Kent Jagfest Report

Kent Jagfest was a great success and here I have included 2 reports on the event as I was so involved in judging the Pride and Joy classes that I did not see much else of the show. The first report is by Paul Skilleter who, like myself, was wrapped up with the Pride and Joy judging, hence, with some help from the Jagfest team and myself in supplying and clarifying data and pictures relating to the show, he put together the first report below.

The second report is in the Kent South Newsletter (in the downloadable pdf below) which will hopefully cover anything we missed!

The pictures here are biased towards my view of the show – Rob’s role as commentator and my involvement in the Pride and Joy classes.

Rob Jenner and Letitia Mace were asked to bring the JEC Prize Draw F-type to the event and to do the commentary and concours judging, respectively. We would like to thank the Kent Jagfest Team for allowing us to be a part of their event. Rob and I did not see eachother all day, as Rob was busy in his role as commentator and I was busy judging the Pride and Joy with Paul Skilleter. At the end of the day we had only seen those parts of the show that we were directly involved in and had some interesting stories to tell eachother!

Colin Boakes had very kindly supplied us with a Jagfest poster and a goodie bag full of gifts created by Edwards Embroidery

Very well done to all those who were involved in Kent Jagfest.

We both had a smashing weekend, with excellent weather and company. The Kent Jagfest team had spent many hours putting together an event they should be proud of, and which was very well attended.


JAGFEST program of events for the day

7.30—Gates open for trade arrivals

8.30—Gates open for Jaguar arrivals

10.00—Gates open for general public

10.00-10.45—Chickory Tip play live (stage)

10.30-11.15—Ian Cooling offers advice and valuations on Jaguar automobilia (marquee)

10.45-11.30—Lindy Hopper dancing demonstration

11.30-12.00—Parade 1 (front of Hole Park House)

12.00-12.45—Christine Etheridge presentation on pearls (marquee)

13.00-13.45–Chickory Tip play live (stage)

13.30-14.00–Ian Cooling offers advice and valuations on Jaguar automobilia (marquee)

14.00-14.30—Cranbrook Town Band play live (marquee)

14.30-15.00–Parade 2 (front of Hole Park House)

15.00-15.45–Lindy Hopper dancing demonstration

15.30-16.00–Christine Etheridge presentation on pearls (marquee)


16.30—17.00—‘Spirit of Entente’ set off (front of Hole Park House)



Jagfest, Hole Park, Kent – 15th/16th June 2019

Words and Photos by Paul Skilleter

Having missed the club’s extravaganza at Blenheim I was extra keen to make Jagfest at Hole Park – a venue new to June and me, but not too arduous a trip from our home near Lymington on the South Coast.

Mind you, the weekend did not start well for us: on the M3 some 40 minutes into the journey with our ‘92 Sovereign 4.0, I noticed a whiff smoke and on pulling into the service area just past Winchester, sure enough the transmission was dripping fluid. This stemmed from an earlier incident with the car when it developed a transmission leak, and although I suspected the ZF box was simply overfilled, I couldn’t take the risk so we returned home and, dog and all, transferred to the X-Type estate.

Having endured some roadworks on the M20 we duly arrived at the Mercure near Maidstone where a number of other members were staying. It was a very pleasant hotel set in vast, mainly grassed,  parklands. The excellent road book provided by the club’s travel partner, Scenic & Continental Car Tours, gave everyone the option of several good driving routes through Kent, but we opted to visit just one of the locations noted, Sissinghurst Castle. And very enjoyable it was too.

The Saturday night dinner at the hotel was excellent, and the band – Chicory Tip – was just superb. Being of a certain age, June and I related to the mainly 60s and 70s music they played, and after all, Chicory Tip is the real deal, their record Son of my Father having prevented Don McClean’s American Pie from being No. 1 early in 1972!


Speeches were commendably short but I was glad that MC Rob Jenner (representing the higher echelons of the JEC along with Graham Searle) asked us to raise our glasses to the memory of Norman Dewis. He had passed away the previous Saturday and this was probably the first JEC event since.

Picture courtesy of Ian Newman


So, on to the main event on the Sunday. Hole Park is family owned and set in 200 acres of parkland, 16 acres of which are gardens and are among the finest in Kent. A great venue for the Jagfest, even though a lot of us coming from the Mercure found our sat navs led us on something of a mystery tour trying to find it… Yet it was less than a mile off the B2086.


Never mind, all was forgotten when we arrived as there were already rows of Jaguars stretching across the grass …….

Picture courtesy Steve Taylor

The entrance took us past an “Art of Performance” line-up of amazing Jaguars including 3 from Nigel Webb’s Mike Hawthorn Museum: a superb long-nose D-type, a Hawthorn Mk1 re-creation and a Mark 7.
Plus the ex-Win Percy TWR XJ-S from the Jaguar Heritage collection, an SS*, an E-type, an XFR-S, a Project 8 and Graham Wood’s modified XKR.

Art of Performance line-up pictures by Steve Taylor and Richard Kendall (SS only)

Stuart and Lesley Kings’ Guy Salmon Insignia XJS held pride of place in a comprehensive display arranged by main event sponsors Guy Salmon of Maidstone, presided over by their after-sales manager Steve Norton.

Picture courtesy Steve Taylor


There were a number of showers in the morning, but by lunchtime the weather improved and the afternoon was warm and fine, so I don’t think too many were put off attending. There were 303 advance bookings and I am told that a further 150 cars arrived on the day, which is a pretty impressive total – especially for a new event.

Most of the cars were, at a casual glance, models from the last 20 years or so, which is healthy for the club, but nevertheless there were a number of Mark 2s, XJ-Ss, and pre-XJ40 XJs to represent earlier eras. Only two classic Xks were in the field, though more (including Roy Hatfield’s XK 150 roadster) were amongst the Entente Cordiale Jaguars which were assembling at Hole Park prior to settng off for France. They made an interesting display in themselves.

As soon as the rain stopped and allowed doors and bonnets to be opened, Letitia Mace and I started examining the cars entered in the Pride & Joy competition. With marks needing to be allocated for exterior, wheels and tyres, interior and engine bay etc., this took us well over two hours – partly, perhaps, because it was interesting talking to the owners! Interestingly, because we didn’t add up the marks ourselves it wasn’t until the prize giving around 4.30pm that we knew who the class and overall winners were!

Meanwhile, everyone could enjoy Chicory Tip once more, and also Bob Webb (saxophone), the Cranbrook Town Brass Band and the Medway Lindy Hoppers Dance Troop.


Rob Jenner did an excellent job as usual in his role of roving commentator, including during the parade of interesting cars which took place.

This series of pictures, courtesy Sam Creamer


Christine Etheridge gave a pearl-stringing demonstration but we learnt that she also takes part in motorcycle sidecar racing with her husband Dan – also in his 70s… Their machines are Norton 750 and an early Gilera. Not only that, Christine sang beautifully, accompanied by Chicory Tip, in an unrehearsed appearance after the dinner at the Mercure. Amazing…

I was very impressed by the all-important marshalling. This can be quite a task but without it an event wouldn’t run smoothly or be safe, so thanks to all the marshals – around 30 were Kent South members/family members, while a small team from West Sussex assisted with parade marshalling.

So congratulations to them, and to main organisers Keith Edwards & Colin Boakes (assisted by no less than Graham Searle). Then the enterprising Jagfest 2019 original artwork was specially created by Chris Stroud (a Kent South Member), and if you want to relive the event, or want to see what it was like, here is a Jagfest promotional video by Sam Creamer. I gather that this was the first big event put on by the South Kent region, in which case it was even more impressive!


Pride and Joy Concours Results

Pride and Joy pictures courtesy of Ian Newman


Class A (Pre 1950s) – no entrants
*Class B (1950s) sponsor: REED Scaffolding.
Winner: Mike James with 71 points (cream XK120 OTS).

Runner-Up: Michael Bacon with 70 points (white XK120 DHC).



*Class C (1960s) sponsor: REED Scaffolding.



Winner: John F Smith with 71 points (red E-Type Roadster).



Runner-Up: Sirintra Reade with 70 points (red E-Type Coupe).


Class D (1970s) Sponsor: JSN Automotive.

Winner: David Randles with 64 points (grey XJ Coupe).



Runner-up: Grant Woodman with 62 points (yellow Birchfield convertible).


Class E (1980s) NO SPONSOR.

Winner: Paul Clark with 62 points (blue XJS V12 convertible).


Class F (1990s) Sponsor: JSN Automotive.

Winner: Stuart Dodman with 76 points (red XJ40 saloon).



Runner-up: Philip Ward with 75 points (red XJ12 saloon).


Class G (‘Naughties’) Sponsor: Hideaway Landscapes.

Winner: Steve Salvidge with 85 points (silver XFR saloon).



Runner-Up: Lorriane Hemmington with 81 points (blue XK sports).


Class H (Up to date) Sponsor: Edward’s Embroidery.

Winner: Rijvant Thamey with 78 points (black XKR coupe).



Runner-up: Holly Negus with 74 points (black XF saloon).


Award for the ‘Best Car in Show’.  Sponsor: Guy Salmon at Maidstone.

Winner: Richard and Rosemary Dartnall with their beautiful XKR.

*NB: Classes B and C both needed re-examination, due to a tie for first place!


Download Jagfest Report in Kent South Newsletter – July 2019


You can see more pictures of Kent Jagfest on Facebook