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A message from Paul Skilleter

First, many thanks to thank all of you who responded to our GDPR e-mail. I was relieved and very heartened when affirmative replies very quickly began to arrive, and in increasing numbers: Approve, APPROVE!, APPROVE!!!’. In fact it was like a roll-call of old friends from all over the world. The very privacy regulations which prompted our request no doubt prevents me from mentioning names, but they include customers and friends we have known for many years, decades in some cases. Thank you all.




The Jaguar XK120

Authenticity Reference Guide


by Robert G. Sheridan and Roger Payne


It was largely American enthusiasts who first began restoring XKs to a high standard, and who increasingly paid attention to ‘originality’ – how the cars were the day they left the factory. The Jaguar Clubs of North America (JCNA) encouraged the search for authenticity and published various guides over the years. These have provided some of the foundations on which this book is based, though greatly expanded and refined, and its scope widened far beyond the local JCNA concours scene. Indeed Bob Sheridan’s co-author Roger Payne comes from a right-hand drive country – Australia!

Methodically divided into exterior, underbonnet, interior, boot etc., the many photographs and illustrations show how each model of XK 120 (open two-seater, fixed-head coupé, drop-head coupé) should appear. Critically, the book covers key detail items which distinguish the truly authentic car from one that merely looks ‘nice’.

The publishers claim that this book is the most accurate guide to XK 120 authenticity in print, and at least until we get Bernard Viart’s XK 120 Explored reprinted in updated form (hopefully by late 2019) we believe this to be true. In fact the book uses by permission illustrations from both XK 120 Explored and the late Urs Schmid’s books on XK 120 originality – and in any case, as I have often said before every book on a particular subject adds something new.

Hardback with jacket, 302 pages, 290 x 225mm. Available in the UK and Europe only from ourselves as sole distributors at GBP160 plus GBP5.50 P&P UK, GBP12.00 Europe.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are anywhere other than in the UK or Europe, please purchase your copy from (US/worldwide), or if you are in Australia or New Zealand please e-mail the co-author:

This book can be purchased from us at International Jaguar Spares Day 21st October 2018



Vintage Jaguar Keyrings

by Morrill ‘Bud’ Marston


It shows the strength of the Jaguar name if a book on ’just’ keyrings is considered commercially viable by a major publisher – Dalton Watson in this case. Congratulations to them for adopting Bud Marston’s work, which I can assure you turns out to be fascinating and far more instructive than I for one could have imagined from the title alone.

Although the book claims to cover mainly 1955-1980, there are interesting references to earlier keyrings before the story moves on to the mid-1950s. I had no idea that during this period more than 300 different Jaguar keyrings were issued, most coming with the 350,000-odd new Jaguars delivered worldwide during those years. Bud poses the question of just how many of those keyrings are left today, and he surmises under 1,000…

Bud has assembled probably the world’s the most extensive collection of these, official and unofficial, and for the book he commissioned the noted jewellery photographer Jessica Marcotte to record more than 300 of them. The results are spectacular, so this book is a visual feast as well as being an academic  record.

Vintage Jaguar Keyrings also delves into how keyrings and fobs were made, and notes the major makers and how to identify them from marks on the reverse. Every keyring offered in Jaguar parts manuals for every model between 1955 and 1980 is identified, and official Jaguar literature on accessories and optional extras is listed and in some cases reproduced. The cars themselves are illustrated to place the keyrings in context.

E-type owner Bud has spent years researching the subject, and consulting some of the world’s most well-known Jaguar automobilia experts, not least our own Ian Cooling who in fact provides the Foreword. Ian tells me that he considers the book “stands as a hugely impressive tribute to the diligence of Bud’s research and the quality of his scholarship….a superb piece of work that will stand the test of time and earn its place on the bookshelf of every fan of the Jaguar marque – and beyond.” We agree, and consider that the book, beautifully presented in a slip-case, more than justifies its price.

Note that there is also a limited run of 100 books signed by the author and numbered. We have a few of these in stock – please see below.

Vintage  Jaguar Keyrings 1955-1980, hardback with slip-case, 216 x 216mm, 288 pages, 300 images. Standard edition price GBP68.00 including free P&P UK, + GBP12.00 Europe, + GBP17.50 Rest of World.

Vintage  Jaguar Keyrings 1955-1980, hardback with slip-case, 216 x 216mm, 288 pages, 300 images. Deluxe edition of 100 numbered copies signed by the author price GBP97.20 including free P&P UK, + GBP12.00 Europe, + GBP17.50 Rest of World.

Both editions of this book can be purchased from us at International Jaguar Spares Day 21st October 2018



The Jaguar XK 120 in Competition

by Dr James Fraser


We are delighted to announce that Mrs Pat Quinn, formerly Pat Appleyard and the elder daughter of Sir William and Lady Lyons, has very kindly agreed to sign the special slip-cased editions of our forthcoming major new book. No-one better, as with her then husband, the late Ian Appleyard, she took the Jaguar name to the top of international rallying in the early 1950s. Her favourite Jaguar was of course NUB 120, with which they won the first-ever Alpine Gold Cup. Great news indeed!

We are equally pleased to announce that Robert E. Berry has also kindly greed to sign the leather editions. While working in Jaguar’s PR department at the time, Bob Berry prepared and raced the quickest XK 120 on the circuits in the mid-1950s, MWK 120 carrying one of the ‘LT’ lightweight Le Mans bodies. The full story of this car is told in the book.

I can  also report that the book has now gone to press and, all being well, advance copies will be with us by mid/late November, in plenty of time for pre-Christmas delivery (including to Europe).  When they have arrived, we aim to notify by e-mail all those who have expressed interest, and will issue a Newsletter just prior to publication. Meanwhile please keep an eye on our web site which already contains a description and sample pages.

Delayed mainly by personal circumstances on the part of author James Fraser and myself, the extra time has allowed further research and the book has grown from 300-odd pages to nearly 500… We have also added hundreds more high-quality period  photographs, including ultra-rare early 1950s colour pictures from master photographers such as Klemantaski and Guy Griffiths.

Along with this pictorial record, several hundred cars are listed variously by registration number, chassis number and driver – thanks not least to ace XK recorder David Bentley. For the serious XK 120 enthusiast the value of these tables alone are probably worth the price – which inevitably has had to be increased.

Only 550 will be available on general sale, plus the 120 slip-cased leather-bound signed and numbered editions mentioned above. These special editions will never be re-issued, and reprinting the standard edition is not anticipated, so this will be a once-only chance to own this book – which may well be the last full length book I will ever publish (it has certainly been the most complex!).

The standard edition will be GBP245.00, and as we consider that as it contains far more information than that in books from some other publishers who ask double this amount, we consider this very good value.

The leather slip-cased edition will be GBP395.00, and will be signed by the author, Pat Quinn and Bob Berry.


Jaguar E-Type 6- Cylinder Originality Guide Jaguar E-type Six Cylinder Originality Guide by Haddock & Mueller


Updated and back in print!

First published last year, this highly detailed book by Haddock & Mueller sold out within months. However, it has been reprinted and we now have supplies of the new print run.

The authors have taken advantage of the reprint to make some amendments and additions, so although we would not necessarily advise owners of the first edition to buy this one, new purchasers can rest assured that this is the most up-to-date and accurate version.

As a reminder, the book has been compiled by two of the world’s foremost E-type originality experts (and Tom Haddock’s earlier books on E-types are now expensive collector’s items). Every model and sub-model is examined in minute detail with a vast quantity of new information on correct specifications and production changes for the 3.8 and 4.2 E-types. See our website for sample pages. Hard bound with jacket, 304 x 219mm. GBP95.00 plus GBP2.95 P&P UK, GBP15.00 Europe, GBP28.00 Rest of World (air).



The Jaguar E-type Factory & Private Competition Cars by Peter Griffiths E-type factory and private competition cars by Peter Griffiths


Published in May 2018, this book had been under preparation for nearly five years – most of the time with ourselves, PJ Publishing Ltd. However, factors conspired against us publishing it and we handed the project over to Veloce Publishing.

As I say in my Foreword to it, this is an E-type book like no other! Peter Griffiths’ main interest lies not in the well-covered famous-driver and Lightweight cars, but the period from 1965 onwards when the car finally became a consistent race winner – albeit mainly in lower levels of motor sport.

So while the works and other E-types of the early 1960s are certainly covered, the real direction of the book lies in the ‘Prodsports’ and ‘Modsports’ eras, when the car became highly modified and far quicker than any Lightweight. Drivers like Warren Pearce, John Quick, John Wilson, John Lewis, John Burbidge and many others engaged in titanic battles on British circuits, providing some of the most exciting sports car racing of the late 1960s/early 1970s. This was certainly my favourite E-type racing period and I remember around 1973 track-testing 7 CXW, the ex-Ken Baker early roadster then being raced with great success in Modsports form by John Harper.

Peter’s 40+ years of following E-type racing has resulted in a really entertaining book, and he pulls no punches when describing how cars evolved and how the survivors have ended up today. Hundreds of great pictures and a 450 long (!) car-by-car listing are included. I don’t think anyone else could have written this book and I am sure it’s going to be a big success.

Large format hardback with over 450 photographs, many never published before. Price GBP40 + P&P.



Paul Skilleter Books will be at International Jaguar Spares Day on Sunday, 21st October, at the National Agricultural Centre, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, CV8 2LZ  We will be in our normal spot adjacent to the cafeteria. With us, we hope, will as usual be Norman Dewis OBE, to chat and sign books (or anything else for that matter!). We will be selling his own book at an advantageous show price, which he will sign and dedicate if required.

Many other Jaguar books will be for sale, including the two new titles described above and also sample pages from our own new title, the Jaguar XK 120 in Competition, which can be reserved.

Peter Wilson, author of our XJ13 book, will be assisting me along with Tony Bailey (who has played a major role in getting XK 120 in Competition to press), while Ian Cooling (of Jaguar automobilia fame) will again be on the stand with some choice Jaguar automobilia for sale, plus items to be featured in his next automobilia auction. A good opportunity for anyone interested in Jaguar automobilia to talk to the world’s leading expert! You are welcome to bring items of your own for Ian to identify and value – a Jaguar antiques road show, no less!.


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