SNG Barratt: Bonnet Gas Struts

SNG Barratt


Product Spotlight – Bonnet Gas Struts

If you find yourself spending rather a lot of time under the bonnet, you’ll need a reliable pair of gas struts that keep it up in the air. Our quality replacement parts won’t end up losing their pressure inside the strut.

Replacing them has never been easier, in most cases all you will need is a flat blade screwdriver. SNG Barratt is pleased to supply these bonnet gas struts at a competitively low price, with greater reliability.

SNG Barratt: Jaguar XJ40 and XJS bonnet strutsBBC2856*– XJ40

Retailing at £13.00/$17.33/FR €15.85 /NL €15.98 /DE €15.72. All prices include tax.

BD48027*– XJS, XJS Facelift

Retailing at £13.00/$17.33/FR €15.85/NL €15.98/DE €15.72. All prices include tax.



SNG Barratt

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