Book: C, D & E Register



Jaguar C-type, D-type & Lightweight E-type Register

Compiled by Terry Larson, Penny Woodley, Den Carlow and Paul Skilleter . Edited by Anders Ditlev Clausager


This book is a trusted source compiled by those who are known Jaguar authorities of the subject matter.

Every C-type, D-type, XK-SS and Lightweight E-type is listed in more or less detail, according to their relative history and the availability of information.

It does not include details of the continuation series of Lightweight E-types or XK-SS cars produced by Jaguar Classic, or any other re-creations.

Published in 2014, it is now a little out of date so although I used this as a trusted source for the basis of my feature on TKF9 (XKD517) I then had to refer to more up-to-date sources to complete it.


My copy came from Paul Skilleter Books, but it nows appears to be out of stock.

Chaters quote £75 for a copy and on ebay it is listed for as much as £175, so if you are lucky enough to have a copy, cherish it!


Perhaps it is time for an updated version?

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