Book: Mike Hawthorn – Golden Boy

One of the most significant and praised motoring books to be published in recent years!

Available in Leather bound hardback with slipcase, standard hardback or softback.

Book: Mike Hawthorn - Golden Boy by Paul Skilleter and Tony Bailey

Mike Hawthorn - Golden Boy (softback edition)


Mike Hawthorn – Golden Boy is a unique record of the life and times of Britain’s first World Champion, much of it told by those who knew him. It includes a vast amount of new material which came to light while the book was being researched – much from people who knew Mike and who have provided us with first-hand descriptions of the man at work and play.

The book primarily concentrates on Mike’s personal life together with full details of his racing career, the latter introduced by respected journalist Doug Nye. We have much input from many who actually knew him in daily life and have come forward with their stories. It also includes some relevant articles that have been previously published only in specialist magazines.

Mike’s motor racing career is covered with many photographs, and the book singles out for close examination his special relationship with Jaguar – the cars and the company. This includes a detailed examination of Mike’s role in the 1955 Le Mans disaster, for which many believe he was unfairly blamed, and the circumstances surrounding his death in VDU 881, the 3.4L saloon he fatally crashed on the Guildford by-pass on 22 January 1959.

His many personal cars that he owned and also in some cases, raced, are covered in as much detail as possible. Existing owners have been interviewed worldwide for period photos and facts from the time of Mike’s ownership.

There are also specially-commissioned drawings of Mike’s cars, and even overhead photographs of key locations. Along with this new material, the book also reveals extraordinary fresh evidence relating to his death. It has full details of his racing career with a never-before attempted listing of all his race-car numbers.


Book: Mike Hawthorn - Golden Boy by Paul Skilleter and Tony Bailey Numbered and signed leather bound limited 1st edition of 150 Presented in a slip-case with an especially commissioned TT Garage enamel badge affixed. (limited number still available)
Book: Mike Hawthorn - Golden Boy by Paul Skilleter and Tony Bailey (standard hardback) Standard First Edition hardback (limited number still available)

It is a large format hardback, 447 pages (weight is 2.3Kg!), over 1,000 photos/illustrations, size approx. 225mm x 297mm, hard bound (same format as the award-winning Norman Dewis of Jaguar) in Ferrari red leather.

Authors: Tony Bailey and Paul Skilleter Published by: Paul Skilleter Books/ PJ Publishing Ltd ISBN: 978-0-9550102-4-8. 2008 1st Edition


Mike Hawthorn - Golden Boy (softback edition) Softback version

Reprinted several times with new information added. 290 pages, with over 800 photos/illustrations, size approx. 171mm x 246mm, soft bound with full colour cover. ISBN: 978-1-908658-06-7

Following its first publication as a hardback in 2008, Mike Hawthorn Golden Boy was described as one of the most significant motoring books of recent years. Both the original edition and a subsequent reprint sold out some while ago, but due to popular demand, in June 2014 a new softback edition has been published, updated and augmented with fresh information.

A purchaser remarked: “If there’s one book I’d recommend you add to your xmas list this year it’s this title. It has to be the best motorsport book I’ve ever read! It’s truly brilliant in the way the book has managed to mix description from the authors, memories from people who knew Mike and collections of photographs and memorobilia. The Hawthorn era was long before I was born but this book has brought it to life. If anyone has read ‘Mon Ami Mate’ this is the perfect companion as it focuses on Mike the person rather more so than just a recount of his racing career.”

As before, the new edition presents a unique record of the life and times of Britain’s first World Champion. It includes not only the vast amount of new material which came to light during research for the original book – much from people who knew Mike – but the softback edition’s 290 pages also contain important updates and new photographs.

Of this additional material, vital new evidence is included which further vindicates Mike Hawthorn from responsibility for the terrible 1955 Le Mans accident. This comes in the form of a long-lost letter to Jaguar Cars Ltd from a highly qualified on-the-spot expert eyewitness whose corroborated account tallies exactly with the reconstructed film footage of the accident – which appeared after the original edition of this book was published and which is also analysed.

Also new is testimony from the policeman who first attended the accident on the Guildford by-pass which resulted in Mike Hawthorn’s death in 1959. Interviewed by the authors, he still had his original police pocket book containing the notes he made at the time.

As in the previous edition, Mike’s personal life is covered in depth along with full details of his racing career, the latter introduced by Farnham resident and well-known journalist and historian Doug Nye. Many photographs cover both Mike’s family life (many photos were supplied exclusively to the authors by surviving family members) and his motor racing, augmented by purpose-taken aerial photographs of key locations. The book particularly singles out for close examination his special relationship with Jaguar – both the cars and the company. The many cars Mike owned personally (and also in some cases, raced) are covered extensively, with current owners interviewed worldwide. There are also specially-commissioned paintings of the more important of Mike’s cars.

The appendices include a never-before attempted listing of all Mike’s competition appearances, with results and even his race-car numbers, plus previously unpublished colour photographs of Mike’s son, Arnaud, taken at Silverstone.


Review by Letitia Mace

This is a beautifully presented book with immense attention to detail, like nothing I have seen before. It is the result of a lifelong hobby, which has been recorded for posterity by Tony Bailey, with the assistance of accomplished motoring journalist and author, Paul Skilleter.

It is obvious from the contents of the pages within that the information has been researched over many years and that Tony Bailey has uncovered all sorts of interesting information relating to the life of his hero, Mike Hawthorn.

This life’s work has not been hurriedly put together as a profit making exercise, but as an enduring tribute to our first Formula One World Champion!


In 2008, when the first hardback edition was published, Classic and Sports Car,  said:


……Best of all, this absorbing work isn’t just a glowing tribute. Bailey reveals Hawthorn’s spoilt character, troubled personality and erratic talent. A candidate for Book of the Year. MW. Classic & Sportscar Magazine”


Ten years, and several reprints later, Mike Hawthorn – Golden Boy, has been nominated in Octane magazine by book specialist Ben Horton as being firmly in his top ten best motoring books of all time!

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