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Offers from Paul Skilleter and PJ Publishing – February 2019

This is our first newsletter of 2019 so a Happy New Year to all!
We have some very special offers to reveal this time. Some are reductions on existing books already on our web site (see the new prices), but some are one-off books or extra-special reductions. For these you will need to contact us direct if you are interested.

The Jaguar XK 120 in Competition


We have now received the bulk shipment from the printers and this new book is now back in stock (all the 60-odd books we had flown in before Christmas went very quickly).

It has been very well received and Mick Walsh, one of the most experienced of motoring journalists known mainly for his articles in Classic & Sports Car, wrote to me as follows:

“Just a quick note to congratulate you, James Fraser and Tony Bailey on the remarkable Competition XK 120 book. This amazing publication has totally disrupted my work schedule and brought back lots of memories from my early days watching historic racing including yourself in LXK 48. You should all feel very proud of the work.”

High praise indeed from one of the most qualified of motoring writers!

The price of the standard edition, which will be exclusively signed by James Fraser, the author, plus  Paul Skilleter and Tony Bailey, is GBP220 from ourselves only, but the good news is that an unsigned standard edition is now GBP195.00 (all plus shipping) from Chaters Booksellers. If you bought this edition before Christmas at GBP220.00, don’t worry as we are contacting all purchasers offering to refund the difference. Or instead, you can have GBP30.00 off most of our other books, or we can send you a signed bookplate for the edition you have.

The special leather slip-cased edition is signed by Mrs Pat Quinn (Pat Appleyard of NUB 120 fame), Bob Berry (ex-Jaguar, the fastest XK 120 race driver of the mid-1950s), and the author James Fraser.  It remains at GBP390.00 inclusive of shipping worldwide. We have just arranged a signing session so this special edition is now available again. Please visit our web site or phone 01425 612669 to purchase.



Jaguar XK150 Explored by Bernard Viart Jaguar XK150 Explored

Buy it while you can!

While re-organising our warehousing a few weeks ago to accept stocks of XK120 in Competition, we came across a small quantity of our highly sought-after book by Bernard Viart. We are unlikely ever to reprint this book in this form again, so it can only become more rare. But don’t pay some of the silly prices seen elsewhere: we are asking only GBP159.99. One copy per customer. Please visit our web site to purchase, and see below for other XK Explored offers.



Jaguar XK120 Explored

The Last Few !!

Our sort-out also revealed a just a handful of brand-new XK 120 Explored books. While we are now actively working on a revised version, we have 99.9% decided not to re-issue this superb original edition by Bernard Viart. It should therefore remain unique. But again, no need to pay the GBP700-plus prices being asked (and possibly obtained) elsewhere. XK 120 Explored is available from us at GBP310.00 – but possibly only for a matter of weeks or even days. One copy per customer. Please contact us direct: phone 01425 612669, e-mail


Special Offers!

Haynes Jaguar D-type Workshop Manual Jaguar D-TYPE Owners Workshop Manual

was GBP17.50 – sale price GBP12.00

Plus shipping


E-type Jaguar DIY 

was GBP29.00 – sale price GBP23.00

Plus shipping


Jaguar Collectibles 

was GBP24.95 – sale price GBP20

Plus shipping


Jaguar E-type – A celebration of the world’s favourite ’60s icon

was GBP23.00 – sale price GBP18.00

Plus shipping


Jaguar XK DIY Restoration and Maintenanace by Bob Exelby XK DIY Restoration & Maintenance

was GBP28.99 – sale GBP25.99

Plus shipping


Book: E-type Restoration Manual by David Barzilay E-Type Jaguar Restoration Manual

was GBP25.00 – sale GBP20.00

Plus shipping


Book: E-type factory and private competition cars by Peter Griffiths E-type Factory & Competition Cars

was GBP25.00, sale price GBP23.00

Plus shipping



Rare, shop-soiled or one-off books
The following books are not displayed on our web site (or not at these prices). Please phone us on 01425 612669, or e-mail, if you are interested in purchasing. Reduction in shipping costs for multiple purchases (UK only). Or save money by buying now and collect at Jaguar Spares Day on 31st March 2019, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire.

XK 150 Explored by Bernard Viart

Leather slip-cased edition, brand new and mint, signed by the author but numbered 000/150 out of official sequence. GBP179.00 inc UK shipping. SAVE GBP20.00!

XK 150 Explored by Bernard Viart

Leather slip-cased edition, brand new, number 74/150, but slight mark on front board. GBP170.00 inc UK shipping. SAVE OVER GBP30.00!


Brian Lister and the Cars from Cambridge Leather slip-cased edition, numbered, signed by Brian Lister, ‘Dick’ Barton and various members of the original Lister racing team of the 1950s. Sadly Brian Lister and Dick Barton have since deceased. Two copies only available at GBP245.00 each including shipping worldwide.


Book: Mike Hawthorn - Golden Boy by Paul Skilleter and Tony Bailey Mike Hawthorn Golden Boy

January 2019 marks the 60th anniversary of Mike’s death and this leather slip-cased first edition, signed by the authors, is number 59, reflecting the year 1959. Comes from Paul Skilleter’s personal collection and is brand new and mint, GBP199.00 plus GBP12.00 shipping UK.


Book: Mike Hawthorn - Golden Boy by Paul Skilleter and Tony Bailey (standard hardback) Mike Hawthorn Golden Boy

First edition (standard), signed by the authors, brand new and mint, GBP99.00 inc.shipping UK.  SAVE GBP20.00!


Standard edition, very slightly imperfect, GBP45.00 inc. shipping UK. Save GBP30.00!


Norman Dewis of Jaguar by Paul Skilleter Norman Dewis of Jaguar

Standard edition third reprint, signed by Norman Dewis and Paul Skilleter, new but dedicated to ‘Dear Dad’. Normal price GBP75.00, only GBP39.00 plus GBP10.00 shipping UK. SAVE GBP30.00!

(Cover sleeve may vary from that shown here)

Norman Dewis of Jaguar by Paul Skilleter Norman Dewis of Jaguar

Standard edition, 4th reprint, new but a few creased pages towards rear, only GBP25.00 plus GBP10.00 shipping UK. SAVE GBP50.00!

(Cover sleeve may vary from that shown here)


Norman Dewis of Jaguar

Leather slip-cased edition, signed by Norman, new but torn endpaper, GBP50.00 plus GBP10.00 shipping UK. SAVE GBP50.00!




Recent New Titles

The Jaguar XK 120 Authenticity Reference Guide

by Robert G. Sheridan and Roger Payne

This title, covering restoration/originality aspects of the XK 120, is proving popular and we are just about to receive another shipment from the United States. It defines details of originality mainly by way of colour photographs, plus authoritative commentary by two leading experts on the subject.

The publishers claim that this book is the most accurate guide to XK 120 authenticity in print, and at least until we get Bernard Viart’s XK 120 Explored reprinted in updated form (hopefully by late 2019) we believe this to be true. In fact the book uses by permission illustrations from both XK 120 Explored and the late Urs Schmid’s books on XK 120 originality – and in any case, as I have often said before every book on a particular subject adds something new.

Hardback with jacket, 302 pages, 290 x 225mm. Available in the UK and Europe only from ourselves as sole distributors at GBP160 plus GBP5.50 P&P UK, GBP12.00 Europe.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are anywhere other than in the UK or Europe, please purchase your copy from (US/worldwide), or if you are in Australia or New Zealand please e-mail the co-author:



Jaguar E-Type 6- Cylinder Originality Guide Jaguar E-type Six Cylinder Originality Guide

by Haddock & Mueller – updated and back in print!

As a reminder, the book has been compiled by two of the world’s foremost E-type originality experts (and Tom Haddock’s earlier books on E-types are now expensive collector’s items). Every model and sub-model is examined in minute detail with a vast quantity of new information on correct specifications and production changes for the 3.8 and 4.2 E-types. See our website for sample pages.

Hard bound with jacket, 304 x 219mm. GBP80.00 plus GBP2.95 P&P UK, GBP15.00 Europe, GBP28.00 Rest of World (air).


Please visit to order.

Please note that all our listed books are published in English



Archie’s Last Drive

A short film by Eben Skilleter

E-type Short Film!

As mentioned in the last newsletter, my son Eben is making a fictional short film involving an E-type restoration. This is an exciting creative endeavour and after some initial filming at Eagle E-types, it has now entered pre-production.  You can follow its progress on social media – updates can be found on either Instagram: @etypemovie, or Facebook:

A good ‘Q&A’ article by Letitia Mace on Eben and the E-type film has recently been published on the Xclusively Jaguar web site. Read it here: E-type Film!

The film will be shot later in the year, so stay tuned!




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