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In this newsletter we are pleased to offer a brand new book on the Mk 1/Mk 2 family by Nigel Thorley, and a fascinating book on road-testing Jaguars and other cars in-period, signed by the author Stuart Bladon. A reorganisation of our storage facility has uncovered a number of rare out-of-print titles which we are able to offer again for a short period. These include XK 150 Explored, Mike Hawthorn hardback first editions and Lister-Jaguar and Ecurie Ecosse books.


Book: Factory Original Jaguar Mk1 & Mk2 by Nigel Thorley NEW! Published November 2017
Factory Original Jaguar Mark 1 & 2
by Nigel Thorley

They may not have appreciated in value like E-types have over the past ten years, but the Jaguar ‘Mark 1′ and (especially) Mark 2 saloon ranges have remained highly popular. Indeed the relatively modest sum needed for an entry-level car – such as a 2.4 litre Mark 2 – has allowed many enthusiasts to get onto the classic Jaguar ladder. And in our view, the S-type and 420 saloons are still under-valued, yet are better on the road than their live-axled Mark 2 cousins.

It was the original 2.4 saloon of 1955 that took Jaguar into the semi-volume market. This car’s basic platform then made possible a whole family of smaller Jaguars including first the 3.4 variant, followed by the much-revised Mark 2 range, the long-booted S-type of 1964, the 4.2 litre 420 of 1967, and the final 240/340 models of 1968/9. Additionally there was the Daimler V8 version of the Mark 2 and the Jaguar-powered version of the 420 which introduced the Sovereign model name to the range.

Now Nigel Thorley has produced a highly useful book on all these cars. Nigel has been editor of the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club magazine for over 30 years, has authored many Jaguar books, and has himself owned a fine example of an early Mark 2 saloon. So he is well qualified to put pen to paper (or rather fingers to keyboard ) on the subject of Jaguar’s compact saloons of the 1950s and 60s.

The book covers all the models mentioned above, including engines and transmissions, body panels, interior and exterior trim, badging, electrics, dashboard, instruments, switches and controls, lamps, under-bonnet components, paint and trim colours – and not forgetting tool kits. The detailed text is accompanied by some 300 specially commissioned colour photographs of outstanding examples of the cars, helping to show how they evolved over the years and what restored examples should look like.

Great for intending purchasers, owners or those just interested to learn about these highly successful cars on which Jaguar’s survival depended in the 1960s.

Hardback, 152 pages 255 x 255mm, 300 + colour photos.

Our price GBP29.95, + GBP2.90 P&P UK, GBP10.96 Europe, GBP16.35 RoW air.



XK Books
We would like to reprint all three of the Explored books, but this is an intention only and by no means a certainty. In any case it would not be for many months, though rest assured that if reprints are put in hand, regular customers will be the first to know.

Jaguar XK150 Explored by Bernard Viart XK 150 Explored Standard Edition

by Bernard Viart

While re-organising our storage we located  half a dozen or so of Bernard Viart’s most recent ‘Explored’ title, covering all models and variations of the XK 150. We can offer this book for as long as these minimal stocks last at GBP140.00 each plus shipping.

Again, we believe this is cheaper than elsewhere. Like the two other Explored titles, it may or may not ever be reprinted. It is not cheap but anyone who has seen these books will appreciate the amount of work which Bernard Viart has devoted to compiling the vast amount of information and creating the drawings – of which there are over 2,000 in each book. Our web site carries sample pages (from the total of 445) if you would like to know more.

XK 150 Explored Slip Cased De Luxe Leather edition
We are now releasing a small quantity of slip-cased de luxe leather editions of XK 150 Explored. Signed by the author Bernard Viart and individually numbered, price is GBP165.00 plus shipping. Brand new and boxed, this edition is, we believe, unavailable elsewhere especially at this price! While stocks last.



Book: No Speed Limit by Stuart Bladon New to our web site!
No Speed Limit by Stuart Bladon
Signed by the author

Stuart Bladon happens to be a neighbour of mine, and a former colleague at Dorset House in London, then home of the magazines The Autocar and The Motor. But that’s not the reason why we have decided to add his book to our catalogue. The main reason is that it’s a time machine, giving the reader the opportunity of travelling back to the 1950s, 60s and 70s, decades when the author was on the staff of The Autocar magazine. This was at a time when a large proportion of the British car-buying public would not choose a new car until they had studied what The Autocar, or its great weekly rival The Motor, had to say about it.

During his 60-year career Stuart road tested hundreds of then-new cars which are now regarded as ‘classics’. Included are a number of Jaguars and indeed the book’s eye-catching cover illustration is a 1959 picture taken by Stuart from the ‘plus 2’ back seats of a works XK 150S fixedhead showing the speedometer almost off the clock at 140mph…

To properly understand an old car I feel it’s important to read assessments of them when they were current every-day cars, not cosseted classics. This provides perspective, which this book does in spades, while also not lacking humour as Stuart recounts crashes and near-escapes.

A modest paperback to be sure, but gold to anyone who wants to appreciate what cars and motoring were really like fifty or more years ago, driven hard in the un-speed limited conditions they were built for. Each copy will be signed personally by Stuart.

No Speed Limit by Stuart Bladon, paperback, 272 pages, 15.2 x 2 x 22.9cm . GBP 12.99 Post Free UK., Europe +GBP 3.15 , Rest of World +GBP 5.45



Book: Mike Hawthorn - Golden Boy by Tony Bailey and Paul Skilleter (Leatherbound version) Mike Hawthorn Golden Boy

by Tony Bailey and Paul Skilleter

Original first edition hardbacks join the current softback for a limited period!

We were very pleased when the original hardback version of our book on Britain’s first Formula One World Champion was recently nominated in Octane magazine by book specialist Ben Horton as being firmly in his top ten best motoring books of all time.

Well, by a genuine coincidence a reorganisation of our stores revealed a small number of the long out-of-print hardback first editions of Mike Hawthorn Golden Boy, in both standard and leather slip-cased versions.

The latter are complete with slip-case carrying the chrome and enamel TT Garage dashboard plaque, but although signed by the authors are not numbered: the numbered editions produced for the book’s 2008 launch sold out almost immediately, and the examples we are offering now were from a very small quantity put aside to replace any numbered books lost or damaged in transit. We had forgotten all about them… Price GBP150.00 plus shipping. Only one per customer.

Similarly we had put aside a very few standard editions, again the original 2008 first edition printing. They too are signed by the authors. Price GBP120.00 plus shipping. Only one per customer. These prices are considerably cheaper than are being asked elsewhere – if at all.

Shipping – Std: UK GBP9.95, EUROPE GBP15.00, ROW GBP23.00. Leather: UK GBP9.95,  EUROPE GBP15.00, ROW GBP25.00

Mike Hawthorn - Golden Boy (softback edition) Mike Hawthorn Golden Boy softback edition with updated text and containing much of the hardback contents, is of course still available at a bargain GBP29.95 post-free UK.



Book: Ecurie Ecosse by Eric Dymock Ecurie Ecosse by Eric Dymock

Out of print for a considerable time, our recent (December 2017) reorganisation of our storage facilities revealed a small quantity of brand new boxed copies which we have decided to make available. This title is being offered for over twice our price elsewhere, so buy now or you could be paying a lot more later! GBP75.00 plus shipping. Only one book per customer.

Shipping – Std: UK GBP5.55, Europe GBP 12.00, ROW GBP18.00.



Book: Lister Jaguar - Brian Lister and the cars from Cambridge by Paul Skilleter Lister-Jaguar –

Brian Lister and the Cars from Cambridge

by Paul Skilleter

We launched this book with Brian Lister and members of his original race team at Race Retro, 12-14 March 2010. Sadly Brian has since passed away. Out of print for some years, we are now re-listing this book as we have found a small number of unsold copies in our store. New and boxed, they are being offered for much more than this elsewhere. Buy while you have the chance! Price GBP75.00 plus shipping.

Shipping – Std: UK GBP5.55, Europe GBP 12.00, ROW GBP18.00.



E-Type Books

Book: E-type Restoration Manual by David Barzilay E-Type Jaguar Restoration Manual
Compiled by David Barzilay, Classic Motor Cars Ltd

This book approaches the E-type from a very different angle. Comprising 224 pages in a hard binding, it has been written by professional restorers – individuals from CMC’s workforce who each specialise in different aspects of the E-type Jaguar. I like what I call horse’s mouth books – that is, where the writers are those who actually do the work! CMC of Bridgnorth is one of Britain’s largest and most high-profile restorers of Jaguars, and in this book their top technicians show step-by-step how to restore a 3.8 litre E-type – body, trim, mechanical. Included are hundreds of illustrations showing the techniques employed. Excellent value too.

E-Type Jaguar Restoration Manual is available from us at GBP25.00 plus GBP3.90 P&P UK, GBP3.91 Europe, GBP15.00 Rest of World (air).


See our web site for the other E-type books which include Philip Porter’s massive Definitive E-type tome  and E-type DIY Restoration and Maintenance by Chris Rooke. Note that the highly popular E-type type Restoration book by Tom Haddock is so highly popular that it is temporarily out of print.


Book: Jaguar Lightweight E-type 49FXN Jaguar Lightweight E-Type:

The autobiography of 49 FXN

By Philip Porter and James Page

I was very impressed by this book. It is a comprehensive life-story of one of the most interesting lightweight E-types which was later developed privately away from Jaguar to become potentially one of the fastest of its breed.

The 320-page book commences with a review of the E-type’s development leading up to the 1963 ‘lightweight’ (a term not officially used by Jaguar in-period, incidentally!), and the background to owner-drivers Peter Lumsden and Peter Sargent. Both are happily still with us and, along with aerodynamics expert Dr Samir Klat, were able to add their personal reminiscences to the detailed research undertaken by authors Philip Porter and James Page.

Augmenting the detailed text covering the car’s racing career from 1963 to date are some 300 high-quality period photographs, the most interesting coming from 1960s and sourced from some of the world’s best motor sport archives. Many will be unfamiliar to the reader (they were to me) and are well worth the book’s price on their own! The reproduction quality is excellent and all in all, I have no hesitation in recommending this book to the student of the lightweight E-type Jaguar in motor racing.

Jaguar Lightweight E-Type: The autobiography of 49 FXN is available from us at GBP60.00 plus GBP6.29 P&P UK, GBP15.75 Europe, GBP23.00 Rest of World (air)





In stock and available from us NOW!

A new title in Haynes Publishing’s series of manuals on exotic cars and planes, this 156 page hardback book covers all D-types from the 1954 ‘all alloy’ works cars through to the long nose cars seen at Le Mans from 1955 to 1960. It also covers some of the major replicas.

Although as a manual it is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, nevertheless the book contains a lot of good, hard technical and workshop information, no little thanks to such experts as John Pearson and Chris Keith-Lucas. The author, Chas Parker, certainly takes particular advantage of CK-L’s experience and he was able to follow the restoration of one particular car in CKL’s workshops.

The sometimes tricky subject of reconstructed cars is discussed,too, and I find myself quoted at some length in this context. The book recounts the time when John Pearson asked me to accompany him to France to recover the frame and other mortal remains of XKD 543, which John eventually rebuilt so authentically that it is more original than quite a few other D-types having less dramatic histories!

Following a good account of the D-type’s activities in period (augmented by a large number of ‘new’ photographs which were certainly unfamiliar to this writer), the technicalities of the D-type’s unique construction are explained, along with a detailed description of its major component parts – and, as befits a ‘manual’, servicing data. There are occasional little errors as is inevitable with any book by any author, but as a highly informative guide to this magnificent Le Mans winner from Jaguar, it can be recommended with confidence. Especially at the price!

Jaguar D-type Owners’ Workshop Manual by Chas Parker is available from us at only GBP18.95 including P&P UK, GBP3.00 Europe.



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