EDT Automotive and AWJ Automotive

Engine cleaning specialists, EDT Automotive visit one of their Jaguar specialist partners, AWJ Automotive in Stoke-on-Trent, to show us the benefits we can expect to see from this inovative treatment.

EDT Automotive and AWJ Automotive

EDT Automotive’s multi-award winning range of equipment is helping to improve vehicle driveability for motorists all across the country, eradicating the dirt and grime which accumulates inside engines over time and delivering a far smoother driving experience.

The fuel-saving, emissions-busting technology employed by EDT is designed to give the engine a deep-clean,removing contamination from the oil system which has such a long-term detrimental impact on a vehicle’s overall performance, drivability and fuel economy.

The treatment is simple to administer; after connecting the EDT machine to the oil filter housing and the sump drain hole the machine will pump around a mineral-based cleaning oil, removing the build-up of carbon and sludge that has formed over time. As the cleaning oil is pumped it is filtered by a very fine (1 micron) filter, preventing the carbon from re-contaminating the engine.


EDT Automotive and AWJ Automotive EDT Automotive and AWJ Automotive

AWJ Automotive, a leading Jaguar specialist based in Newcastle-under-Lyme and member of EDT’s network of UK garages, is full of praise for the numerous vehicle benefits associated with the treatment.

EDT Automotive and AWJ Automotive EDT Automotive and AWJ Automotive

Owner Andrew White – a fully trained Jaguar technician – said: “We have on numerous occasions come across issues with vehicles experiencing carbon build up internally in components. We have also had reports from customers who’ve had their cars serviced by non-franchised and non-independent garages, saying that service lights appear to come on prematurely.”

“This is normally down to the incorrect oil being used, causing an excessive amount of soot to be produced.”

“As is the case with a lot of manufacturers, DPF horror warning lights come on and scare people into thinking a costly bill is imminent. By using EDT treatments during our servicing process we hope to help reduce the need for DPF regenerations and therefore reduce the chance of DPF lights coming on unnecessarily.”

EDT Automotive and AWJ Automotive

When asked what customer feedback AWJ Automotive has received following EDT treatments, Andrew commented: “We have had positive feedback on over 300 treatments to date. We also have a lot of repeat customers that decide to have it done every service or even half way between servicing.”

EDT Automotive and AWJ Automotive


“EDT are great to work with, always coming up with improved strategies on helping to offer the best service, both for us as a garage-partner and for our customers.”



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EDT Automotive

Having recently relocated to a brand-new and purpose-built site in Kent, the engine decarbonising specialist is now better equipped to meet the increased demand as the number of EDT partner garages continues to grow across the country.

EDT’s CEO, David Holmes said: “Our continually growing presence across the UK means that we are now even more accessible to vehicle owners who might be feeling that they aren’t getting the best from their car anymore, or who are looking to see if they can reduce their motoring costs.”

“And for anyone who needs a little extra reassurance, just take a look at our TrustPilot reviews. I’m sure that the comments left by customers and garages alike will put their minds at rest.”

For more information on EDT Automotive, visit www.edtautomotive.com or call 01233 712341.


Apology for error: In the January 2018 issue of XJ News we published EDT Automotive: Our Experience in which we stated that the cleaning oil was vegetable based. We have now been informed that it is a light mineral oil.

EDT explained:

“We used a soya based oil for the first 2 years. We subsequently upgraded our fluid to a bespoke light mineral oil which we have been using ever since.

Unfortunately, some of our partners were so used to saying Soya based its stayed with them !!”


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