XKR at Silverstone Rob Jenner driving a Swallows Racing XKR at Silverstone


Bringing up the rear of the first part of the parade, he heard some voices shouting “Go on! Go on! Give it the beans!”  and looked up to see the owners of the car, Gary, Jack and Tom Robinson, from Swallows Racing,  goading him on to put his foot down, which he gladly accepted, but with safety and the track officials also in his mind!

The parade was strictly for XJ and XK with the exception of Ron Siddle who led the parade in his replica C-type! Ron’s passenger was a photographer who was getting a frontline view for the archives!

Just ahead of Rob Jenner, at the rear of the parade, Swiss Jaguar Specialist Georg Donni was driving his Rappport Forte – based on a Daimler Double Six Series 2.

Behind Georg, was Letitia Mace in an X358 Sovereign, with former JEC Director and racing driver Simon Cronin as passenger. Simon was providing some excellent racing tips into the bargain, while in the rear seat of the X358 was another photographer (Andrew Coles) who was taking yet more photographs, most of which were of Georg Donni’s car and Rob in the Palmersport XKR, as we dodged around eachother getting some interesting shots!

The parade was lead by Ron Siddle in his C-type replica with a photographer recording the event from the passenger seat. Ron Siddle with his Realm C-type at Silverstone
At the back of the parade, Swiss Jaguar Specialist, Georg Donni drove his Rapport Forte, a concept based on a Series 2 Daimler Double Six. (pictures by Andrew Coles) Daimler Double Six Series 2 Rapport Forte
Daimler Double Six Series 2 Rapport Forte Daimler Double Six Series 2 Rapport Forte
Rob Jenner was bringing  up the rear of the first parade in one of the Palmersport XKR’s owned by Swallows Racing, who very kindly allowed Rob to drive the car in the parade with passenger, Wayne Scott taking yet more photographs. (pictures by Andrew Coles) Rob Jenner driving a Swallows Racing XKR on the track at Silverstone
Rob Jenner driving a Swallows Racing XKR on the track at Silverstone Rob Jenner driving a Swallows Racing XKR on the track at Silverstone


All in all, there are plenty of records of this unique parade, of which the JEC was a very important part!

Over the weekend we had an impressive turnout of JEC members  and their cars, ranging from a low mileage Mark 7 in beautiful condition……. Jaguar Mark 7
……. to a Jaguar XJ575, the latest special edition XJ saloon, driven here by the lucky lady who owns it! Jaguar XJ575
The JEC stand also boasted some rare and interesting Jaguars, such as the aforementioned Rapport Forte, driven here by the owner, Georg Donni, from Donni Classic Car in Switzerland Georg Donni with his Rapport Forte at Silverstone
Colin Manconi’s XJ220, Colin Manconi's Jaguar XJ220 at Silverstone
two Palmersport  race-prepped XKR’s, both belonging to Swallows Racing Swallows Racing XKR at Silverstone
A solitary Series 1 XJ joined us for the XJ Anniversary parade Jaguar XJ Series 1
Neil Blaxill drove his XJ based Mark 2 in the parade Neil Blaxill with his XJ based Mark 2 at Silverstone


Scarlett Orr, who is studying Motorsport Engineering, is pictured here with the Group C Prototype Replica which she and her father enjoy displaying and discussing at car shows. They certainly know how to draw a crowd!

Scar;ett Orr's Jaguar Group C Replica at Silverstone Scar;ett Orr's Jaguar Group C Replica at Silverstone
The hot, sunny weather undoubtedly contributed to the success of the weekend, at the end of which, our hard-working events team  had signed up 17 new members and taken a record breaking £2330 in raffle ticket sales on our stunning Salsa Red F-type convertible  prize draw car. Jaguar F-type raffle car at Silverstone


Swallows Racing

Donni Classic Car