A Visit to Specialised Covers


We (Rob Jenner and Letitia Mace) recently had the pleasure of a tour around the Specialised Covers factory in Shipley, West Yorkshire.
Based in a scrupulously clean, light, airy building with plenty of space and no unnecessary clutter. We were very impressed with the factory, which obviously follows the philosophy of a tidy workspace leading to better productivity.
Everything is very well organised and logically laid out. There is high staff moral and an excellent attitude to work, no matter what the task.
It is no wonder that Specialised Covers receive large, regular orders from an impressive list of clients.
Being allowed to rummage through the pattern room, we were astonished to find a pattern for a Bitter Coupe, which just shows the reach that Specialised Covers have, as so few of these cars exist. Surprisingly then, when we order ours, it won’t be the first!
We had chosen to take our Jaguar F-type childrens electric car to the factory for patterning and combine this with a factory tour. If you do own a car for which there is no pattern, you can take it to the factory, or they will visit you at home and create a pattern for your bespoke cover.
We unloaded the tiny F-type from inside our X-type estate and it was placed on a table, where two very accomplished ladies completed the first stage of the patterning while we were there and allowed us to take photographs.
Once this initial stage is completed they can work without the car, and will complete the patterns and costings and then get back to us with details of the finished design.
It was fascinating to watch!
As we left, they were outside working on another car – at least with ours they had the luxury of being inside in the warm with the car on a workbench.

Specialised Covers