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Jaguar E-Type 6- Cylinder Originality Guide

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It’s been some time coming, but just published is the new book on E-type originality by Dr Thomas Haddock and Dr Michael Mueller. Tom Haddock’s previous books on this topic are well known and highly regarded, with certain early editions now in the collectors’ market and commanding high prices.

But when I learnt from Tom that he was going to produce a new book in collaboration with Michael Mueller, I knew at once it was going to be extra special,. This is because all Tom’s knowledge would be combined with Michael’s, with the further advantage of Michael’s extensive collection of original, unrestored E-types – which have to be a key ingredient for any book on originality. However authentically restored, a restored car is exactly that and can never fully duplicate what actually left Browns Lane. It is inevitably something of an interpretation. Nor is even factory literature always correct or consistent: spare parts catalogues and bulletins have to be assessed and compared with what Jaguar actually put out there… And joy of joys, there’s an index, vital in any reference book and surprisingly lacking in some otherwise good Jaguar books.

The production qualities of Tom’s earlier books were, shall we say, not exactly state-of-the art, but the new book is totally professional in terms of design and production, while the quality of the illustrations (mostly of unrestored E-types and mostly in colour) is really excellent. Due credit therefore to publishers Dalton Watson, and for a more detailed description of the new book I can do no better than quote them direct:-

This book on Jaguar E-type originality is based on research spanning almost five decades, and Drs. Haddock and Mueller include here extensive new information from an exhaustive four-year examination of the Mueller collection of over fifty E-types. As such, the book is archaeological in nature, based more on observations of cars than on factory publications or other literature. The examination of principally un-restored cars, many partly or completely disassembled and still retaining their original configuration, permitted discovery of much detailed information not reported before. The large volume of data used in the compilation of this work permitted statistical analysis of production changes that would be impossible with a smaller data-set. It significantly advances the understanding of the original configuration of these remarkable cars.

A few of the many topics included are:-

  • Variations between early and late E-type Moss transmissions
  • An analysis of engine block and head part numbers and configurations, especially the complex and numerous variations of 4.2-liter engine blocks
  • A review of the myriad of small sheet-metal variations in the tub, bonnet and doors, especially the subtle changes in coupe bodywork in early in 3.8-liter E-type production
  • Hidden markings on instruments
  • Review of the subtle variations in the early cooling fan motors
  • Coupe sun-visor evolution
  • Markings and tags on carburetors
  • Markings on the various tires originally supplied on E-types

There is naturally a bias towards the (far more numerous) left-hand drive cars, but even so, for those restoring any six-cylinder E-type to original specification, or who simply wish to understand how this great sports car evolved, I would use the time-honoured phrase, “this book is essential reading.”

The book spans an impressive 516 pages (size 304 mm x 219 mm), and is hard bound with jacket. There are no less than 1,568 colour and black and white photographs.

Jaguar E-type Six Cylinder Originality Guide by Haddock and Mueller is available from us at GBP95.00 plus GBP2.95 P&P UK, GBP15.00 Europe, GBP28.00 Rest of World (air).

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Haynes Jaguar D-type Workshop Manual

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A new title in Haynes Publishing’s series of manuals on exotic cars and planes, this 156 page hardback book covers all D-types from the 1954 ‘all alloy’ works cars through to the long nose cars seen at Le Mans from 1955 to 1960. It also covers some of the major replicas.

Although as a manual it is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, nevertheless the book contains a lot of good, hard technical and workshop information, no little thanks to such experts as John Pearson and Chris Keith-Lucas. The author, Chas Parker, certainly takes particular advantage of CK-L’s  experience and he was able to follow the restoration of one particular car in CKL’s workshops.

The sometimes tricky subject of reconstructed cars is discussed,too, and I find myself quoted at some length in this context. The book recounts the time when John Pearson asked me to accompany him to France to recover the frame and other mortal remains of XKD 543, which John eventually rebuilt so authentically that it is more original than quite a few other D-types having less dramatic histories!

Following a good account of the D-type’s activities in period (augmented by a large number of ‘new’ photographs which were certainly unfamiliar to this writer), the technicalities of the D-type’s unique construction are explained, along with a detailed description of its major component parts – and, as befits a ‘manual’, servicing data. There are occasional little errors as is inevitable with any book by any author, but as a highly informative guide to this magnificent Le Mans winner from Jaguar, it can be recommended with confidence. Especially at the price!

Jaguar D-type Owners’ Workshop Manual by Chas Parker is available from us at only GBP18.95 including P&P UK, GBP3.00 Europe.

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Also from Paul Skilleter Books


 by Bob Exelby

 Jaguar XK DIY Restoration and Maintenanace by Bob Exelby


There is a lot to be learned about restoring cars from experts, of course, but when a dedicated amateur puts pen to paper and recounts his experiences, you can expect true garage-floor realism! Not everything goes right, and Bob Exelby tells it like it is.

Not that he is without experience, as he has worked on old cars for some 50 years, so is used to problem-solving without the full resources of a professional workshop – which is why this book will be so valuable to the XK owner who likes to do whatever they can at home, from frame-up restorations to changing the spark plugs.  So lots of hard-won tips and techniques on all aspects of restoration and servicing (and Bob kindly acknowledges that our XK 120 Explored book was useful to him!). Highly recommended. Hardback, 304 pages, 400 + illustrations, GBP30.00 plus GBP5.50 P&P UK

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by Nigel Thorley

Jaguar - all the cars by Nigel Thorley


This is a substantially updated fourth edition of his book, which now runs to over 390 pages. I find it highly useful for quickly checking out any Jaguar, especially later models where the plethora of different wheels and trim levels offered can be quite confusing (at least to me). For an instant guide to virtually every production model Jaguar ever made, I reckon this book remains unbeatable.

As before, all the classic models are included plus now, all the latest models from Jaguar such as the aluminium XF, XE and even the new F-PACE SUV.  The key external and internal features of every car are pictured and/or described, and there are dimensions, colours, prices new, from/to build dates, numbers made and production changes.

Hardback with jacket. 390pp, size 17.5 x 24cm, GBP40.00 inc. P&P UK, + GBP3.40 Europe

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by Bernard Viart

 Jaguar XK150 Explored by Bernard Viart

 Regular customers will already know about this third title in the Explored trilogy by French author Bernard Viart. The heart of the book consists of thousands of perspective colour drawings of the XK 150, broken down to its component parts – body, suspension, interior, wiring, engine, gearbox, axle etc. Both LHD and RHD cars are covered, and all models including ‘S’. The plates are augmented by chapters on the XK 150’s history, including its competition activities and some famous owners. These are illustrated by many period photographs. Plus there is much data such as numbers built and production changes etc. It is no exaggeration to say that this book is essential if you own an XK 150, particularly if you are intending to restore it. 445 pages. GBP110 plus GBP9.9.5 P&P UK.

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Note: Regarding sister titles XK 120 Explored and XK 140 Explored, we are currently out of stock but our US agent may still have copies. Please visit




by Paul Skilleter with Norman Dewis

Norman Dewis of Jaguar by Paul Skilleter

Astonishingly – until you remember just how much he achieved and experienced at Jaguar between 1952 and 1985 –  Norman’s book continues to sell well. So well, in fact, that we have just sold out of the 6th printing and have ordered a 7th…  This time we have introduced a revised jacket, and updated a couple of pages near the end of the book to include such as Norman’s being bestowed the Order of the British Empire.

The price will remain the same and the book should be back in stock towards the end of  May. Oh, yes, and Norman was on our stand at the International Jaguar Spares Day at Stoneleigh on 26th March 2017, signing the last remaining copies of his book and chatting to friends and customers. Apart from a short break for lunch he didn’t sit down all day. For those who don’t know him, he’s 96…

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Jaguar C-type, D-type and Lightweight E-type Register

This is the definitive listing of every single C-, D-, and Lt Wt E-type built – individual car histories, race appearances, statistics etc. The result of years of research. Many new pictures. Compiled under the editorship of former Jaguar Heritage archivist Anders Clausager, this is a book for the serious enthusiast! Size 210 x 295mm, soft cover, 240 pages. GBP39.95 inc P&P UK, +GBP5.00 Europe.

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Mike Hawthorn - Golden Boy (softback edition)

Following its first publication as a hardback in 2008 and authored by Tony Bailey and Paul Skilleter, Mike Hawthorn Golden Boy was described as one of the most significant motoring books of recent years. Both the original edition and a subsequent reprint sold out some while ago, but due to popular demand, in June 2014 a new softback edition was published, updated and augmented with fresh information.

As before, the new edition presents a unique record of the life and times of Britain’s first World Champion. It includes not only the vast amount of new material which came to light during research for the original book – much from people who knew Mike – but the softback edition’s 290 pages also contain important updates and new photographs related to this famous Farnham resident..

Of this additional material, vital new evidence is included which further vindicates Mike Hawthorn from responsibility for the terrible 1955 Le Mans accident. This comes in the form of a long-lost letter to Jaguar Cars Ltd from a highly qualified on-the-spot expert eyewitness whose corroborated account tallies exactly with the reconstructed film footage of the accident – which appeared after the original edition of this book was published and which is also analysed.

Also new is testimony from the policeman who first attended the accident on the Guildford by-pass which resulted in Mike Hawthorn’s death in 1959. Interviewed by the authors, he still had his original police pocket book containing the notes he made at the time.

As in the previous edition, Mike’s personal life is covered in depth along with full details of his racing career, the latter introduced by Farnham resident and well-known journalist and historian Doug Nye. Many photographs cover both Mike’s family life and his motor racing, augmented by purpose-taken aerial photographs of key locations. The book particularly singles out for close examination his special relationship with Jaguar – both the cars and the company. The many cars Mike owned personally (and also in some cases, raced) are covered extensively, with current owners interviewed worldwide. There are also specially-commissioned paintings of the more important of Mike’s cars.

The appendices include a never-before attempted listing of all Mike’s competition appearances, with results and even his race-car numbers, plus previously unpublished colour photographs of Mike’s son, Arnaud, taken at Silverstone.

Currently on offer at GBP29.95 inc shipping to UK addresses, extra overseas.

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Mike Hawthorn Tourist Trophy Garage Badge

Due literally to popular demand, we commissioned a new run of the TT badge which is based on the one that Mike Hawthorn’s garage in Farnham placed on the cars they sold. Featuring St Christopher in relief at the centre, this handsome metal and enamel badge would enhance any Jaguar – or indeed other period marque or  mantelpiece.

It is now available price GBP15.00 including P&P worldwide.

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