Brucie’s Diary: April 2018

Current Mileage: 172,279

Jaguar XJ40 3.6
First time out this year for Opium!


MoT Time

The late snow this year put back our MoT schedule, so Opium and some of her friends have only just been MoT’d ready for the summer season.

The mileage quoted at the beginning of each diary entry refers to Brucie. Opium has still only covered 40,773 miles.


Jaguar XJ40 E264 OMP - MoT PASS!
Meanwhile, at the recent Restoration Show we added another car to our collection, which was for sale in the Classic Car Auction – this time it wasn’t a Jaguar, and it arrived in style in an enclosed car transporter!

Christened Zambooka, as the VIN is ZAM334B00KA 190***!!!

 1989 Maserati 228 rhd manual



Jim Clark Anniversary – 7th April 2018

2003 Maserati 4200GT rhd manual A very local event for Rob Jenner and Letitia Mace, the 50th anniversary of the death of Formula 1 Racing Driver, Jim Clark was held close to us in Duns, Berwickshire.

Having just returned from a 400 mile trip around the north of Scotland, we arrived in a very dirty, very loud, Maserati 4200GT and were allowed into the privileged parking area.


Jim Scott travelled up from Newcastle for the event and commented thus:


Hi Rob & Letitia,

Great to see you on Saturday; your hospitality was much appreciated.

We went to Chirnside and actually attended the Memorial Service (didn’t intend to, but OK) and looked at the exhibition at the Community Hall.

Returned to Chirnside on Sunday as all the cars were there then. Another chat with Ian Scott-Watson… by coincidence, Ian was the architect for the extension to the house where we were staying (One Green Hope, Ellemford).    

                      Lots of people around both days.

One Green Hope, Ellemford - Extention designed by Ian Scott-Watson

On return journey home, stopped at Berwick for latish lunch at Limoncello, at bottom of bank in Berwick…excellent meal.

Overall, a very enjoyable weekend. Everyone so friendly.


Jim Scott (North East Jaguar Club)



Jaguar X358 2.7 TDVi Engine Oil Change

We rely on our X358 Diesel for frequent, long journeys and because we know that the 2.7 diesel engine is  susceptible to damage by diesel fuel getting mixed up in the engine oil we keep a close eye on it and change the oil far more frequently than the recommended service interval of 15,000 miles.

The last oil change was 6,000 miles ago, when we also tried out EDT Automotive’s deep cleaning system for the first time.

Jaguar X358 mileage 207,272 The car has now covered 207,272 miles and because we were pleased with the results of the EDT treatment, we have decided to repeat it with every oil change in order to maximise the car’s performance and lengthen the life of the engine.
These filters, new (on the left) and after the treatment (on the right) show the amount of contaminant contained within the oil, which would be carried around the engine and with a normal oil change, would be transferred to the new oil.

The EDT process removes these contaminants so that the new oil goes into a far cleaner engine and therefore remains fresh for longer.

Fresh oil Replenishing the engine with fresh oil after the treatment.
Jaguar X358 undertray Replacing the undertray after it was removed in order to facilitate the EDT treatment, and  the oil and filter change.
 Lubricate undertray fixings The fixings for the undertray are lubricated to ensure that they do not corrode and seize,  and are therefore easy to remove for future maintenance.
 Jaguar X358 diesel fuel filter As an extra precaution, we also replace the fuel filter at every service on our X358 diesel.
EDT Automotive Engine Cleaning System To see the process in detail, please refer to EDT Automotive: Our Experience

EDT Automotive

Scott Brown Cars