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Offers from Paul Skilleter and PJ Publishing May 2017

We have three new Jaguar books in stock now, covering the 1980s/90s XJR Le Mans cars and the Jaguar E-type. All add something worthwhile to the Jaguar enthusiast’s library, with prices to suit all pockets. The new Thomas Haddock E-type originality book listed in the last newsletter has been selling very well.




 Jaguar Lightweight E-Type:

The autobiography of 49 FXN

By Philip Porter and James Page

 Book: Jaguar Lightweight E-type 49FXN


I was very impressed by this book. It is a comprehensive life-story of one of the most interesting lightweight E-types which was later developed privately away from Jaguar to become potentially one of the fastest of its breed.

The 320-page book commences with a review of the E-type’s development leading up to the 1963 ‘lightweight’ (a term not officially used by Jaguar in-period, incidentally!), and the background to owner-drivers Peter Lumsden and Peter Sargent. Both are happily still with us and, along with aerodynamics expert Dr Samir Klat, were able to add their personal reminiscences to the detailed research undertaken by authors Philip Porter and James Page.

Augmenting the detailed text covering the car’s racing career from 1963 to date are some 300 high-quality period photographs, the most interesting coming from 1960s and sourced from some of the world’s best motor sport archives. Many will be unfamiliar to the reader (they were to me) and are well worth the book’s price on their own! The reproduction quality is excellent and all in all, I have no hesitation in recommending this book to the student of the lightweight E-type Jaguar in motor racing.

Jaguar Lightweight E-Type: The autobiography of 49 FXN is available from us at GBP60.00 plus GBP6.29 P&P UK, GBP15.75 Europe, GBP23.00 Rest of World (air)

Available via our website



E-Type Jaguar Restoration Manual

Compiled by David Barzilay,

Classic Motor Cars Ltd.

 Book: E-type Restoration Manual


This book approaches the E-type from a very different angle. Comprising 224 pages in a hard binding, it has been written by professional restorers – individuals from CMC’s workforce who each specialise in different aspects of the E-type Jaguar. I like what I call horse’s mouth books – that is, where the writers are those who actually do the work! CMC of Bridgnorth is one of Britain’s largest and most high-profile restorers of Jaguars, and in this book their top technicians show step-by-step how to restore a 3.8 litre E-type – body, trim, mechanical. Included are hundreds of illustrations showing the techniques employed. Excellent value too.

E-Type Jaguar Restoration Manual is available from us at GBP25.00 plus GBP3.90 P&P UK, GBP3.91 Europe, GBP15.00 Rest of World (air).

Available via our website



Jaguar XJR-9 Owner’s Haynes Workshop Manual

(XJR-5 to XJR-16)

By Mike Cotton

 Book: Haynes Workshop Manual - Jaguar XJR Group C and IMSA Racing Cars


I previously published Jaguar Quarterly magazine (before we changed the name to Jaguar World), a new title which we launched in the early autumn of 1988 – just in time to report on Jaguar’s momentous Le Mans win that year. The TWR Jaguar team went on to race at Le Mans again (and win for the second time in 1990), they won the World Sportscar Championship, and also built cars for the American IMSA championship.

Our main contributor during these years, reporting personally from many of the various races, was Mike Cotton. Mike has now written a most comprehensive account of all the TWR Jaguars involved, and for those who want the full story of the racing XJRs this book is essential reading.
Mike examines the entire range of XJR Group C and IMSA sports racing cars, so the book’s XJR-9 title somewhat understates the value of this work. It is incredibly detailed with individual chassis histories, race-by-race reports, technical explanations, driver profiles etc. There’s even an index – such an invaluable tool for the researcher – and is hardly expensive. Buy it!

Jaguar XJR-9 is available from us at only GBP15.50 plus GBP2.90 P&P UK, GBP8.26 Europe, GBP13.50 Rest of World (air)

Available via our website



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Beaulieu and Stoneleigh 2017

We are not sure whether will be be at the Beaulieu International Autojumble in September, as for various reasons we may skip the 2017  autumn event and instead attend the Spring 2018 Autojumble.

However, we will certainly be in our usual position next to the cafeteria at the International Jaguar Spares Day at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire on
Sunday, 8th October. Various special offers will be available, plus you don’t pay any shipping. Norman Dewis is usually on our pitch for most of the day, so come and have a chat!


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