2017 Round Britain Coastal Drive


Supporting Prostate Cancer UK


Jaguar XK Club 2017 ROUND BRITAIN COASTAL DRIVE, supporting Prostate Cancer UK Unique 18-day event – June 12 – 29

Drive the coastal roads of Britain – 3,500 m

Or do 1 day, 5 days or whatever suits

Building on the great success of the Coastal Drive for E-types in 2016

Now it’s Jaguar’s iconic ’50’s sports cars turn!

Sample the best of England, Wales, Scotland

Superb driving, fabulous scenery

Raising awareness of this killer cancer

And aiming to raise £50,000+



Proving that even in 2017 the spirit of adventure is alive and well, the International Jaguar XK Club and Prostate Cancer UK have combined to offer a driving event that is so different, it is unique.

Interest is high and entries are now pouring in for this year’s running of the Road Britain Coastal Drive for classic Jaguar XKs. The aim is have over 150 XKs taking part, whether participants do just one day or the whole amazing trip.

First run last year when over 200 Jaguar E-types took part, the event achieved its twin aims of raising awareness and funds. The event is the brainchild of author Philip Porter, who drove, a few months after recovering from prostate cancer, the entire route in his E-type which featured in the film The Italian Job. Philip and his wife founded the International Jaguar XK Club 20 years ago.

‘I urge all XK owners to take part,’ says Porter. ‘Not only will they be supporting a very important cause but, as I know from experience, the driving is absolutely superb. Our XKs were designed for driving and that, for many of us, is the real pleasure of ownership.

‘So, if you like driving, this tour is for you.’


Owned by Hollywood stars, raced and rallied with great success, the XK 120s put Jaguar on the map worldwide and led the drive to earn crucial dollars for Britain in the post-war period. The fastest production car in the world was also a beautiful work of art.

With a number of cars doing the whole drive, SNG Barratt, the leading parts suppliers providing an expert mechanic, some 120 daily stages booked, a visit to the amazing J.D Classics showrooms and workshops and much more, the event starts and finishes at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu. Overseas visitors, with or without their cars are extremely welcome. It’s a great way to see England, Wales and Scotland.

‘This is our opportunity to use the XKs we are fortunate enough to own to raise awareness of this cancer which kills more men than any other. It is a chance to raise funds for vital research. It is also an opportunity to let our down and have some old-fashioned fun.’

Porter will certainly be letting his hair down: he is driving his early XK 120 Roadster which has no roof and only two tiny aero-screens. If it rains, he gets wet. If it rains hard, he gets very wet!



Prostate Cancer UK This is such an important cause and it is vital to raise awareness. Men need to get checked. Catching prostate cancer early is crucial. THANK YOU.



For more information please contact:

The International Jaguar XK Club

Tel: +44 (0) 1584 781588

Email:  info@xkclub.com


XK Club


The International XK Club – formed in 1997 by motoring author and publisher Philip Porter and his wife Julie, the Club has members in over 50 countries and an exceptional magazine. With the emphasis on driving, the Club’s mantra is: no concours, no committees and no politics!

Philip Porter – the award-winning author, he has written 30 books on motoring (around a dozen on Jaguars) and motor racing, including four with Sir Stirling Moss, one with Murray Walker and one with Martin Brundle. In 2005, he formed Porter Press which is now one of the world’s leading motoring publishers. He has owned his XKs for 44 years. He is Prostate Cancer UK’s Motoring Ambassador.

Jaguar XK Facts

The XK 120 was launched in 1948 at the Earl’s Court Motor Show and stole the Show

The name was based on the 120mph top speed and it was the fastest production car in the world

The XK 120 offered racing car performance on the road and had a futuristic body design of great beauty

XK 120s were owned by Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, Humphrey Bogart and Tyrone Power

The XK 120 won its first race and countless races in the States

The XK 120 helped Jaguar become Europe’s leading dollar earner until overtaken by VW

The XK 120 won international rallies and was used for record-breaking by Stirling Moss who had one as his road car

The XK 120 was offered in three forms: Roadster (officially known as the Open Two-Seater Super Sports), the Fixed Head Coupé and the Drop Head Coupé (convertible). The XK 140 succeeded the 120 in 1954 and XK 150 was introduced in 1957. They were also offered in three versions.

Some 60% of XKs were exported

The XK 120C (aka the C-type) was closely based on the XK 120 and won the Le Mans 24-Hour Race in 1951 and 1953.

The amazingly versatile XK engine powered the Le Mans-winning C-types and D-types, the compact and luxury saloons of the ’50s, fire engines, armoured vehicles, record-breaking power boats, the iconic ’60s E-types and silent executive saloons in the ’70s.


Celebrity Quotes from 2016

‘If, like me, you’re a man who thrills at the prospect of handsome E-type Jaguars from all over the world making a historic round Britain trip, then please pause and consider the purpose of this extraordinary event. It’s to remind us to be aware of, and get checked for, prostate cancer. Please allow your thoughts to return to the beautiful motor cars on their great mission. A talented and modest man, who brilliantly runs our Club, with his team, has provided all with a way to do some good with our cars – Philip Porter.


‘From a lifelong Jaguar fan, whose life will hopefully be a bit longer because of prostate cancer awareness.’ Jools Holland


‘Though this is not a race, it sounds to me like a great event. I wish Philip Porter and the other crews a really enjoyable drive. May they be blessed with much publicity for this important cause. Go, Go, Go!’ Murray Walker


‘What a fantastic adventure Philip Porter and the E-Type Club have embarked on, a round Britain coastal drive and all for Prostate Cancer UK. I wish all the drivers and their beautiful machines the very best of luck. I can only imagine the wonderful sight of that many cats together with that marvellous growl. I know you will raise a lot of money for this wonderful cause, and for that we should all thank you.’ Brian Johnson


‘As a Jaguar E-type owner I am delighted to be a Supporter of this unique event for a very good cause.’ Martin Brundle



Prostate Cancer UK:



Prostate Cancer UK works to get men in all areas of the country the early detection, effective diagnosis and better treatments that will beat this disease.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. More than 10,000 men die every year from this male-only disease, and 250,000 men are living with prostate cancer in the UK.

Anyone with concerns about prostate cancer can contact Prostate Cancer UK’s Specialist Nurses in confidence on 0800 074 8383 or via the online Live chat, instant messaging service from website.


XK Club Round Britain Coastal Run 2017