Meguiar’s Mirror Bright Detailing Kit

Meguiar's Mirror Bright Detailing Kit


Meguiar’s Mirror Bright Detailing Kit

Last month Rob Jenner and I visited Tom Clarke, Senior Marketer for Meguiar’s UK, at their head office in Daventry.

Tom introduced us to Meguiar’s new ‘Mirror Bright’ range of products, which can be purchased as a kit in a handy carry case, perfect for going away to events.

The kit contains shampoo, wheel cleaner, detailing spray and polishing wax, and I notice that Leather Lotion and Air Freshener have now been added to this range.

Tom pointed out that Meguiar’s do not expect those car enthusiasts who are keen to detail their cars to a high standard to stick rigidly to using their products alone. Rather, they would expect to see enthusiasts using preferred products across a range of premium brands, which would include Meguiar’s products.

Meguiar’s are also aware that there are some very expensive detailing products on the market , but Meguiar’s aim to provide a quality product at an affordable price.

I personally have no complaints, and can only commend Meguiar’s as they have helped us to acheive excellent results!

Three winners in three years

Rob Jenner and I do not prepare our cars in order to participate in Concours d’Elegance or any other contests, we keep the cars in the best condition possible because we like to see them at their best and we want to preserve them in the best condition possible. As a consequence of this, our cars often win prizes for their condition and appearance, which is always rewarding and encouraging.

In part, this is thanks to Meguiar’s, as it is their products alone which are used to maintain the appearance of all of our cars.


Year: 2015

Event: Jaguar Cars Concours of Elegance, Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh, Scotland

Prize: Classic of the Future

Car: 1997 P760 NRW Jaguar X300 XJR Manual, car 102 of 102 built

JEC Chairman Rob Jenner - owner of P760NRW



Year: 2016

Event: XJ40 30th Anniversary Celebration, Dunkeld, Scotland

Prize: Car of the Event

Car: E264 OMP 1988 3.6 XJ40 Jaguar Sovereign

Letitia Mace and 'Opium' (XJ40 3.6 Sovereign - E264OMP)


Year 2017

Event: Berwickshire County Show, Duns, Berwickshire, Scotland

Prize: Best in Show

Car: BBS 2F 1968 Triumph Herald

Triumph Herald


My own experience of car detailing

Before moving from ponies to cars, I won numerous “Tack n Turnout” awards in riding club events, simply because I like to be well turned out. I switched my attention to my cars, but was never happy about the results. I tried various products, but all left white residue in crevices and tar spots on paintwork. Finally I decided to do some serious research on the matter, and ultimately came upon Meguiar’s. Following their instructions to the letter, I used clay, paint cleaner, scratch remover, polish and wax on my car, and never looked back. The results were what I had always been looking for. Onlookers were amazed and many thought I had actually purchased another Jaguar!

I cleaned several Jaguars for friends, on the understanding that they purchased a bottle of each Meguiar’s product I required, but I kept the remaining product as payment for the work done. I advised them to stick to Meguiar’s if they wanted to maintain the standard of the car as it was when I’d finished it. Most of them had not heard of, or used Meguiar’s before. Those who had heard of Meguiar’s, thought other well publicised brands were superior and wanted to know why I used Meguiar’s. I told them the over-riding advantage of Meguiar’s was the absence of white residue in the crevices, and the fact that Meguiar’s sold a complete range of compatible products, and I believe that you should stick to one brand, as products will have been designed with a similar base and will work in sympathy, rather than against each other, producing a better result.

I have also casually introduced many people to Meguiar’s in car parks and at shows, as they admired the condition of my Jaguars, and naturally asked what I use to clean them. I am always amazed that so many so called car enthusiasts do not know the difference between a wax and a polish, and as I always have my Meguiar’s kit in the boot of my Jaguar, I often demonstrate on the spot!

I don’t believe that a wax and a polish can be successfully combined in one product, as one is removing and the other is replacing – a polish is a very mild abrasive which removes minute amounts of material to reveal a fresh, clean surface, while a wax is applying a protective coating – think of them as a skin cleanser and a skin moisturiser and you will understand how important they are to the appearance of your car –  now and in the long term!

I love cleaning cars, and would in many ways prefer to do this full time, rather than sitting in front of a computer screen, but currently the computer comes first, and I have to clean my Jaguars as time allows. I know from experience, that I can pick out faults in paintwork which others cannot see, and in most cases I can rectify, or at least improve them.


A few points I have learnt from my own experiences

  • You can see the difference between a clean car which is dirty and a dirty car which has been cleaned!
  • Giving a previously uncared for car a thorough clean can actually highlight imperfections which would have been hidden by the build up of grime.
  • Every spot of rain on your car acts as a small magnifying glass, intensifying the UV rays and heat from the sun!
  • You can tell by the feel of the paintwork when it needs a thorough clean and topping up with wax – the resistance increases when rubbed with a cloth.
  • Treat your wheels in exactly the same way as your paintwork and you will never need to use wheel cleaner.


Meguiar’s and Brucie