GB Classic Trim and Xclusively Jaguar

GB Classic Trim

Xclusively Jaguar is very proud to announce that our latest sponsor is GB Classic Trim


For the restoration of your Classic Jaguar you will of course need to re-trim the interior and we know through experience that you will want to be sure that the company you choose will provide you with the best service and quality that there is available. With our attention to detail and eye for authenticity we can provide you with a service second to none.

Re-Trimming work forms a major part of our workshop service, where Jaguar interiors are refurbished with the same care, patience, meticulous attention to detail and reverence demanded by any work of art. Work is carried out as it would have been at the time of manufacture, we never cut corners or “make do”, we always stay true to the original values, cabin trim or complete Interiors are hand crafted from the finest animal hides and natural hardwoods.

We also pride ourselves in being able to supply any item of trim to order and have recently sourced and manufactured the ability to reproduce parts and seat foams which are no longer available anywhere else.

So, whatever you need for your Classic Jaguar – carpet, seats, upholstery, soft top, door trim, seat trim or dash trims – whatever the material, whatever the colour – GB Classic Trim can DELIVER!!



All information correct at time of publishing

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