Brucie’s Diary: July 2017

Current mileage: 170,474

Participating in so many events throughout the UK means that I have not had time to write reports on all of them, so the ones I have chosen this month were my favourites!


26th June 2017 – Dave Withers

The day Dave Withers, formerly of Jaguar Heritage, and now working for Jaguar Classic, came to see OUR collection was a very special one, and we felt truly honoured!

Dave arrived in his Chevrolet Chevelle SS which he had chosen to buy in preference to a Jaguar for two reasons. Firstly, he is used to working on unique and priceless cars like XJ13, so anything less would be a let-down by comparison. Secondly, he said, it would be a bit like a busman’s holiday!

Our manual X300 XJR, last of the line and formerly part of the Jaguar Heritage Collection at Brown’s Lane, was once in Dave’s care, and he was pleased to see that it was still being cared for!

Dave Withers with his Chevrolet Chevelle and the last manual X300 XJR


Dave and Rob discuss Dave’s Chevrolet, which is the main topic, while our Triumph TR6 is in the background. I was very fortunate to be a passenger in the Chevrolet Chevelle on the day that Dave visited us during his recent tour of Scotland, which he documented on Facebook.

Dave Withers and Rob Jenner with their Chevrolet Chevell and Triumph TR6, respectively


Dave Withers and Rob Jenner discuss our ‘Ivory’ 3.2 XJ40 (Jaguar Paint Code NDV 828 – 1993MY).

Dave Withers and Rob Jenner discuss an Ivory paint test JaguarXJ40

Ivory was one of several colours chosen by the wives of Jaguar’s Directors to go forward to Customer Clinics for selection for the 1993 Model Year. We think she is stunning, with her contrasting Isis Blue hide trim, but this colour never made it into production so she is one of only 6 Jaguars produced in Ivory, and the only XJ40 remaining. Her sister car, identical in all but for Doeskin hide, which we didn’t think was quite so striking and we resisted the temptation to purchase her when she was for sale on ebay a couple of years ago, in very poor condition. Records suggest that she has since been scrapped. There were four XJS’s, two convertibles and two coupes. One XJS, a 4.0 Coupe, has been scrapped and the other has never been found.  The 2 Convertibles are believed to survive.

Ivory paint test Jaguar XJS Convertible courtesy of PistonheadsThis Ivory XJS Convertible, with Isis Blue hide trim, was featured on Pistonheads and is believed to survive Ivory paint test Jaguar XJS CoupeThis Ivory XJS Coupe was scrapped due to poor condition


Rob Jenner unveils our Daimler Majestic Insignia, a stunning 13,000 mile car finished in ‘White Pearl’ (Jaguar Paint Code NDT 832) one of the 10 colours unique to the Insignia range. This bespoke car was ordered by an Arab Royal family, stored in London, and chaffaur driven when the family were in residence in their London home, hence the ultra low mileage.

Rob Jenner shows Dave Withers his Daimler Majestic Insignia

This picture demonstrates the difference between Ivory (left) and White Pearl, as it is difficult to distuingish them in photographs without seeing the two together. Ivory is a solid colour and White Pearl is pearlescent – in certain lights the colours and effect are that of Mother of Pearl!

Jaguar Ivory and Pearl White paint


Brucie, woken from his slumber for a special photo with Dave Withers

Dave Withers with Brucie


On seeing this picture on the wall in our kitchen, Dave remembered facilitating the photo below in 2013 – as he was loading XJ13 onto the transporter to take it back to Jaguar Heritage, from Nigel Webb’s home, famous for housing the Mike Hawthorn Museum. I asked him if I could have a photo of Brucie with XJ13, so he drove XJ13 into the yard at Nigel Webb’s farm so that I could take the photo’s I wanted, and then he took a photo of me with Brucie and XJ13 together – cherished! Norman Dewis Day 2013

Brucie with XJ13



2nd July 2017 – Scottish Jaguar Day

Rob Jenner travelled down to Birmingham the week before the show, collected the JEC raffle car and drove it to Scottish Jaguar Day, while I took our silver X-type 3 litre Sport Premium manual petrol estate to its one and only show, before someone made us an offer for this very rare X-type variant, and it was sold on!

David Marks travelled up to Scotland the day before Scottish Jaguar Day in his magnificent Mark 7 which precipitated a spontanous photo shoot at the house before we left for Doune.

Jaguar X-type Manual Petrol 3.0 Sport Premium Estate

David Marks Jaguar Mark 7

Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club Jaguar XK 5.0 dhc Prize Draw Car for 2017


In the evening Steve and Iris Cocks, who had travelled up from the Isle of Wight in their XF, joined us for dinner and then took away the award for furthest travelled at Scottish Jaguar Day!

From the opposite end of the UK, Graham Johnston (former Shetland Classic Motor Show Chairman) had travelled down to Scottish Jaguar Day from the island of Shetland, in his X350 Super V8.

Jaguar X350 Super V8


The event was supported by Xclusively Jaguar sponsors, Pentland Jaguar of Edinburgh who displayed an F-type and an F-Pace and offered the chance to win an F-type for a weekend! This very popular raffle prize was also offered at the 2016 event.

Pentland Jaguar of Edinburgh


David Marks was given the difficult task of selecting car of the day, which unfortunately ruled out his Mark 7 as the possible winner!

David Marks with his Jaguar Mark 7 at Scottish Jaguar Day



This stunning XJ-S Le Mans Coupe, owned by David Stoddart, Chairman of our local JEC Region (Edinburgh & SE Scotland), won the award for 'Car of the Day' which was presented by David Marks


The show was very well supported, despite the miserable overcast weather, and while I was kept busy selling over £1000 worth of raffle tickets for the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club Prize Draw car,  JEC Edinburgh member, Paul Keating, took pictures of the event on my behalf, which can be seen on the Xclusively Jaguar Facebook page

Prince Philip Trust Prize Draw Jaguar XK

Pictures of Scottish Jaguar Day courtesy of Paul Keating

More pictures of David’s Mark 7 and Scottish Jaguar Day can be seen on the Xclusively Jaguar Facebook page



8th July 2017- SNG Barratt Hillclimb at Shelsley Walsh


Whatever they undertake to do, SNG Barratt always present it in a truly professional manner.

Their first hillclimb was three years ago, and each year they have added a little more to the event.

In addition to the privilege of being allowed to take our own cars up the hill, we were also able to drive the SNG Barratt E-type up the hill.

For those not brave enough to drive the hill themselves, there was the opportunity to accompany Julian Barratt as a passenger in his AWD F-type.

Julian has driven the hill in his F-type for the last 3 years and certainly knows how to make the most of the blistering performance of this Jaguar and set a benchmark time which none of the rest of us could come anywhere close to !!!

This year, additionally, we were each treated to a goodie bag which contained a useful assortment of brochures, updates, offers, latest news and stationary, plus an unexpected chocolate bar, aptly named ‘RACER’ which was thoroughly delicious, so I now need to find a stockist to raid!

Rob and I took our black manual X300 XJR in order to make the most of the opportunity of driving the hill at speed, and to quote Mr Jenner ‘Don’t forget, it’s non-competitive!’ however, he was first to check the times and I need to improve if I am going to beat him!

We also invited Jamie Ryan and Tony Lowe, Millers Oils Managing Director and Sales and Marketing Director, respectively, who very obviously thoroughly enjoyed the whole event, opting to take SNG Barratt’s E-type up the hill in preference to their own cars (a Jaguar X351 XJ …. and a Porsche, I believe?) and Tony Lowe reported back to us in an email the following day with the clear and concise comment: Very much appreciated… I am still beaming!

Many thanks, once again, to Julian and all the SNG Barratt staff who give up their day for our motoring pleasure, and especially to Julian for providing an event at such an amazing venue, all completely gratis, including hire of helmets to meet motorsport rules and food and drink in the Stratstone cafe all day at absolutely no cost to all those who attend the event!

The event also marked Jessica Ralph’s last day ‘in the office’ which luckily was an outdoor one, as she booked everyone in and gave general advice. Jessica will now be on maternity leave until next year, when she will return to her post at SNG Barratt, where she has been PR/Marketing Manager for the last seven years.

Xclusively Jaguar eagerly awaits news of the safe arrival of ‘Baby Ralph’ due 3rd August!

SNG Barratt



9th July 2017 – Cosford XJ40 Meet

For this event Rob and I were not able to bring any XJ40’s as we had arrived in our black manual X300 XJR, straight from the SNG Barratt hillclimb of the day before.

I was shocked and honoured to be asked by John Ratcliffe to judge the XJ40’s present on the day and pick the one I would most like to take home with me!

This was in acknowledgement of my XJ40 (E264 OMP) winning the car of the day award at Dunkeld last year, so in theory, I suppose I should know how to pick a good XJ40 !!

It isn’t easy to choose between well-modified, very original, high and low mileage cars, pristine show cars and daily drivers, as any XJ40 at a dedicated event, such as this, is by definition loved in its own way! There were some very nice, and very rare, XJ40’s including a manual; a Majestic; a 2.9 with an analogue instrument panel; an extremely early car and a Daimler with a rear bench seat!

Rob was asked to present the prizes, and my ‘Car of the Day’ was Carl Allison’s Flamenco Red 3.2 Sport which was highly commended at Dunkeld last year, and although the car wasn’t perfect in every detail, owner Carl Allison is aware of its minor short-comings and I appreciate how difficult it is to maintain these cars in original condition!

Carl Allison with his 1994 Flamenco Red XJ40 3.2 Sport - Car of the Day at Cosford 2017


Coming a very close second was a very late, very rare, low mileage 2.9 with an analogue instrument panel which from a visual and specification viewpoint was almost identical to a 3.6 I had owned over a decade ago, which sadly has not survived.

Rare 2.9 Jaguar XJ40 with analogue instrument panel


John Ratcliffe, Rob Jenner and myself all agreed the ‘Spirit of the Event’ award should go to a very early XJ40 which had been modified to the extreme, and to a very high standard. We felt that the base car would probably have been lost had it not been the subject of modification, and despite it’s radical styling, it still retained many of the unique features of the earliest XJ40’s and is a credit to its owner.

Very early Jaguar XJ40 - modified

Jaguar XJ40 Spirit of the Event Award, Cosford 2017  Early XJ40 bonnet buffer Early XJ40 VIN



Jaguar Sovereign Majestic

Paul Keating won the distance award at the XJ40 Cosford meet 2017 Paul Keating drove his 4.0 Sovereign Majestic  down from Edinburgh and won the award for the further distance travelled, beating us by a mere 40 miles, but it was very well deserved as it was the only Majestic at the event!

(pictured above, it was formerly the Mayor of Leicester’s official car and boasts full Sturgess Main Dealer history up till 2016)



Mr Stouten from The Netherlands was unable to get to the event, but in his absence he was given the award for ‘Services to XJ40’ for creating and marketing ‘The 40 at 30’ a book to commemorate and record the 30th anniversary of the launch of the XJ40 at Dunkeld last August (2016).


Paul Keating also took some pictures of the Cosford meet which he has very kindly allowed us to share on the Xclusively Jaguar Facebook page.