SNG Barratt: Jaguar Water Pumps

C2S48033 X-type water pump

C2S48033 X-type

C2S43292* X-type water pump

C2S43292* X-type

EBC8550star XJ40, XJS, XJS-Facelift water pump

EBC8550star XJ40, XJS, XJS-Facelift

EBC10967star X300, XJS-Facelift water pump

EBC10967star X300, XJS-Facelift

NBB2200DA XJ40 water pump

NBB2200DA XJ40

C2C38862star X350 & S-type water pump

C2C38862star X350 & S-type


Water Pumps for various Jaguar models

Water pumps are key in making sure that your engine’s cooling system is performing efficiently. It is important that the engine temperature is controlled properly in order for it to stay in good working condition. Our range of water pumps offer excellent value for money. They are made from high quality aluminium with a steel pulley to ensure reliability and longevity.  Available at SNG Barratt –


C2S48033* fitsX-Type

Retailing at £57.60/$66.66/FR €59.99/NL €60.49/DE €59.49. All prices include tax.

NBB2200DA* fits XJ40

Retailing at £95.00/$119.98/FR €107.99/NL €108.89/DE €107.09. All prices include tax.


C2C38862* fits S-Type, X350

Retailing at £95.00/$53.33/FR €48.00/NL €48.40/DE €47.60. All prices include tax.


C2S43292* fits X-Type

Retailing at £40.20/$39.98/FR €35.99/NL €36.29/DE €35.69. All prices include tax.


EBC8550* fits XJ40, XJS, XJS-Facelift

Retailing at £98.40/$106.66/FR €95.99/NL €96.79/DE €95.19. All prices include tax.


EBC10967* fits X300, XJS-Facelift

Retailing at £106.80 / $142.40 / FR €128.16 / NL €129.23 / DE €127.09. All prices include tax.


Prices are inclusive of taxes and correct at time of going to press.

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