SNG Barratt: Part 2 – Team Focus

SNG Barratt

This is the second in a series of features focussing on the people behind the scenes at SNG Barratt, who work hard to help keep your Jaguar on the road!


Pete Stant

Head Technician

SNG Barratt


DOB 1762 !!

Where were you born? Wolverhampton

Where were you brought up? I am a product of the Black Country



I went to an all-boys Grammar school but managed to grow up fairly normal.

Studied Graphic illustration and photography at university – but liked playing with cars more.


Where do you live now? Still in the Midlands, but a slightly greener part

Marital status Married for 30 years

Family Two young adults tugging at my wallet



Cars – Jaguars in particular,obviously. I love anything mechanical – particularly if it needs mending.

I have a passion for local history and at the point where my collection of local history/transport artefacts began to threaten marital harmony, myself and a few colleagues started and now, in what little spare time I have, run Wolverhampton’s transport heritage centre, based at an old railway station in Tettenhall.


What do you drive?

Jaguar XJ6, Mercury Cougar, Pontiac Firebird, VW beetle, Peugeot 205 and…err… a Ford Focus


What do you aspire to drive?

I love Jags, I love American muscle cars, but I would love to build a pre-war special with a bit of grunt.



Job title: Head Technician


Job description

I monitor the technical helpdesk and strive to find answers to all the internal and external technical questions posed by staff and customers.


I am in the fortunate position that having been 30 years in Jaguar restoration; I have already made most common mistakes and can pass on this hard earned wisdom. I also maintain the company’s classic fleet, aid with new product development, QC issues and help marketing with technical information.


When did you join SNG BARRATT?

I have been part of the SNG Barratt team since 2010.


(This photo of a clean-shaven Pete, at his desk, was taken when he first joined the SNG Barratt team!)


What made you join SNG BARRATT?

Natural progression to move ‘onward and upward’


I can say ‘hand on heart’ I take enjoyment from pretty-much everything I do at SNG Barratt, but I do particularly enjoy events and of course, all that road testing of new products which involves intensive use of the classic fleet. The staff members at SNG Barratt Group make a good team, all pulling in the same direction. Particularly encouraging is how the company is raising the bar on the quality of new parts.Currently, the only negativity I’m experiencing comes from the dreaded ‘B’ word and how any split with Europe may affect Jaguar sales and the classic car market.


SNG Barratt Annual Hill Climb at Shelsley Walsh

I am involved in the preparation and presentation of the Hill climb events.

Our company insurance requires a member of staff to be present in any of our vehicles running on the hill, which means I have to travel as ballast, usually in our S1 E type, so I always finish the day with a few more grey hairs.

208 ‘full throttle’ runs on Shelsley hill as a passenger so far – that must be some kind of a record!


Biggest Regret?

When I was a student, I drove a S1 3.8 FHC E type, in opalescent gold. It wasn’t the tidiest E type ever, bits regularly fell off and the MOT certificate was written in crayon. I loved it very much even though it was rubbish. I sold it in a weak (impecunious) moment in 1985, for £1,300.

I’d like it back now please… anybody? (£1,300 waiting)


SNG Barratt