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The Jaguar XK120 in Competition

Now in stock!  We have just received a small advance quantity of this 486 page/1,200 illustrations book by James Fraser, edited by Paul Skilleter. If you require pre-Christmas delivery and have not already ordered, we urge you to visit our website or phone us now – we have only 30 standard editions of this early consignment left with some orders already despatched. We are offering this edition to early purchasers at the special price of GBP220 + P&P, a saving of GBP25 from the jacket price.

Regarding the leather slip-cased edition of 120, we have just 15 remaining for pre-Christmas delivery.  These are being signed during next week and will be dispatched on or around Monday December 10th. Signatories are Mrs Pat Quinn (formerly Mrs Pat Appleyard), Bob Berry (ex-Jaguar public relations dept. and XK 120 race driver), author Dr James Fraser, and publisher Paul Skilleter. The price is GBP395 including free delivery worldwide.

If you have already ordered (and paid in full either by PayPal, or have sent us your credit/debit card details), you should receive your standard edition during the week beginning Monday December 3rd. As mentioned above, the slip-cased edition will be sent during the week commencing Monday December 10th.

If you have reserved a copy of the book but have not paid or provided us with your card details, you need to confirm and pay NOW in order to secure your copy and early delivery. Either visit our web site or phone 01425 612669 office hours.

When these advance copies have been sold, the book will be unavailable until approx. mid-January 2019. Only 550 standard copies will in any case be available for sale (marketed exclusively by ourselves) and the book is unlikely to be reprinted.

Full details and example pages are on our web site.



Jaguar XK/XKR book by Nigel Thorley  Jaguar XK/XKR

Revised and updated, we now have the new edition of this very popular book in stock. See our website for full details, but it covers every aspect of owning these later-generation XKs including design and development, buying and maintenance. Only GBP18.95 plus P&P.



Jaguar XK120 Authenticity Reference Guide


Written by Robert G. Sheridan and Roger Payne

This title, covering restoration/originality aspects of the XK 120, is proving popular and we are just about to receive another shipment from the United States. It defines details of originality mainly by way of colour photographs, plus authoritative commentary by two leading experts on the subject.

The publishers claim that this book is the most accurate guide to XK 120 authenticity in print, and at least until we get Bernard Viart’s XK 120 Explored reprinted in updated form (hopefully by late 2019) we believe this to be true. In fact the book uses by permission illustrations from both XK 120 Explored and the late Urs Schmid’s books on XK 120 originality – and in any case, as I have often said before every book on a particular subject adds something new.

Hardback with jacket, 302 pages, 290 x 225mm. Available in the UK and Europe only from ourselves as sole distributors at GBP160 plus GBP5.50 P&P UK, GBP12.00 Europe.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are anywhere other than in the UK or Europe, please purchase your copy from (US/worldwide), or if you are in Australia or New Zealand please e-mail the co-author:



Jaguar E-Type 6- Cylinder Originality Guide Jaguar E-type Six Cylinder Originality Guide

Updated and back in print!

As a reminder, the book has been compiled by two of the world’s foremost E-type originality experts (and Tom Haddock’s earlier books on E-types are now expensive collector’s items). Every model and sub-model is examined in minute detail with a vast quantity of new information on correct specifications and production changes for the 3.8 and 4.2 E-types. See our website for sample pages.

Hard bound with jacket, 304 x 219mm. GBP80.00 plus GBP2.95 P&P UK, GBP15.00 Europe, GBP28.00 Rest of World (air).



Please visit to order.

Please note that all our listed books are published in English



An E-Type short film – now in pre-production!

Archie’s last drive…

We thought you might like to hear about an E-type project which tells a story but isn’t a book… My son Eben Skilleter is an award-winning maker of narrative short films and for the first time has scripted one which involves a Jaguar – an E-type no less.

It’s entitled Archie’s Last Drive. When the estranged son of an elderly former racing driver discovers his father’s Jaguar E-type thought lost fifty years ago, he attempts to heal their fractured relationship by having it restored for him. But Archie’s stubborn nature and declining health make rebuilding anything all but impossible…

Every car has a story, as the tagline for the film says. The film suggests that it’s never too late to heal old wounds – especially in today’s climate of division and uncertainty – and will I hope be warmly received by car enthusiasts and general audiences alike. Given that the subject of this film is fathers and sons, it seems especially apt that this project should be directed by my own son.

Adding interest is the workshop footage. I am sure most of you will know Eagle E-types, one of the world’s most prestigious E-type restoration companies. Well, Paul Brace and Henry Pearman have kindly let Eben shoot some scenes at their facility already. The rest of the short film will be shot in 2019.

Eben writes: “This will be a challenging film to make on a small budget. If you wish to be updated on its progress (through photos, updates and videos) please do check out the film’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages. The more this short film is shared and followed, the greater its chances of success!”

The first promotional teaser has just been released! View it here:


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